Number of earthquakes more than double in Arizona

April 11, 2012ARIZONAAccording to the Arizona Geological Survey, 131 earthquakes were detected in 2011 compared with 53 in 2010. That was twice as many as in 2009 and about a third more than in 2008. Most of the earthquakes were in the northwestern part of the state. The Yuma area was also shaken by earthquakes associated with the Gulf of California Rift Zone. Many of these earthquakes (magnitude ca. 1.6) occurred near Lake Mead. These are attributed to mining and quarrying, and also to crustal adjustments to water going into and out of the lake. The strongest earthquakes (magnitude ca. 3.6) occurred near Clarkdale in the central part of the state. The Survey says that these events are consistent with past behavior: “a propensity for deeper seismicity to occur in two pockets, the northwestern Utah-Arizona border and well within the Colorado Plateau in the northeast corner of the state” and “the highest concentration of energy release correlates well with the pattern of established Quaternary faulting, indicating that this portion of the crust continues to be an active area of strain release and of particular interest for hazard studies in Arizona.” The strain is due to on-going crustal extension. –Tucson Citizen
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6 Responses to Number of earthquakes more than double in Arizona

  1. yamkin says:

    h t t p : / / w w w .


    • radiogirl says:

      Whats happening out there yamkin?


      • yamkin says:

        radiogirl, tectonic plates are shfting and places like Yellowstone are starting to feel the vast effects of this movement.

        Did you know that at approx 22:00 hrs UTC, the magnetosphere is hit with very high energy particles. I do not believe this anything to do with the sun. This has been going on for 4 weeks.

        Earthquakes, volcanic activity and other disasters will get a lot worse in my opinion.


  2. Irene C says:

    Magnitude 5.9 – OFF THE COAST OF OREGON
    2012 April 11 22:41:47 UTC
    Depth 10.2 km (6.3 miles)

    Magnitude 7.0 – MICHOACAN, MEXICO
    2012 April 11 22:55:16 UTC
    Depth 65.6 km (40.8 miles)

    No tsunami with either quake. things are really shaking.



  3. mspat2 says:

    Getting scary now. Too many high mags 4/11/12.


  4. mspat2 says:

    Wow – getting interesting. I went to USGS site today and seen the quake in Oregon. Now Mexico – geez. And what’s with Yellowstone?


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