13 Responses to Israel calls up reserves to face what it calls growing threats ‘from Syria and Egypt’

  1. Ron says:

    Looks like they are getting ready for a big war.


  2. Ron says:

    They are fortifying their borders before they attack Iran.


  3. Diamond21 says:

    Praying for Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem..


  4. Gordian Knot says:

    That’s a lot of bodies to be called up from the reserves. IIRC a battalion contains 1,000+ men for a total 6,000 to be called up.


  5. marian says:

    From Romania: to my mind, the jews will never act, nor move a single small leaf, unless it is 100% necessary.
    I work?
    You work!
    He works!
    We work???
    They work!..


    • Luis A. says:

      Unfortunatelly, this is all part of the plan…
      I live in the suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal, just close to an important NATO Base.
      On Monday, they changed the Security Code Level from Alpha to Bravo.
      The Nato Security Code Levels are as follow:
      ALPHA: Normal
      BRAVO: Increased and possible eminent threats
      CHARLIE: Just before all Hell breaks loose
      DELTA: War
      There is no reason to change the Security Level, unless something will happen.

      Alvin, I’m following your site in a daily basis for the last two years, and I can assure you, that if not the best, one of the best sources of information, regarding the state of peril of our lovely planet and consequently, Humankind. This base controlls Nato Naval Warfare in the North Atlantic and in the South of Europe, including North Africa. I served as a military for 27 years and due to Portugal had entered the abyss of the Economic Armaggedon, I think I don’t need to keep my mouth shut anymore.

      If the things go in the wrong direction and ultimately we have a clashn with the russians due to Syria and Iran, they will hit this place with a thermonuclear warhead in the first hours of the confrontation. Till then, I will continue to visit daily TEP. God Bless you Alvin and your family.

      God Bless to all the readers and contributors, who like me, are coming here daily, sharing information and concerns.
      Also God Bless to Luisport. He have been providing interesting reports. I never met him, but I guess ( it’s a feeling ) that he’s in the north, so he will not be the primary target!


      • Luis,

        It’s wonderful to hear from you. Thanks for writing in and providing some valuable insights from your part of the world. I thank God the site found you or you found it and I pray that God will also keep you and the family safe. This crisis will draw the world much closer we know. Please stay in touch.

        Grace in Christ,


  6. Dennis E. says:

    A brigade size callup and the authorization of a further 16 Battalions if needed. Right at a division activation as I see it.
    Reports on the internet is that Israel had consentrated nearly all of its combat forces in the north. With the issues now surfacing in Egypt, it seems that they are addressing those problems with reserve troops.
    Just a thought………
    P.S. Just a call up of Israelis reserves is causing political/military problems in both of the mentioned nations and others. Quite sure some mid night oil by military leaders in other mid-east nations will get burned tonight.
    This is far more serious than it seems. An accident, a misunderstanding,
    could trigger a regional outbreak.


  7. Con3boy says:

    The best form of Defence is Attack,,,,,,,,the State of Israel should start Hitting Iran, sponsor of Global terrorism and this country does not want them (Isreal) to Exist…….


  8. Craig says:

    alvin , im from australia and have heard reports of our prime minister stating she plans on bringing home our troops in iraq and afganistan , some people say its a political stunt as re-election is coming up but im slightly curious to think maybe its because her boss obama has whispered in her ear that those troops will be needed elsewhere very shortly



  9. B. Lynch says:

    Gods blessings all But by the grace of GOD we live so may we find comfort in His words especially in our trying times. Thank you for keeping us all posted


  10. Terrence says:

    Jesus will soon return. If this does not convince anyone that World War is imminent, I don’t know what will.


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