Rising global tension: Philippine’s largest warship in tense stand-off with Chinese surveillance vessels

April 11, 2012MANILAThe Philippines has said its largest warship is engaged in a tense stand-off with Chinese surveillance vessels at a disputed South China Sea shoal. The confrontation came after the ship attempted to arrest Chinese fishermen, but was blocked by the surveillance craft, the government said. Foreign secretary Albert Del Rosario summoned Chinese ambassador Ma Keqing to resolve the dangerous impasse diplomatically. Mr. Del Rosario’s office said the Scarborough Shoal “is an integral part of Philippine territory” and Filipino authorities would assert sovereignty over the offshore area. The Philippine navy was sending additional vessels toward the shoal, which lies about 124 miles from the nearest Philippine coast, a navy official said. China and the Philippines have been disputing ownership of the shoal, off the north-western Philippine province of Zambales, in addition to the Spratly Islands and other areas in the South China Sea. Philippine foreign affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez said the situation at the shoal “has not changed as of this morning. There’s a stand-off.” The Department of Foreign Affairs said that on Sunday a Philippine navy surveillance plane sighted eight Chinese fishing vessels anchored in a lagoon at Scarborough, prompting the military to deploy its largest warship, the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, which was recently acquired from the United States. Two Chinese maritime surveillance ships, identified as Zhonggou Haijian 75 and Zhonggou Haijian 84, later approached and positioned themselves between the Philippine warship and the Chinese fishing vessels “thus preventing the arrests of the erring Chinese fishermen,” the statement said. –BT
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10 Responses to Rising global tension: Philippine’s largest warship in tense stand-off with Chinese surveillance vessels

  1. saisuji says:

    Alvin,Megaquake 8.9m off indonesia coast.Tremors in various parts of India,including Bangalore where I live. saisuji


  2. Carla Burgers says:

    Larry, something wrong with the link it seems ? Alvin, thank you for all your work, I check your website twice daily and you are a great support for me. Also many thanks to all subscribers who give their piece and blessings. Keep safe.


  3. tonic says:

    “Rising global tension.” April 2012 is like a pivot point. These earthquakes, Syria, Iran, Korea, stock markets, this post, the sun with almost no sunspots, weird fireballs/chem trails. Wonder what May has in store.


  4. Eva says:

    Hi all, I have to say thank you for such a great website, it has saved me many hours trying to find all the information.
    I am however starting to think that we may be living through some very historical moments and possibly the fall or western civilisation. History is good evidence on what happens when we dont live in equalibriam and Rome did fall like many before it.


  5. weegee manalo says:



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