Landslides kill 6 in Kasese district of Uganda

May 22, 2012UGANDA Six more people have died in separate landslides in Kasese district. This brings the number of landslide victims in the district to 11 over a period of seven months. In October 2011, mudslides killed five children and destroyed several houses in the area. The latest mudslides that hit Butalimuli village in the Rwenzori Mountains on Thursday night killed three children from the same family. The tragedy occurred during a heavy overnight downpour. The water-soaked soil on the steep Mahango slopes rolled downhill, burying Feridina Baluku Kyamukagha’s children. By the time the family and neighbours woke up and tried to save Belivin Bwambale, 9, Constance Muhindo, 7 and Winfred Biira, 5, they were already dead. Kyamukagha’s brother Mathias Masereka said the children were sleeping in the upper room when the wall collapsed, narrowly sparing their mother, baby brother and father, who were in the lower part of the house. Elsewhere, a female resident of Katumba village, Kyalhumba sub-county, a man in Bibwe village, Muhokya sub-county and a nine-year-old girl of Nyakabingo village, Rukoki sub-county were also confirmed dead. The district environment officer, Augustine Kooli, warned that similar disasters were likely to reoccur as the rains continue in the steep mountainous areas. “The soils have been weakened due to poor cultivation practices which have left most of the mountain areas bare,” Kooli said. ahango sub-county chairperson Stephen Muthekengwa said 23 houses had collapsed with dozens of people narrowly escaping death on the fateful night. –New Vision
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    France weather: Violent rainstorm wreaks havoc

    A violent rainstorm has caused flooding and power cuts in north-eastern France, with one person found dead in their home, French media report.

    The equivalent of up to six weeks’ rain fell in three hours on Nancy and the surrounding area on Monday night.

    Flash flooding kills 19 people in north Afghan provincial capital; 60 other missing

    KABUL, Afghanistan — Flood waters ravaged a provincial capital in northern Afghanistan, killing at least 19 people and destroying hundreds of homes, officials said Sunday.

    About 60 other people were missing and rescuers were looking for them across Sar-e-Pul, the capital of a province with the same name, said Sayed Faizullah Sadat, the national disaster director in the area.

    Sadat said 1,000 houses were destroyed and 10,000 people were forced to find shelter in mosques, schools and a teacher-training center.

    “Most of these families have lost their houses — all their property, their livelihoods,” he said.


  3. Emanni says:

    Freak storm brings never seen before hail to Philippines, homes destroyed

    “They’ve never seen anything like this,” said Representative Pablo John Garcia (Cebu Province, 3rd district) who visited the area on Friday. There was no way the residents could have prepared for what happened.

    “Ang kilat nagtagbo diri, dayon ni abri ang panganod ug nihuwad sa tunga (middle) og ice dungan sa kusog nga hangin (Streaks of lightning connected, then the clouds parted and the ice began to fall. The wind hit us then),” said Generoso Grasia, 52.


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