Cascadia tension: earthquake swarm continues off the coast of Vancouver

May 2, 2012CANADAExperts say a “swarm” of small earthquakes off the northwest coast of Vancouver Island are part of the normal seismic activity in the area, and they could continue for several more days. 8 small quakes have hit in recent weeks. A 4.0 magnitude earthquake that struck just after midnight on Tuesday morning was the eighth small quake with a magnitude between 3.8 and 4.7 to strike the region since April 22. Pacific Geoscience Centre Seismologist Gary Rogers said the activity is focused along a 20-kilometre stretch along an area called the Raveer Delwood Fault, located about 200 kilometres offshore. “In the very thin crust that we have out there off our west coast of Vancouver Island, it often fractures in a series of small earthquakes, usually about this size being the maximum.” Rogers said more small earthquakes are expected in the area over the next week. “They often go on for days. There’s been a lot of smaller ones, so eventually they’ll wind down, but typically, what we’ve seen in the past is that most of these swarms last a few days to a week or so.” A similar but more powerful swarm that stuck the same area in August 2008 included a magnitude 5.2 quake. Experts have been warning a major earthquake hits B.C. every 500 years, and the last one was in 1700. But they said the swarm of small earthquake activity does not indicate a larger earthquake is more likely in the short term. The last significant quake to rattle the West Coast was a magnitude 6.5 tremor centered that struck about 50 kilometres off the west coast of the island in September of 2011, swaying high-rises as far away as Vancouver, Kelowna and Seattle. –CBC
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9 Responses to Cascadia tension: earthquake swarm continues off the coast of Vancouver

  1. suz says:

    There was an earthquake swarm in this area, if I’m not mistaken, just after the Haiti quake….the largest ever, 1620 of them.


  2. Rob says:

    Boy oh boy am I ever glad to have the USGS & their consistant data to ease people fears. Hmmm….that’s not my sarcasm font….where did it….hmmm…be right back, I’m going to go look for it along the huge line of seismographs they installed along the New Madrid Fault Line….you remember, the one that’s not doing anything unusual.


    • mrsotto says:

      Yessireee Bob, nothing but “normal” swarms or “normal” little quakes quaking the earth. No need to fear (well, if your’e not saved there is..) Go ahead and visit the sites in So America too….the alerts may be high but seriously, all is well, move along you little unintelligent humans…the illumaniti – er the Fed..-er the Pope – ummm….no Obama man has everything under control…choke…gasp….erk!!


      • iamnotashamedofthegospelofchrist says:

        When they say everything is FINE, RUN! And “when they talk peace and safety, sudden destruction”.


  3. unclearron says:

    Ok so either tectonic science has changed recently and I can forget everything I have learned about earthquakes and plates, or this is fat lie designed to calm people who know nothing about it. Without giving this more than two seconds of thought two questions come to mind. First the Cascadia Fault is a “Locked” subduction zone which means when the plate slips it slips not releasing pressure until then. A new volcanic range has been found in the same region just last year indicating that these supposed earthquakes are more likely due to under water volcanism and not quakes from Cascadia, unless locked in fact doesn’t mean locked. The second question is, I thought the going philosophy with geologists was you can’t predict earthquakes. Well can you, or can’t you, because saying you expect it to continue on for a few days seems like predicting to me. Just a though.


    • I didn’t write the article Unclearron…


      • unclearron says:

        Never my intention to say you did, I love your site and watch it multiple times a day. Truly the last refuge for real news that affects people, without the bias, cloak and dagger tactics of the MSM. God bless.

        My argument is against the article and the statements released by USGS. They have barely acknowledged the rising earthquake tensions in this region all year. The Internet has been a buzz with people watching the ring of fire jump like water on a hot plate all year but they say nothing. Now when it’s starting to peak on the eastern rim it’s, no big deal we know all about it. They don’t even try to tell people about why they feel it’s not insignificant, which in an environment that everyone feels this is not true is just irresponsible. This is not to even call out the elephant in the room about the drastic downgrading of quakes in the region over the past months, some larger ones in suspicious areas removed all together. YouTube is flooded with videos about USGS censorship, no explanation there.

        Anyway just a rant I guess, Alvin love your work!!! Keep fighting the good fight.


      • Yes, thanks Unclearron. If you ever get word from that geologists on why he thinks that…please share. It’s getting crazy out there and people certainly want to know what’s going on with the planet and the recent epidemic of earthquake swarms

        Rant on, and thanks for tuning in. We appreciate your presence.

        peace and blessings,


  4. TexasRedNeck says:

    This is America we are invincible, NOTHING bad can happen here. all of the disasters always happen to the “poor people” not to us, you know the people that live in grass huts or on house boats along the rivers in jungles. This is America bad things are not allowed to happen here, so all of this nonsense about warnings is just a huge waste of time and money. We can spend that money on something really useful like a new inter-city park where children can go and get away from the gangs and drugs. If we don’t make our children happy they might start acting like third world children and we can’t have that.

    Bad things like earthquakes and volcanoes happen thousands of miles away,sure they do.
    But if all of this was a lie surely our government would tell us the truth, they did about 9-11,
    did’nt they.?
    You are responsible for YOU, the government is’nt.


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