Stockholm has coldest day in 84 years- Sweden coldest temperature in 20 years

June 4, 2012SWEDENThe English language The Local here writes that “Stockholm broke an 84-year-old cold record on Saturday, as the capital’s temperature only reached 6 degrees Celsius, the lowest June maximum daily temperature the city has seen since 1928.” Indeed, you could be excused for thinking that the current chill is more like winter than summer. It was actually colder in the capital yesterday than on Christmas Eve. ‘The temperature was a degree lower than it was at Christmas in Stockholm, so it is colder. And it’s windier, too,’ said SMHI’s meteorologist Lisa Frost to newspaper Dagens Nyheter.” Just two days ago The Local here reported that snow blanketed northern parts. Residents in northern Sweden were forced to grab shovels rather than sun lotion on what was supposed to be the first day of summer, as much of the region was left covered in a thick blanket of snow on Friday. As much as 20 centimetres of thick, wet snow fell in parts of Västerbotten County, giving residents quite a shock when they woke up Friday morning.” The mercury also dropped to minus 6 degrees Celsius in one town, making it the coldest June Sweden recording in 20 years. The Local adds: The weather agency forecasts that the first weekend in June will feel more like the start of winter than the start of summer.” –NTZ
contributiuon by Emanni
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7 Responses to Stockholm has coldest day in 84 years- Sweden coldest temperature in 20 years

  1. James H says:

    I live in Norway and this year we had really warm winter, didnt see any snow where i live until mid January and then warmer summer temps in April. May was actually a bit chillier than normal..I sense a climate change happening in northern europe, especially the last 3 years…It seems as while mainland europe is experiencing higher temps with the rest of the world so in Northern Europe we are experiencing the opposite..With higher depletion of the arctic ice caps and infusion of fresh water on the oceans it could be the reason for this temp shift..Certainly a good reason back the extreme weather happening in the pacific the last years and in mainland USA and Europe.. Alvin, has there been any recorded shift in the jet stream the last year or two?


    • I talk about exactly that in my new book…. More dramatic change is in store for the region near the Artic Circle.


      • Meridian says:

        Can you please give a brief synopsis about this new book? What exactly are you covering?


      • Sure thing, Meridian:

        Early in the solar system’s history, a series of violent apocalyptic explosions occurred in interplanetary space that have never been fully documented or explained by science. Phaeton, the giant planet between Jupiter and Mars exploded. Moons were crushed and planets were overturned in the celestial upheaval. The amount of energy released in the series of mysterious blasts was equal to the power of 10 Earth Suns. There is no force known to modern science that could account for the widespread devastation scattered over a region of space encompassing some 7.4 billion kilometers yet the tantalizing clues about the possible causes for the event are there and have been uncovered by our astrophysical investigation. In the ruins on far-flung moons, on distant scarred planets, and on Earth, we found evidence and prophetic warnings that this ‘unthinkable’ cosmic event will happen again.


    • kenny says:

      Hi Scotland is having the exact same weather pattern. Very strange indeed.


  2. Erika says:

    Brr… Yes It is freezing here in Gothenburg, (Sweden) too…. and just a week ago It was soo hot, we had hard sleeping at night.. strange…


  3. Ron says:

    Why are we not hearing from “Al Gore” ?????


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