Snow in Scotland as Met issues early weather warnings for next week

May 6, 2012SCOTLANDThe Met office issued early weather warnings for next week with persistent heavy rain expected to spread across the country during Wednesday evening and the early hours of Thursday. The lowest temperature recorded overnight on Friday was in south-west Scotland, where it plummeted to -6C (21.2F). Yesterday, Scotland experienced snow, while the skies over. –Daily Mail
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11 Responses to Snow in Scotland as Met issues early weather warnings for next week

  1. James says:

    I am hoping it does not snow again here in Montana until next fall. Anything could happen though.


  2. Ed. says:

    I live in the west of Scotland (Irvine) had a nice sunny weekend with a cool light northerly breeze.


  3. Carla Burgers says:

    All this snow must come from the global warming !!!


    • Erik says:

      probably, yes:P

      global warming can lead to certain areas coolling down. One of the areas that can cool down because of the earth warming up is Northwestern Europe. This has to do with ocean currents en warm air that comes with it or on this case stops coming in with the ocean current.
      The movie ‘day after tomorrow’ , altough a bit exxatered maybe, explains this quite well.


      • elijahsmom3 says:

        Also because the warming causes the polar ice caps to melt, which in turn lowers the temperature of the oceans.


  4. Lee Pillow says:

    It’s is global warming. It’s a warming of the Arctic and northern latitudes, to be more specific.

    As the temperature difference between the Arctic and Equator continues to diminish, the jet stream(s) will slow down, which allows them to bow and meander, and it allows systems to ‘stall’ over an aread for days/weeks/months, creating more extreme weather events than previously, and more often. A deep bow south brings in cold behind it (the case for England this weekend). A deep bow north brings in equatorial heat (8000 heat records broken in the USA in April, usually by 10-20C).

    Hopefully that’s not all new information for anyone.


  5. suz says:

    Didn’t Scotland hit record high temps in April. Now is freezing. Definitely global warming…experts said this would happen.


  6. Kaos says:

    Take a look at this alvin – Of Interest.



  7. yamkin says:

    Freak Weather Reported Across The North Of The County – UK

    FILMGOERS were evacuated after a hailstorm apparently set off the alarms at Witney’s Cineworld cinema.

    During the freak storm around 4pm films were interrupted and audiences were told to leave by the nearest exit.

    Reports of freak ‘tornado’ type weather have also been received from Bicester, Eynsham, and Kidlington.

    Damage to roofs and outbuildings has been reported.


  8. queenie says:



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