Shallow 4.3 magnitude earthquake rattles northern California

May 5, 2012CALIFORNIA – A shallow 4.3 magnitude earthquake struck a region of northern California about 4 km (3 miles) from The Geysers, Ca. The depth of the earthquake was about 2.8 km (1.7 miles) and the earthquake’s epicenter was about 115 km (72 miles) WNW (284°) from Sacramento, CA. Today’s earthquake was not near the San Andreas Fault line. There have been no preliminary reports of damage or injuries. The earthquake is the latest in a recent wave of cluster tremors that have rippled through the state of California. –The Extinction Protocol
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29 Responses to Shallow 4.3 magnitude earthquake rattles northern California

  1. Heath says:

    California keeps having strings of moderate earthquakes… Is the big one on its way Alvin?


    • The San Andreas is overdue for a big quake as is the Cascadia region but when that will happen is anybody’s guess. We see some evidence of seismic tension on the Cascadia region near the Juan de Fuca plate that is expressing itself in quakes around Eureka, Ca, ocassionaly off the coast of Oregon, and off the coast of Vancouver Island but these may or may not be possible indicators of a potential future slip. We’ll just have to remain alert and awareful.


  2. Gen says:

    Do we have to subscribe to email in order to post items now.


  3. Dave says:

    a vision of millions of people crying because of the devastation of portions of New York City came to me. I became aware of a strange feeling I had not known previously, and I thought that might be because this was the city I had grown up in. I saw a huge earthquake, a magnitude of 8.6 in someplace named EUREKA. A ham operator or radio announcer was directing thousands of people migrating from areas of frequent disasters to places of safety…Lou Famoso nde in 1963


  4. SeanO says:

    If you zoom in to the epicenter of this and all these quakes in this area on google maps, you can see the large thermal energy plants and all the pipes throughout the area where they are injecting water into this dormant volcanic area to produce steam for energy. The side effect is quakes. Most of these “clean” energy ideas like this and nuclear energy have some very real and lethal side effects. These are “man-made” earthquakes in this area. They have been for some time now.


    • Artoro says:


      I don’t know if you’re old enough to remember but at the onset of the so called “dirty” energy producing methods, it was just as lethal. And in some cases, it hasn’t changed. Besides, what do we do for an alternative to keep all of our toys going?


  5. Gen says:

    3 May 2012 – 2.3 aftershock in same location as 16/4 quake BUT THIS TIME SOME PEOPLE HEARD A LOUD BANG.

    Landslide today.


  6. Gen says:

    Don’t know what is going on. I’ll put the location this time and see if it goes through.



  7. Gen says:

    Okay, apparently does not like the link. Same local gazette as previous posts by me for Thailand. Landslide in October and then one on same road today (Patong Hill Road, Phuket).


  8. Jarod says:

    i had the weirdest dream a few days ago. A volcano went of and creatures had appeared.


  9. yamkin says:

    California Coastline 6.0 – 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Predicted Within The Next 40 Hours


  10. Dave says:

    people need to get a grip on reality, these quakes are nothing new in fact history shows a pattern of this type of activity. technology gives us a window into these phenomena s, we shouldn’t vision the worse…


    • yamkin says:

      You are correct regarding there is nothing new about quakes in the vincinity, but when people say that there has been no increase in earthquakes, I’m at a loss as to where they get their data from, because data from the USGS website shows there is a CLEAR increase in earthquakes. Not only with large earthquakes, but smaller one’s also.


  11. Marshallrn says:

    This is a sizable Earthqauke for the area, yet the energy plant that’s right there we refer to as “the geyser”. The plant has been there for years and has a constant string of 1.0-2.0 earthquakes. When ever there is activity in Northern California the geysers show extra signs of movement. There is no “fraking” type stuff going on here. And other than us Northern Californians paying extra attention to the seismographs today and tomorrow, there is nothing major developing here. Yet I’m still mad I didn’t feel it because I was sleeping. Or pasted out more like it!!


  12. chris says:

    Click to access pressrelease-text.pdf

    Alvin, there are tidbits in each of these articles that stimulate the imagination as to what is happening real time in the complex system of faults that make up California’s landscape.

    The last article is by a grad student at Caltech and what tantalized my interest was his statement:
    “after the 1992 Landers earthquake triggered
    earthquakes near Mammoth Lakes, California, near Yucca Mountain, Nevada, and
    in Yellowstone National Park, the scientific community became more aware of
    these “distant aftershocks.”

    Could the ongoing sequence of quake swarms that started after the April 11th Indonesian megaquakes be a precursor to the “big one”.

    This article is very technical but worth reading:
    Again a statement that most interested me;

    et al. [4] tested the predictions of this hypothesis
    by searching for ‘critical regions’ before recent large
    earthquakes in California. They found that before
    all earthquakes M  6.5 from 1950 to 1998 along
    the San Andreas system in California, there was a
    well-defined period of accelerating seismic energy
    release within a finite region that scaled with the
    size of the impending large earthquake”
    There are superb illustrations and stress graphs especially the ones from the 1992 Landers quake.


  13. Just heard on our local news that all 3 plants at Fukashima were shut down today for repairs, for the first time.

    Alvin, we stand in line to thank you for such a great site! Nowhere else are these things written about the way they are here, and it refreshing to hear people think for a change.


  14. Alvin, to clarify, just checked the story online, and it says it is a historic day, the last of the nuclear reactors was shut down, and the first time they are without power.

    Love and Peace to you and to all!


  15. Small quakes are almost constant around the geysers in n California.Clusters like these are happening scattered around the Earth right now. they say in the past clusters of 4.0 or more around the geysers can precede serious quakes in the bay area and locals do use the frequency of tremors there to predict larger quakes.


  16. Bonny says:

    Thank you this the best site ever i share with everyone we all feel the same way fantastic job Alvin thanks Bonny


  17. Emanni says:

    Big Quakes Trigger Small Quakes
    Seismologists Find Large Earthquakes Can Trigger Smaller Ones In Unlikely Locations


  18. Jeff Menos says:

    Hey Alvin Sorry To Go Off Topic Here, But Did You Hear About The Tornado That Ripped Through NorthEast Of Japan?


  19. suz says:

    The question is not if but when southern California will be hit by a major earthquake…when it happens it will change lives in that area in a big way.


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