13 Responses to Bad moon rising: Eurozone governments and markets slide deeper into chaos

  1. Bryan says:

    get ready for it…in the not to distant future the one world leader will arise and no one is going to be able to sell or trade without the mark…if you studied heard lessons on daniel revelations mathew 24 it wouldn’t be so hard to see….now more than ever John 3:16 is SO NEEDED! PLEASE PLEASE ! Take heed of it..it’s coming and no one is going to stop it, Jesus SAVES!


  2. James H says:

    I sense that Greece will be soon kicked from the EU as they refuse to accept the loan requirements to stay in the union..Much uncertainty in the future as France has switched a bit in its political views and if Germany starts refocusing its political agendas it could cause a bit of turmoil in the union..


  3. James says:

    I just look forward to when this is all over.


  4. Joseph t. Repas says:

    I am reminded that late in the Great Depression the NAtional Socialists became big in Germany because the only thing they feared more were the communists. The book Memoirs of Albert Spears brings some interesting first hand accounts of how the Nazi ‘s took power and how he became directly involved in their movement and why he did.


  5. dingydarla says:

    I feel that all this money trouble, everywhere is part of a deeper scheme to control us all. As the monetary systems collapse we as humans become easier to control.


  6. Bone Idle says:

    Technically Greece can’t be “kicked” out of the E.U. – They can be asked to leave or leave voluntarily. Some of the politicians in the anti bailout parties are gambeling that the E.U. will continue to provide funds with comprimised austerity conditions.

    The reality is that Germany with the only financial stable economy in the Eurozone is bailing out the ClubMed countries with their funds. The German Government has built up a firewall to enable them to leave the Euro common country and backup their banking sector.
    A political shift in Germany may see them leaving the Euro currency and leaving the rest of Europe to sort themselves out.


  7. Irene C says:

    I saw France’s election results this morning before I went to work. Hollande beats Sarkosky because the people don’t want any more austerity. I see an economic big-boom happening in Europe. The shock-wave will travel around the world. To say that this isn’t good is an understatement.



  8. Stefan says:

    I am so sad to see how politicians mis-treat the finances all over the world; USA, Europe, Asia. Well, Asia still work somehow. I can see changes in my country as well, which is Sweden. Our infrastructure is being degraded every year. We need good alternatives to our very old nuclear power plants, but nothing is happening. Probably it will end in a disaster like Fukushima some day. I seriously fear that.


  9. K.J. says:

    Europe is going to fall apart. They have been managing to kick the can down the road longer than many thought but politically things are coming unglued now and it will be a steady downhill slide from here I think.

    This will have a devastating ripple affect………… and the US will be hit hard from it, and it is already in trouble.

    The dominoes are falling.


  10. Kwazai says:

    babylon the harlot maybe?
    The coming US elections over the next 6-10 years should be as much of a shakeup as people realize that they must make a choice in the directions the ‘powermongers’ take. As for the bundesbank- have they forced the chinese to revalue their currency yet? I’d suspect its the agenda they follow , not hte EUs’


  11. mrneutr0n says:

    Germany is not as safe as people believe. There are huge trade imbalances. The Bundesbank is owed around 700 Billion euros by other central banks and it’s unknown if it will be paid back. Everyone owes money to everyone else in this system and it’s all unstable.


  12. Taffyduff says:

    Its all 6 of one and half a dozen of the other!


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