Colombia prepares for imminent eruption of Nevado del Ruiz volcano

April 20, 2012COLOMBIA Colombia’s government has called for high risk areas to be prepared for the eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano. The Interior Ministry has ordered the fire departments of 19 municipalities in the central Caldas and Tolima departments to be on high alert after the Colombian Geological Survey (SGC) announced that an eruption is “probable” in the coming days or weeks. The alert level was raised from yellow to orange in March as the volcano became increasingly active. Last week a column of gas and steam approximately 1,200 meters tall extended from its crater. The national director of the firefighting system warned that there is urgent need for a special contingency plan that outlines tactics to be used in emergency volcanic situations, especially for search and rescue groups. He called for a focus on high risk areas in or near the paths of rivers that originate in the Ruiz, whose levels may be elevated by pyroclastic fragments and the melting of ice. The director of the Colombian Fire Department Federation in the town of Riosucio explained that local firemen are preparing a plan and educating communities. In 1985 The Nevado del Ruiz erupted, wiping out the town of Armero and killing 25,000 people. –Colombia Reports
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4 Responses to Colombia prepares for imminent eruption of Nevado del Ruiz volcano

  1. squirt says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Columbia. Hopefully nothing will come of this but Mother Earth sure has been acting up lately. Stay safe…


  2. DublinTaff says:

    Alvin… Volcano’s going off across the world? Been slow on the earthquakes then boom 6.9, 6.6,6.1(first reports USGS will downgrade..mmm) Good link to live volcano data here:
    according to this site 7 volcanoes now erupting. 1. Sakurajima volcano. 2.Puyehue-Cordón Caulle. 3.Shiveluch volcano. 4. Tungurahua volcano. 5.Sangay volcano. 6.Popocatépetl volcano.7 Kilauea volcano. And god knows how many are classed as UNREST. I think I may be wrong but that is not NORMAL is it? God Bless and thanks for the wake up, from Wales and Ireland,


    • Im

      Hi, Dublin Taff and you’re welcome. Having a large number of volcanoes go off is one thing; having them erupt in concert with high seismicity and a large degree of tectonic plate movements are another because both are ways the planet dissipates thermal energy. This is what we’re experiencing right now. So yes, the planet does what it does cyclically but sometimes it has experiences of extraordinary flare-ups involving the activation of mantle plumes and hyper-volcanism and though there are many inducing factors, we don’t know exactly what causes this to happen or what the planet’s theorethical ‘tipping point‘ is. What we do know for certain is that such extraordinary volcanic flare-ups have led to at least two planetary extinctions.

      best wishes,


  3. tricia treglia says:

    Please God watch over everyone.


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