Large new sunspot emerging over Sun’s eastern limb

May 5, 2012 – SPACE – Big New Sunspot: A large sunspot group is rotating into view over the sun’s northeastern limb. The emergence of this apparently significant active region could herald an increase in solar activity. Solar wind flowing from this coronal hole should reach Earth on May 9-10. –Space Weather
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28 Responses to Large new sunspot emerging over Sun’s eastern limb

  1. yamkin says:

    Sun Releases Two Flares – 5th May 2012


  2. James says:

    I would like to see the northern lights


  3. Steve says:

    Large is an understatement, this sunspot coming into view is Enormous


  4. Gail says:

    Does this present a hazard, or will it increase temperatures? Just wondering what to expect from these winds.


  5. Eyeseeyou says:

    Theres that same triangle appearing in the sun that was depicted on the recently discovered Mayan Artifact..


  6. Antonio says:

    Can you see the triangle shape on the sun now guys? This also happened before a huge solar storm back in march… I just saw a recent image of the sun and it also has a dark sphere sucking at it on the bottom left, a sphere like that also appeared along with the triangle before March’s storm, this is something interesting!


  7. shelley says:

    wow. just wow. wonder if that’s in conjunction with the sun having 4 poles in just a couple weeks. that looks like it’s gonna be a huge one.

    thanks for sharing Alvin and Yamkin.


  8. Our God’s creation is awesome…….. be inspired and thanks Alvin
    Clare in Tassie


  9. Luath says:

    Several months ago, you said that you had “heard” from God via some dreams and whatnot that there was a possibility of a nuclear strike in Phoenix, hence the name. The, uh, “prediction” was supposed to happen today, or so you said. Well, here it is, and… nuclear strike. So, I guess you were wrong, which, according to God’s Word, makes you a false prophet.


    • One, I don’t post dreams. Two, I have no idea what you’re talking about and three, before you make a complete fool out of yourself, please check the ‘alleged’ facts you are referencing and reproduce it.


  10. callyrox says:

    mmmm interesting, NASA warned us that something big was on the horizon!


  11. yamkin says:

    Active Sunspot 1476 Rotates Into View – 6th May 2012


  12. yamkin says:

    HUGE Sunspot Cometh Solar Watch – 6th May 2012


  13. Marica says:

    How do these flares affect people`s emotions, has any research been done in this field?


    • CW

      High periods of solar activity have been linked to periods of agressive behavior on Earth, including wars.


      The Carrington Super Flare 1859

      The First Taranaki War begins at Waitara, New Zealand (1860)
      Battle of Calatafimi: Troops under Giuseppe Garibaldi defeat the army of Naples in Sicily (1860)
      Battle of Milazzo, Italy (July 1860)
      Piedmontese forces invade the Papal States (September 1860)
      Battle of Castelfidardo (September 1860)
      Battle of Guayaquil: Ecuador and Peru (September 24, 1860)
      Battle of the Volturno, Sicily (October 1860)
      2nd Opium Wars, China (1856-1860) UK, India, France
      A new Māori revolt in New Zealand (October 19, 1860)
      Battle of Shanghai, China (1861) UK, France
      The American Civil War (1861–1865) one of the bloodiest wars in U.S. history


  14. Rob says:

    Thank You for the info & the updates TEP, Alvin & Yamkin. Love, Light & Blessings be upon you all 🙂


  15. Rob says:

    I’ve followed a few YT pages for a while now & a regular poster on one of the vids said two things I’d like to get Alvin & Yamkin’s opinion’s on. This person said this “new” sunspot was A)’the most complex they had seen in quite some time’ & B) ‘is really a renumbered & rejuvunated(reinvigorated, one of those) old sunspot, sunspot 14449′(IIRC that is the sunspot number they said it used to be but I might be mistaken). Thoughts, comments? Also, can either of you please let me know your opinions on the implications for earth regarding our imminent passage into the Photon Belt(Golden Nebula or whichever one of the names resonates better with you personally), if we aren’t already in it, that is. Again, Thank You for all you do!


  16. Irene C says:

    Thought you would like to see this, although it isn’t necessarily connected to the sun spot. A rare tornado in Japan, 40 miles from Tokyo, kills one person and damages/destroys almost 500 homes.,8599,2114047,00.html


  17. Korheg says:

    So it’s been said that the cause of the catastrophe in 2012 is the outburst of never before seen massive solar flares…

    Now what’s the underlying issue that’s causing the sun to do this? Well our movement through the galaxy of course! As we go through the ecliptic plane in a 3 day passage starting dec 21, we will see the most massive explosions… This is why it’s such a sudden thing that people won’t expect.

    The galactic ecliptic plane is paper thin, and by the rate of movement and angle at which the solar system hits it, it will take a full three days of passage, think of how much of an energy pulse the sun will let off as it passes through this plane.


  18. yamkin says:

    M1.9 Solar Flare – 7th May 2012


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