20 Responses to Europe prepares for chaos as Greece plans default and exit from the Eurozone

  1. Perhaps some “shipping magnates” in Greece could set up soup lines so the Greeks can eat, or is it that bad yet? Here in the U.S, my mother made sandwiches to give to those who came to the back door, hungry. My husband’s mother did the same. The wealthy people next door to my husband’s mother refused to give food to the hungry. Jesus said, if you feed anyone in my name…it’s all pretty basic. But if food becomes in short supply, as is rumored (due to many current causes) then, no nothing. This is amazingly awful, isn’t it?


    • Well, for starters- they could have moved the Olympic games back to their point of orgin (Greece) for the next several rounds to help the Greek economy get back on its feet. When this country defaults, the sound of the crash will reverberate in Antarctica…


      • Artoro says:

        Absolutely!!! Cover your ears.


      • Bone idle says:

        Olympic games lose huge amounts of money for those who don’t have an unlimited amount of funds to finance them. Sydney is still paying for their Olympic games years after they were held there. Greece should never been allowed to hove them either.


  2. tim says:

    something wicked this way comes . I think this will be the start of getting all countrys to accept a one world currency . mass inflation is at the door step as we speak . start to prepair now for hard times ahead before it is too late .


  3. Steven says:

    While I love this website, and I fully agree that the Euro is about to go kablooey, I can’t help but look at the graphic and think that someone doesn’t quite understand how dominoes make other dominoes fall.


    • Dan Sherwood says:

      Steven, if you look at the big picture you will see that it is a perfectly accurate description. The way I see it the graphic is saying that just one country stands between Greece and total collapse.


      • Steven says:

        Hey Dan, thanks for your reply. You are correct, but this is not the picture I made my original comment about. Seems I had an effect! 🙂


  4. What Chrysohoidis said according to Telegraph is simply not the case. he should be put in jail just for saying that. we don’t respect him at all. we are united, there is not going to be a civil war.


    • i don’t about other countries but it’s treacherous to smear your own country’s reputation by saying that people are prone to civil war. for what exactly? for money? who has these guns by the way he is referring to? i don’t know any people who have “guns” of that kind. and that other person Loverdos kept saying that there is going to be civil war or something if anyone harms Papandreou who brought the IMF here. these men belong to the socialist party PASOK. and they are scared now.


      • radiogirl says:

        IT is true the citizens of Greece are wonderful people..I am praying for you.We are probably not far behind with this disaster of an economy …we could use some prayers ourselves here in the states.Take Care My Friend,Radiogirl


      • i belong to those who are already poor, my life has changed, but i always worried about the euro and the eurozone and never wanted us to abandon our drachma.
        i also never wanted the Olympics organized here, the Olympics destroy economies right after. which happened to us too.
        anyway, thanks for your kind words radiogirl.
        ps: many here look forward to the return to drachmas, we just got sick of the whole eurozone and especially the german attitude.


  5. Gordian Knot says:

    I have compassion for those that suffer and will suffer immensely as the financial collapse continues through the Eurozone.

    It is to my understanding that Goldman-Sachs had a hand in “cooking the books” and or making the numbers look appealing to investors allowing Greece to be a part of the Eurozone when it became apparent (circa1999) Greece didn’t have the strength to pass the test.

    Then it was put to a vote and passed by the people, which made many wealthy overnight in Greece/Globally. I say some of the common people were duped under the guise of everything better for the people of Greece, but there are others that knew exactly what they were doing (greed) and have (for the most part) fled Greece for better pastures while their “country” descends into chaos and civil war.

    We will all pay for the Global turmoil as it unravels slowly at the moment and then one fine sunny day it will hit critical mass, fast and furious.

    You sow what you reap.


    • pardon me sir, i know my people, we don’t hate each other for our ideas, we are united. please understand this. someone is taking advantage of the civil war idea, it won’t happen to someone’s dismay.
      and by the way, the Greek people never had a chance to vote for or against the euro.


  6. Lynne says:

    Im not very political and dont understand what each little move means but this I know – the old is dissolving. The old is not where we want to be – a NWO is not where we want to be. Perhaps it is only when enough of the people are hurt by these games played by hidden men and women that we will all stop playing and a new world will evolve.


  7. Artoro says:

    I left Europe just before the Euro was initiated. Many of my German friends were worried, just as they were when the Berlin Wall fell. They felt as though the Mark would become weaker because of the influx of the East German Mark and their fragile economy. I think their suspicions were confirmed, and then came the Euro. It was a double whammy, what a shame. I believe the British economy would have made the Euro a little stronger, but they wisely opted out. I don’t’ think they consider themselves European anyway.


  8. KevIn wilson says:

    Nope us Brits don’t consider ourselfs European at all, the bankers are a bunch of criminals what’s happening now is part of the big end game plan which has been planned for a long time “the new world order”


  9. Candi Bishop-Knowlton says:

    It is very disconcerting the events taking place. I wonder how long it will take the US to follow this path?


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