Michigan wildfire torches 100 buildings- only 51% contained

May 28, 2012 MICHIGANOfficials say a wildfire burning across more than 30 square miles of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has destroyed nearly 100 buildings but there have been no reports of injuries. The fire that began last week has burned 95 structures, with a third of them being homes or cabins. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources said Monday that the Duck Lake Fire has burned more than 22,000 acres, or 34 square miles, in Luce County. The fire is 51 percent contained and officials still are warning people to stay away from the nearby Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Gov. Rick Snyder last week barred fireworks and outdoor burning in 49 Michigan counties due to extremely dry conditions. But officials say intermittent rain has helped the Duck Lake firefighting effort. –ABC News
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1 Response to Michigan wildfire torches 100 buildings- only 51% contained

  1. ONTHEMARK55 says:

    Wildfires are absolute nightmares do deal with, you don’t put them out, you try to contain them to as small as area as possible until they burn themselves out. I’ve had some training with a volunteer group in Central Oregon. We we’re located in a remote recreational area(land owners group) and were usually used by area Depts.(real firefighters) to go out and try to spot signs of fire from lightning strikes or reports called in, verify if and where. We had a 2 bay “station” couple of engines,tankers and related gear. We were pretty COOL group of (old) Guys! One day we actually responded to a Juniper Tree that was ablaze from a lightning strike. (Note: a Juniper Tree is nothing more than a very large bush that’s full of sap/pitch). As we rounded the corner, COOL GUYS came face to face with the RAGING INFERNO with only 450gals. of water in our “Brush Rig”! (go ahead and laugh, it may have only been 1 tree but it was my FACE!) Needlees to say after aprox 3hrs, the water from the brush rig and almost all the water from the 4500gal tanker that came in behind us, we extignuished THE TREE! ONE LOUSEY TREE. Tonight, all our Prayers should focus on the folks in harms way of these disasters, and hope buildings are the only casualties, sincerely, COOL (old) GUy (that’s safe at home with his mommie)


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