Earth’s resources being consumed faster than they’re being replaced warns new report

May 15, 2012EARTHThe biennial survey shows the world is still consuming far more than the Earth can replenish, along with a widening and “potentially catastrophic” gap between the ecological footprints of rich and poor nations. “The report is clear that we’re still going downhill, that our ecological footprint, the pressure we put on the earth’s resources, continues to rise so we’re now using 50% more resources that the earth can replenish and biodiversity continues to decline,” said Jim Leape, Director General of WWF International. The report includes a list of the world’s top 10 polluting countries topped by Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. They’re followed by Denmark, Belgium and the United States. Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and Ireland make up the remainder. Countries are ranked on their consumption of renewable resources versus their bio-capacity, or ability to produce renewable resources and absorb CO2 emissions. Dominating the list are high-income countries, whose average ecological footprint is now five times that of low-income nations. And the gap is increasing. Between 1970 and 2008, the ecological footprint of high-income nations rose seven percent, the report said. Over that period, the same index for poor countries tumbled 60%. The disparity indicates richer nations are buying resources from poorer countries which have natural resources available to exploit, the report said. “What one of the things that we as a global community have been slow to realize is that even in an industrialized economy will still demand very directly on the health of natural systems to provide the water we drink and to keep the climate stable,” Leape said. “As you see forest loss continue, as you see the depletion of rivers, you are undercutting the foundation for economic development in those countries,” he said. –CNN
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40 Responses to Earth’s resources being consumed faster than they’re being replaced warns new report

  1. Garth Colin Whelan says:

    The worst pollutant in the world believe it or not, is ‘Mongolia’. When they cook, they burn anything that’s combustible; even car tires.

    Not directly related to this story (maybe it is), but it’s on the current yahoo news, is this report. I though it would interest you Alvin.


    • radiogirl says:

      Makes me want to sell everything I own and live in a hut.It hurts my heart.


      • That means you have a spiritual conscious and thus we carry the burden. However, where there is feeling, there is also the hope of life’s well-spring.

        Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” – William Shakespeare, King Henry IV


  2. Destruction of forest is not all due to consumption of forest resources. Sometimes it is due to wildfire. While some of these wildfires have been set by mankind’s carelessness, some are just the natural cycle of forest destruction and regrowth. I can see few pinons on the mountains above me–destroyed by fire, in a place people assumed would always have a grand mountain view with pines. In the last fire, humans put out the spread of the largest fire in New Mexico history, the Las Conchas fire of summer, 2011. What’s next?


    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      Some have been set deliberately by arsonists; I remember once, several were started by a disgruntled fireman, who felt his job was being threatened, so he started forest fires to show the country he was needed.


  3. Steven Jones says:

    I question the whole article, coming from CNN with the WWF (working with the NWO) as its source. It is imperative to question everything since WE will be making the sacrifices and not the people at the top.


    • Lynne says:

      I agree with you Steven – guilt and blame leveled at the people to make them believe they are less than nature.


  4. me says:

    Between the bees, bats and oceans ~ i fear we’re next.


  5. Moco says:

    No china??? My son has worked there and says they are pollutin a plenty.


  6. John says:

    We are all Easter Island.


  7. Doğan Rahil says:

    I maybe wrong, but the way I understand the whole article say’s one thing….. That’s it…!!! There is no quick ,guaranteed solution for this ….. Growing population and pressure on demands, and sustenance, Uncontrollable,,,,,earth’s resources are strained & limited ……………Time to Introduce a new system that will govern and put back order in the way of life of the people…! smells like a NWO….. Are we really all in trouble Alvin..?


    • IM

      I think the problems are getting worst as I have highlighted in my book. We have to switch from the “consumer-mentality” to the creative and partnership mentality and work in closer symbiotic partnership with nature. There is a huge disconnect that has been steadily growing with civilization since the Industrial Revolution but this is indicative of spiritual disambiguation to me and not something that can be remedied by legislation. The point is, people just don’t care…it’s like drugs; no one makes the connection to the number of people killed down the food-chain to get you that powdery substance. So how do you get pass this complacency? Natural disasters? Yes, we are in trouble and I think the problem is already too big to change globally. I think we can be impactful though in smaller communal settings.



      • nickk0 says:

        “I think we can be impactful though in smaller communal settings.”

        I believe that Alvin is 100% correct – The ‘irony’ here is, that given the multitude and magnitude of the problems that Mankind is facing…… We will end up living in ‘smaller communal settings’ anyway, in part due to massive depopulation. 😦


  8. Persephone says:

    It’s strange, because this article basically makes the case that the richer a country becomes, the more of a negative impact it has on global resources; but in the last sentence is a telling comment about how the consumption of these resources by the richer countries “undercuts the foundation for economic development” in the poorer countries. I find this an odd statement, because from the tone of the rest of the article, it would appear that enriching any more countries is the last thing one would want to do. It makes me wonder if the apparent focus of this article — the environment — isn’t just a cover for the real concern: creating the desired economic conditions in “developing countries” around the world in order to further cement the power of our manipulators. I also note how it is carefully worded to place blame only on the rich countries — “richer nations are buying resources from poorer countries with natural resources to exploit” — whereas, clearly, those poorer countries are willing to exploit their own resources for financial gain; rich countries cannot buy what’s not for sale.


  9. suz says:

    I don’t think change happens quickly but change happens. When I look at myself today I can see I am the same but also I’m a lot more. Some of us are very good at putting on blinders though. Unless there is pain, someone pulling or pushing us, people are pretty well stuck where they are.


  10. segulah says:

    I doubt the truthfulness of anything coming out of WWF. These groups have proven that ethics in research/reporting is not valuable to them. They will lie to promote their agenda.


  11. K.J. says:

    There is no way to fix this. The have countries will do little things to give them a warm fuzzy feeling of trying to conserve and be ‘green’. The have not countries will go full steam ahead as the develop and do what they need to do to get there………….. what gives the right to the have countries to try and impose any sort of restrictions on them. It is a perpetual impasse that will not be solved by negotiations and summits.

    I absolutely agree with Alvin and the need for a symbiotic partnership with nature. In the end it will be the only solution………….. but it ain’t going to happen, there are too many agendas, greed and egos in the way of it. Perhaps later…………… Alvin is also right about the impact at ‘smaller communal settings’, as it is achievable there, but never going to happen in the big cities.


  12. I

    I could not help but recall a series that highlighted a group of people living off the grid on a small island and making a very small ecological footprint. There is hope alive and well there!

    Link below to episode showcasing their way of life, including a women raising herds of St. Bernards.
    I found it inspiring to see man being able to withdraw from the consumer way-of-life and thrive!


  13. SmallFarm says:

    The answer is not to have less consumers though, but rather for there to be more producers. The Earth can and WILL be a garden with enough and to spare.


    • K.J. says:

      I agree……………. but we have to get the PTB to move away from the huge corporate farms and the intensive livestock operations. Back to the small family/holistic farms is the way it needs to go in order to look after the environment, supply jobs and produce enough for the population. As long as we rely in big industry and chemicals to provide it is a down hill slide.


  14. rita says:
    Well, this is truly a miracle…I successfully cut and pasted an address!
    I found this to be an amazing expression of God’s wonders. And to think how many more species we will probably never have the priviledge to see………..That makes me incredibly heart broken.


  15. Bobi says:

    It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague.
    The Matrix 1999

    And I do, in fact, believe this to be true…


  16. m c says:

    With reports like this coming out I wonder how long until the “powers that be” will kill off the “useless eaters” to save the remaining resourses and bring things back into balance.


  17. Artoro says:

    I think that Planet Earth will one day conduct a population reduction so it can repair itself. Like the late and great comedian George Carlin said in one of his stand up routines, “One day the Earth is going to shake us off like a bad cold.” Planet is alive and very capable of taking care of itself, with or without our permission. Just as we have normal body flora which sometimes gets out of balance, and then corrects over time when the immune system makes the necessary adjustments, so too will our dear Planet Earth.


  18. Doğan Rahil says:

    It is sad… were able to allow all this happening in our lifetime…. we’re all guilty one way or another in spoiling everything in the name of convenience, comfort, gain……We’re the vicigerent of our Creator on earth but look how greed will ruin us, we are now confronted and witnessing serious problem that require miracle to save us all from is worrying that MANY are not even slightly aware of the impending gradual downfall, men thought he can rely on his own capability & he can live without guidance from God……………….a heart pinching proof and reality that that Our Creator-Sustainer is OUR MOST DEEPEST NEED….


  19. Bobi says:

    I do agree with you Alfonso, there are many whom live in harmony with the earth but for every one there are thousands whom do not live in harmony…. It is sad. all we can do is our part and hope that the earth can be healed….


  20. Plans are in the works already look up Agenda 21.It is designed by the UN.It is a selective plan, as in selecting prosperity for those that did the greedy planning. The largest problem with it is the New World Order opens up the position for the Anti Christ to run the world and he won’t run things in a Humane way. The devil has enjoyed the greed, waste and destruction of the earth and the humans and this will continue till Christ comes again.Pray, Pray, PRAY!


  21. AUM Shanti says:

    For 10 years i was in an eco village (Multiple Occupany) in australia. M.O.s were a government initiative to get people back onto the land at low cost, back in the 1980’s. People did not have individual Title/ownership, and shared and cared for the land. Yes, we were what you call a commune, one of the most successful long running ones in Australia ! We did major reforesting on our 100acres that we had purchased as an overgrazed dairy farm. After 2000, the government relinquished zoning for M.O.s and brought in all kinds of “mainstream policies”, insurance, regulations and building codes were strictly enforced. We used to buy 2nd hand building materials, especially timber to save the forest, windows, bricks – whatever was worth re-using because we were the “alternate generation” … green – clean – environment conscious! As AGENDA 21 got forced upon us, we were faced with ridiculous rules such as the glass in our windows was not thick enough to meet the NEW government standards, so we had to upgrade to match the mainstream culture. There is so much hypocracy and double standards ! Of course there is truth in this article, but has anything been done to demote GREED ! Greed and economic progress are at the root of this issue.
    My friend used to say if you really want to make an environmental protest statement – get rid of your refrigerator!


  22. Texas Listening Post, Tony says:

    There is a cancer that has spread throughout the world feed by the industrial revolution and nurtured by the banking system. This cancer is mental as well as physical: destroy, consume, our technology will save us. In Genesis God did give Man dominion over nature but not permission to destroy the world. It seems to be a race to see how fast this can happen. I suspect the very powerful feel they are insulated from the results of the present course of action. The psalmist does tell us that God will punish the wicked in His good time. For what is happening to the plants, animals, oceans and land is plain and simple wickedness. We can lament or take the faith of a believer and let God deal with this also most beyond belief destruction of the world. Governments and the industrial complex desire to control, at any cost to others, everything in sight. We see the results of man left to himself and in cooperation with evil. We are voices crying in what was a wonderful blue planet showcasing the handiwork of God, that soon will be no more.


  23. suz says:

    A man’s heart becomes hard when it’s taken from nature. It changes him forever. It creates a lack of respect for the earth and all growing, living things, and in the end, leads to a lack of respect for humans, too….

    Living in tune with Nature….we can do it.

    “WOLF LAKE — The houses of Rieth Village are far from your average homes.
    Their walls are insulated with ground-up newspaper.
    Rainwater flushes the toilets.
    And much of the electricity comes from a windmill in the back yard.
    They seem to be a high-tech version of pre-historic living in balance with nature, and more and more people are interested in copying that environmentally friendly style. “


  24. Emanni says:

    Earth In Crisis As Wildlife Numbers Plummet

    Earth is a planet in crisis with wildlife populations declining by more than 30% in the past four decades, conservationists claim.

    A new report examined how more than 9,000 populations of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians and fish are faring.

    It comes in the face of record over-consumption of natural resources with serious implications for human health, wealth and well-being.

    Freshwater creatures in the tropics have seen the worst declines, of around 70%, while tropical species as a whole have seen populations tumble by 60% since 1970.

    In Asia, tiger numbers have fallen 70% in just 30 years.


  25. Emanni says:

    Scientists plan $1b ghost town

    A scientific ghost town in the heart of southeastern New Mexico oil and gas country will hum with the latest next-generation technology — but no people.

    A $1 billion city without residents will be developed in Lea County near Hobbs, officials said Tuesday, to help researchers test everything from intelligent traffic systems and next-generation wireless networks to automated washing machines and self-flushing toilets.


  26. Tom says:

    …really? Alot of what I’d call excuses, even for others. We’re one of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of species on this planet – but we’re the only one destroying it, and for mainly what can be called creature comforts. Obviously it’s not option A, but wouldn’t it be preferable for us to become extinct and EVERY OTHER SPECIES to live on? Obviously it isn’t “in our DNA” – But humans have proved themselves capable of self-sacrifice before. Seems to me that we should always keep it in mind as a last resort to save the actual planet.


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