Yellowstone activity summary report for month of April

May 2, 2012 MONTANADuring the month of April 2012, the University of Utah reports 29 earthquakes were located in the Yellowstone National Park region. The largest was a magnitude 2.4 event on April 2 at 6:27 PM MDT, located about 5 miles north northwest of West Yellowstone, MT. No earthquake swarms were detected in April. Yellowstone earthquake activity continues at relatively low background levels. Slow subsidence of the caldera, which began in early 2010, continues. Current deformation patterns at Yellowstone are well within historical norms. –Newsroom America
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24 Responses to Yellowstone activity summary report for month of April

  1. Rob says:

    With all of their Data manipulation, as of late, I find it increadibly difficult to believe ANYTHING they say anymore 😐


  2. Debbie says:

    Do you think that there may be more to this? I mean is it possible that the report is only being printed in order to get our attention? I feel so paranoid at times when it comes to this kind of information.


    • Yellowstone is something I don’t lose any sleep over because when it goes; we’ll all know about it and it will be game-changer for the planet. I don’t think any of us should have apprehension over a potential eruption because we don’t really know what forces it will take to set it off. There are theories that massive earthquakes and the movement of the North American plate exascerbate the stresses of the volcano but these are just theories.


  3. ALEX says:



  4. Chuck says:

    Let me see if I understand this, the Yellowstone volcano is calming down and that worries some of us in North America. I do agree completely with you Alvin that for most animal life (humans included) if it ever goes off again (or when it does) we will not recover but be covered. Only high Andean tribes might survive the ashes.


  5. streams13 says:

    This article is just a reprint of a monthly report from USGS. Check out the site for yourself.


  6. Melissa says:

    Just like anyone else who is a bad liar, always get on the offense, saying what you won’t be doing or what isn’t going to happen, before anyone asks you about it. The fact that this just comes about for no good reason makes me think there is very good reason to not believe it at all.


  7. Brandon says:

    Do you see any supervolcanoes going off as the interior of the planet continues to heat up? I remember you stating that if it got that far heat/ pressure could be vented through the eruptions of a supervolcano. What did you mean?


    • T

      There are thermal dissipation events through volcanism that are based on the amount of heat and magma acculated, the geology of the region, or if there is mantle plume intrusion. There are gelogically-obstructive events that impedes a quick eruption that lead to critical volcanic blast eruptions as was the case with Santorini and the 1815 eruption of Tambora in Indonesia a VEI 7 event. Scientists most often assume geological events uncork super-volcanic eruptions, but we are not exactly certain what events set these volcanoes off. Most often, it probably begins with an eruption that quickly morphs into a cascading chain-reaction of eruptions. This certainly appears to be the case with the ‘mega’ super-eruptions of Toledo and La Garita. So to answer your question, it depends on what’s going on with the geology of the region and the Earth as a whole in general. I think, in the future, the planet will reach some critical thermal points that will induce conditions for some of the super-volcanoes to erupt.

      This is just a volcano crater 6 km wide and consider how big the blast was….had this been a super-volcano, the hole created from the blast would have been so large it would have swallowed the entire mountain and all the surrounding ground would have collapsed back into the hole known as a caldera.


  8. evil jim says:

    ill bet after all the monitoring of geological wonders that could potentially kill us all we end up killing ourselves by using more resources than we produce.


  9. Blessed says:

    Our planet is reacting to SIN – abortion on demand, homosexuality -same sex marriage, war, slavery, etc etc. Our actions are causing the earth to react. Pull out the 10 commandments and start living by them.


  10. Bill K. says:

    Mild activity?? Have you seen the data from the LKW monitor at the north end of the lake? Its been off the chart for over 6 days continuous, not off and on, c-o-n-t-i-n-u-o-u-s for over 6 days. I’ve never seen anything like this, but I’ve only been watching for 2 years. I think something is brewing.


  11. Teddy Kimathi says:

    Hi Alvin, can a nuclear warhead exchange trigger super-volcanoes?


  12. Emanni says:

    Hospital-based disaster preparedness center opens in Utah

    A 7,000 square-foot disaster preparedness center opened in Salt Lake City; the center is a fully-equipped environment with eighteen patient rooms, medical training mannequins, training classrooms, disaster simulation labs, and a secure supply area; the key is that the preparedness training is done in a working environment

    The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the Intermountain Center for Disaster Preparedness located at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City will provide training for first responders and health care providers in a working environment.


  13. Billszoo1 says:

    I dont believe that new report. I have been watching seismic activity sites for yellowstone and the world for 3+ years and have never seen either this active for such an extended period of time. Worldwide earthquakes are indeed increasing in size and frequency. Yellowstone has become so active and continues without ceasing that this news story is the complete opposite of reality. The monitor at LKWY over the years has gone off and on occasionallym but for 2 continuous months now it has been extremely active without stopping for even 1 day.


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