6 Responses to Season of discontent: Occupy movement to reign in protests across the globe

  1. archaios says:

    finally… a plan to protest corruption at the highest level


  2. Preppin Pawpaw says:

    This is not really on the “Occupy” subject, but, I did think it is important that the readers are aware of TPTB here in the US are planning for mass evacuations of a major US city.
    Here is the link to the CBS news article on it.
    If you or the readers google NATO Summit 2012 there are lots of stories that are rather scary…. my daughter is headed up there today for a psychology conference and I am getting a bit worried about it, she will only be there for 4 days but still scary to know she will be seeing all these “Military” personnel presence….


  3. Joseph t. Repas says:

    All I can see with this is a bunch of envious, greedy, people that want to use taxpayers money for police protection while they promote anarchy. The cities they protest in can not afford the extra money it takes to watch over them, which is just another way of stealing from the working poor.I am disgusted with the occupy movement. Why don’t they actually get off their duffs and help people instead of burdeoning taxpayers even more?


  4. suz says:

    I hope something comes of it…..I turned on the news this morning and there is a group gathering in a few places across Canada….saying “stay home, unless you’re going to a rally”.


  5. TexasRedNeck says:

    Have you noticed that the ones that participate in these protests always cover their face just like the muslim terrorist do ? Do the initials CIA come to mind ? Sure they can tell the rest of us to “stay home”, we are the ones that will feel the effect of it on pay day. Some of the anarchist are are getting paid for their time and not just minimum wage either, most of them are just plain criminals looking for free drugs or whatever they can steal.
    “Suz”, what exactly DO you hope comes of it ? They’re not doing this to help you.


  6. suz says:

    Big banks and government corruption has been growing steadily for many years…I’m hoping for a shift in public consciousness and I think they have opened that door.


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