Newly discovered asteroid 2012 KP24 to pass between Earth and Moon

May 28, 2012SPACE Today, May 28th, newly-discovered asteroid 2012 KP24 is flying past Earth only one-tenth the distance to the Moon. Amateur astronomer Rolando Ligustri photographed the 26-meter space rock during the early hours of May 28th when it was about 350,000 km from our planet: image. Measurements of the asteroid’s orbit confirm that there is no danger of a collision with Earth. –Space Weather
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16 Responses to Newly discovered asteroid 2012 KP24 to pass between Earth and Moon

  1. Wow!! can’t wait to see it…


  2. Bob Miethe says:

    It ia amazing that and amateur Can find and Asteroid and report it ,But Nasa cant even report about UFO s that are being reported almost daily …how stuipd do they think we are ?


  3. cammac says:

    Thats closer than some of our geosynchronous satellites, Though at 26 metres and at that distance it isn`t an issue, it still goes to show that at any time something big could turn up unannounced with our name on it..


  4. Artoro says:

    Wow, this I would like to see. How did they miss this coming in? What others are out there that we know nothing about that may be bigger and will only be discovered the day it passes by? if we don’t practice greater vigilance one may get in for a little visit.


    • I believe that the reason they do not see them coming earlier is that some of them are basically in our orbit which would make them very hard to see ahead of time. They need to launch satellites to a higher orbit to continually monitor our orbit and what may be entering it, sans all the UFO’s etc they fail to see or report.


  5. suz says:

    A new biologically inspired robot could one day crawl over the surface of an asteroid or Mars and gather samples for study using lots of tiny, mechanical “toes.” This might be the asteroid that we could practice on. We could mine untold riches from asteroids. Water for one.
    Japan has carried out the only successful space mission to retrieve asteroid samples in space but the US has plans.


  6. Gina Schulz says:

    If you think today was close check out the NEW asteroid found today coming by tommorrow 5-29-12 . 2012KT42 while small is the closest pass yet at just over 13,000 miles;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=1#cad


  7. Gerardo Melendez says:

    Thats the one that Nostradamus told in a phrofecy !


  8. michael b says:

    Wow, they’er starting to line up and get closer to us! Hmmmmmm.


  9. bg says:

    Pretty sure a chunk of this smashed into my neighborhood today. Cause i saw something from the sky coming down and then I heard a loud bang like a shotgun was just fired right next to me.


  10. It is quite humbling to think that we probably won’t see the one that wipes us out.


  11. Korheg says:

    By the end of this year, we should see thousands of them streaking through the atmosphere on a daily basis.


  12. R Alexander says:

    It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s just a matter of “when”.


  13. Hydra says:

    Coming on memorial day, it should be a sign to us that in the larger scheme of things, wars are not very important.


  14. An the observatories around the world saw this event.


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