13 Responses to IMF warns Britain needs a Plan B in case of eurozone collapse

  1. Richard says:

    More printing, more debt, to postpone the innevitable financial collapse worldwide.

    When inflation sets in, “real” interests rates skyrocket, and no one can afford to even pay back the interest on their debt, the Rothschild’s will own the world…by default,
    and the remaining will be bought on pennies to the dollar, just like when….

    It started just after the prospects of the Roaring Twenties. The then President Herbert Hoover, the popular conservating hero of WWI (Now OBAMA) convinced American citizens that USA would have a booming economy and would become a prosperous country, but the disaster struck. On October 1929, also known as the “Black Tuesday”, the stock market suddenly collapse like dominoes and everywhere was in chaos. Businesses and companies went bust and millions of people were jobless or were retrenched, or even their homes were lost. Economy was stagnating and other nation like Germany, France and Britain plunged into complete recession, and brought to their knees.
    So during the Great Depression, many Americans resented that Hoover didn’t provide any financial assistance, and so voted him out of office and so Democrat Theodore Roosevelt was the next President of USA. It started off with the New Deals, but it still cannot help USA to recover from the Great Depression. It is only during WWII (Worl War III ?) in December 1941 did their economy rebounded.


  2. EuroAtlantic says:

    Plan B? Before that, this is recommended:


  3. Texas Listening Post, Tony says:

    I have spent the last six weeks in Cambridge UK, from what I can see things are not well. Since my trip in January 2012, a number of retail stores are closed in the three major shopping areas. While I was there this time an established retail furniture store is closing. Times just seem to get harder and harder for the British people. Spending on infrastructure controlled so that only British engineering firms, British labor force, and redevelop basic industries to support the work (steel making, cement, tools etc.). The goal is not least cost but rebuilding the country, less dependent on offshore sources.

    The British people pulled together during the darkest hours of WW 2, this economic situation is just as important. The extinction of one’s existence does not have always be war, just look around.

    Many thanks Alvin for this forum.


  4. spiritualsmile says:

    Yeah but its ok, the Service industry is booming! You know the one, where no goods are produced, amazingly today they said work agencies are booming too, that’s even better, create jobs for people to help people who are not working back into non-existent jobs that aren’t there, Really do hope plan B is better than the plan A already in use.


  5. Bone Idle says:

    The R.O.T.W. should be working on Plan B in case of Euro collapse – not just the U.K.


  6. Emanni says:

    May 22, 2012
    Fitch downgrades Japan to A+, outlook negative

    Fitch Ratings on Tuesday downgraded Japan to A+ and issued a negative outlook on the country’s credit rating, citing rising public debt levels. Japan’s long-term foreign rating had stood at AA and its local currency issuer default rating was previously at AA-. “The downgrades and negative outlooks reflect growing risks for Japan’s sovereign credit profile as a result of high and rising public debt ratios,”


  7. tonic says:

    The service industry, (house of cards) sitting on the financial house of cards And someone just had the brainwave to put VAT on caravans. (Don’t ask me where this came from, heard it on the news this morning) Thank heaven someone thought of that.!
    It’s just that you cannot keep taking, because eventually the giver will have nothing to give.


  8. Gordian Knot says:

    The system is beginning to crack and will eventually rupture on an aortic level. I recently read that we are (globally) in two (2) of the four (4) financial collapse stages regarding derivatives. The last stages will manifest itself with the abandonment of the international SWIFT System and the Coup de Grâce coming from our very own US Federal Reserve as they begin to raise interest rates.

    The lowering of the interest rates began with Alan Greenspan back in 1999 or so as my synaptic gap misfired upon hearing the news. “This will not end well” were my initial thoughts at the time.


  9. Emanni says:

    5 Day Bank Holiday” To Prepare For Collapse of Euro

    In an article for the Financial Times entitled, We must break up the failing euro, former Bilderberg attendee Sir Martin Jacomb concedes that all efforts to rescue the euro have been in vain, calling for “all 17 members to decide at once to revert to national currencies.”

    EU urges Greece to stay in euro, but plans for possible exit
    A picture is worth a 1,000 words —> http://english.sina.com/world/2012/0523/470045.html


  10. Gordian Knot says:

    @ EuroAtlantic,

    The wholesale creative destruction of societies albeit neoliberalism, technocrats, unions, governments, political parties, privatization and corporations. To think the people of said countries (in the video) believe they have a say in shaping their entitled and demised future with votes.

    These countries were setup to fail under the Euro, to be laden with debt, as the sell-offs begin knowing the debt could not be paid back, but there are winners in this game and it sure isn’t the common man. All of this is unsustainable.


  11. elijahsmom3 says:

    Europe’s slump deepens, US, China lose momentum:


  12. Gordian Knot says:

    There are many similarities in the video posted by EuroAtlantic that are uncanny and resemble several US green companies filing for bankruptcy to my knowledge et al. The video illustrates how railways are bought (amongst other things) by European companies, but are never used or functioning to their full capacity. Many US green companies fall into the same category as their European counterparts, courtesy of US taxpayers footing the bill.

    This sucks because we, as a whole, pay to support these so called politicians and or representatives to balance budgets, keep a watchful eye in the best interest of the people, leading to, nothing, but waste. We are aiding and abetting known criminals with our tax dollars.

    This psychological battle is exhausting to me.


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