7 Responses to Der Spiegel claims Israel arming German submarines with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles

  1. Humans Eh! says:

    Am I correct in believing that Germany is supplying these submarines as part of an agreement regarding reparations for actions against the Jewish people during WWII?
    A determinist outlook could view the Shoah as a vital piece of a puzzle that had to take place in order for the current ominous chess game in the Middle East to evolve. Could Israel view the Holoucaust as being part of the solution (no disrespectful pun intended) to their current defensive capability and their protection? Or are these submarines furthering the animosity toward them that will ultimately lead to the Great War of our age. Either way I fear for my children and their future.
    Interesting times indeed. As my username says…. Humans Eh!


  2. Dennis E. says:

    I wonder what they thought they would use them for? Submarines are good commando, surveillance and cruise missile launching platforms. Let us not forget their capability to launch torpedoes.
    Der Spiegel was instrumental in pointing out locations of US special weapon sites in former West Germany and other places.
    Interesting observation: The Aswan Dam located in Aswan, Egypt prevents annual flooding of the Nile River. It has been reported on the internet that if it was breached by a nuclear explosion, Egypt would be flooded by radioactive waters from one end to the other effectively making Egypt
    Could one of these submarines be the one to deliver that weapon?

    Egypt, need to think about it………..
    try a little love, that goes a long way…………..


    • IM

      “In 2003, unidentified U.S. and Israeli sources said Israel had successfully modified its cadre of U.S. harpoon missiles with nuclear warheads to make them multi-platform weapon vehicles capable of being launched from submarines.” –The Extinction Protocol, page 75

      Exactly, so the fact that Israel is now increasing its nuclear deterent with cruise missiles on its Dolphin-class submarines are indication that Israel is preparing for a thermonuclear exchange with Iran. Submarines can be pre-emptive weapons but they also serve a secondary purpose as a stealth retaliatory strike vehicle. Again, this underscores the increasing dangers of this tension and shows Israel is preparing a military response to any Iranian attack with a potential nuclear strike.

      We should all be preparing for some very dark days ahead of us.


      • Dennis E. says:

        yes indeed. Also internet sources reports that Israel is having to upgrade its Naval capabilities due to the recent huge oil and gas discoveries off its coast in which Turkey is contesting drilling rights and Israel has deployed a reported 20,000 troops to Cyprus?
        Also, another huge oil and gas discovery exceeding the previous comment off the coast of hafia,Israel is being reported.
        Is there is a shake up coming in the world? Would it not be interesting if Israel suddenly became the “New Saudi Arabia” of oil and gas reserves for the world…………..


      • That would certainly be interesting.


  3. ONTHEMARK55 says:

    It seems Germany has positioned itself to either control or manipulated a very diverse set of situations globally while being able to remain behind the scenes if advantageous. Their history wiith Rome(Third Reich), Geographical location(Holy Roman Empire) and current leadership of the European Union beg’s the question. Will they lead the way and provide “The” leader of the NWO? (Perfect Prophetic Positioning)


    • Dennis E. says:

      I believe Germany does have an important role to play in future world affairs.
      I did not in the past believe or consider that, but it sure does seem lately it is having much to say and seems to be carrying much influence.


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