Sodden Britain braced for more floods

May 2, 2012 BRITAINSouthern England and Wales were on high flood alert Tuesday, with thousands of homes at risk from a deluge that has killed one person after Britain’s wettest April in over 100 years. Rivers were being closely monitored as flood defenses held back muddy water from over 25,000 homes, the Environment Agency said. A total of 40 warnings of expected flooding and 152 alerts for possible floods were in place Tuesday. ‘There is still a risk of flooding across many parts of England and Wales with particular focus on Somerset, Dorset and Devon,’ the agency said Monday evening, ahead of a night of thunder and heavy showers. Forecasters the Met Office said Tuesday that heavy rain was starting to ease but “there will still be a good deal of standing water and a continued risk of localised flooding since river levels remain high.” Provisional Met Office data showed the past month has been the wettest April since records began in 1910. Figures to April 29 showed 121.8mm (4.8 inches) of rain fell on average, almost double the long-term average for April of 69.6mm. A man and his dog were killed as they tried to cross a flooded ford in Hampshire, in southeast England, on Monday, while in Northamptonshire in central England, 1,000 holidaymakers were evacuated from a caravan park. Despite the downpour, large parts of Britain remain officially in drought after two dry winters, with householders under instructions to save water where they can. –Terra Daily
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14 Responses to Sodden Britain braced for more floods

  1. Mary says:

    With all the disasters, insurance claim payments must be at an all time high. Who is going to bail the companies out and especially the Re-Insurance Industry?


  2. tellthetruth1 says:

    Makes me wonder what’s happened to all the water if we’re still in drought? April rained just about every single day and it wasn’t light rain either! Yesterday was dismal. Dry today but still very cloudy so we ain’t out of the woods yet. I expect to find a few answers in Alex Brummer’s Britain For Sale book which came this morning…


  3. Barry says:

    On April 22nd, I read an article that said Britain had the driest March in a century. Now they are having terrible flooding. These extremes are getting crazy!


  4. cammac says:

    Not a happy chappy, my seedlings for my summer veg are all sitting under water and my potatoes are just sat in sodden mud.. best part is here in the south east corner of U.K we are still under water restrictions and a hose pipe ban. And more rain due tonight, think i have to kiss my crop good-bye and start again..


  5. Cookie's mum says:’s true, my mum and my sister live in Somerset and all they have spoken of in the last few months was the drought that was upon the land..big weather extremes everywhere I was born and raised in UK and I could tell you back then exactly how the weather would be year in and year out and there was NEVER the word drought in the picture…..rain, rain and more rain yes..but even temps didn’t fluctuate much..I guess we have to look at everything globally these days….
    Extinction Protocol thank you again for the great job you do in putting out these stories in such a user friendly manner xox


  6. Moco says:

    I don’t know about y’all, but my michigan weather is weird. Just feels eerie weird.
    They ain’t chemtrailin for nuthin, dudes and dudettes.
    The goob is not letting on to the real deal.
    Get your preps ready, even if you can only afford popcorn.
    The show may be starting.


  7. richfish30 says:

    wasn’t south england hit by a 100 year drought a month ago and now a 100 year flood…wow these unusual weather phenominons are confusing me!


  8. James says:

    Philippine weather is also getting weird. The southern-most island never get storms. But lately, several storms have passed and caused devastating floods in that area. The infrastructure were not built to handle floods, it cannot handle the extra rain water. Thousands died there last year because of flooding.

    Our house on the north island was inundated by 1.5 meter flood brought by typhoon ketsana back in 2009. We never had flooding there since living memory, until that one.


  9. TexasRedNeck says:

    All of TEXAS was in a drought in 2011, it was horrible millions of trees died and we had fires every where, this year so far my part of TEXAS is doing much better, they weather every where on earth is being affected, people had better lift up their head and look up your redemption is coming.


  10. yamkin says:

    Man Slips To His Death From Muddy Path As ‘Monsoon May’ Rain Continues To Soak Britain

    Tourist, 52, slipped in wet conditions infront of wife and two children
    Snow in Scotland as Met issues early weather warnings for next week
    Flood warnings continue with more persistent and heavy rain expected–snows-May–just-time-Bank-Holiday.html?ITO=1490


  11. yamkin says:

    Farmers worry that May snow and freezing temperatures could bring crop failures to Britain


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