52 Responses to Apocalyptic chess pieces: World’s powers being slowly drawn to the Middle East

  1. mtnwolf63 says:

    “For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth”
    Luke 21:35


    • The moves are in the shadows of the headlines. How surreal and quickly things are unfolding. The world is going to be wake-up one day soon to nightmare.


      • Brandon says:

        How soon could this nightmare scenario unfold? Could it be a nuclear war and if so what could such a war do to life on earth considering our planet has never seen such a war?


      • I

        And this gospel shall be preached into all the world for a witness to all nations; and then shall the end come.” Matthew 24:14

        And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue and people.” Revelation 14:6

        While the powers of this world are marshalling their forces for the great day of battle, men do discern that God firmly holds the levers to all events in this world in the palm of His hand. This promise is echoed twice in scripture that the message of Christ and his soon return will be proclaimed to all the world; then, and only then, will the end come. What stands before us is a door of ‘what must be‘ shutting out ‘what is soon to become‘ and the time before the door swings on the hinges of our eternal destinies is short. Herein, is the providence and grace of Christ revealed at work performing the final intercessory work for man before he is to soon come and judge the world in a terrible fire. “These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth.” Revelation 3:7

        Nuclear Fallout map of Iran

        There are 200 million people living in the Middle East. A radioactive cloud drifting over Iran from a reactor damaged in a military strike could lead to the death of millions in regions bordering the Gulf. Consequently, there are dozens of reactor and enrichment sites. The estimates of death from a nuclear conflict between the Iran and Israel says from 16-28 million dead Iranians and 200,000 to 1 million Israelis but the poisonous aftereffects from such a conflict could linger for 40 years, including birth defects. Besides, 1/4 of the world’s remaining oil reserves would have to pass through a radioactive corridor for export and how could the oil even been shipped from this area without being contaminated with radioactive residue. Transportation and refining cost would easily quadruple and gas would easily hit about $14 dollars a gallon in the U.S. and about $20 dollars a gallon in Europe.

        These are nightmare scenarios, no one wants to see happen because our world would be tranformed into a nightmare.


      • Good Luck says:

        You got that right!


      • sandy says:

        that they are and much more quickly than they realize.


  2. Supreme Siddha says:

    I believe now is the time, to get all your friends, family, relatives to know whats very likely about to happen, and quickly prepare to survive. I don’t think we can trust any systems when everything breaks loose, surviving in nature sounds like the best way and praying to God for the best. It is very important to cause no seperation among people at this time. Gather up in strength seeing no racial differences, and religious differences etc. Strength in numbers and love should lead the way. Whoever survives, hopefully they are the ones who will begin the new age in unity consciousness.


  3. Brandon says:

    Would we survive this nuclear war?


  4. Martin says:

    its incredebile how mutch all cards are in place for the coming WW3 things are unfolding verry fast, it’s scary , i think the nightmare is just right around the corner


  5. Rosie says:

    Alvin, You’re a huge comfort in these times. God bless you.


  6. Robert says:

    Not to burst anyone’s bubble but Australia is no where near the middle east.


    • The U.S. is already there, Russia is there in Syria and making moves in regards to Iran and the inference at the end of the video was the caveat that China wants bases there to protect its natural gas and oil interests in Iran.


      • TexasRedNeck says:

        Alvin, Pakistan wants China to build a naval base at its southwestern seaport of Gwadar in Balochistan province next to the Irainian border, so China has a presence on both sides of Iran.


      • Yes, the Chinese have extensive energy deals in development with Iran and will establish a presence there to protect its interest. Putin wants a natural gas cartel to corner the market and he needs Iran and Qatar to seal the deal. The Middle East is the vortex for end-time events, no question.


    • TexasRedNeck says:

      You’re right Robert, but we need to have our troops stationed there to prepare for war with North Korea and with China, it’s closer to both countries.
      The next big war will start in the Middle East because of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran.

      He firmly believes that he is the one that has been chosen by Allah to bring about the 12th.Imam, The Madhi. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will attack Israel as soon as he has nuclear weapons, the people of Iran don’t want war but its going to happen anyway.


    • sandy says:

      no…u.s. troops are in australia to watch china. obama is quite afraid of both china and russia.


    • Desmond says:

      Sorry but with the US troops in Darwin, Australia could just as well be in the middle of Iran. All eyes are on us now that we are helping the US to stage their war from Darwin.


  7. Taffyduff says:

    Hi Alvin, just a question to you and dont be humble about it but, speak the truth:
    Are you a prophet of some kind ? The bible in revelation speaks about two prophets that pave the way for the second coming and that both prophets shall enter juersalem and shall be hated by billions for the truth. For what they shall say will hurt everyone, because the words will expose the worlds sins and for what is to become of this generation and the next.
    I have to say, I have never become more mature since viewing this site. All the nonsense that used to bother me before has blown away and the childish selfish thoughts and ambition that I used to have has died. The truth of this planet and its peoples has pierced my soul.
    The wife has noticed how solemn I have become and that I have lost my ‘bounce’, but I have grown up so much since discovering you. Thanks.


    • I

      Taffy, I’m glad to hear that about how your life has changed. It’s inspiring. May God be glorified. What am I? I am a speck of dust floating in a beam of sunlight. The revelations of light come from God through Christ Jesus. I am nothing more than a humble servant taking up the call to be of service. God has bestowed many gifts on me as He has and will, all too willingly, bestow on others but may everything we all do during our sojourn point men to Christ, the redeemer of mankind. You, me, others, we’ve all been united by grace into a process that is both magical, far-reaching, and is still unfolding miraculously across the planet. Each day, a seed of thought is carried further along on the wings of the breeze and the rays of light crack open a new rose to infinite possibilities. That is a source of both comfort and joy for all of us. And it is our unselfish giving both during and in this process that makes angels smile at human things.

      You’re welcome,


  8. Thera says:

    Careful folks; what you visualize you help make materialize. You’re presented with a story and then told to visualize the picture.

    That’s not to say that you should avoid preparing for what others have planned for you.

    Remember it was youand I who made George Orwell’s book vision ‘1984’ come true.


  9. James says:

    I think it’s still a long way to go. The Antichrist will be a major player in the apocalyptic battle in the middle east. As of now his identity has not been revealed yet.


  10. JoeMozden says:

    I cannot see the video because my phone doesn’t get flash player. A YouTube link would be much appreciated. Thanks.


  11. merle says:

    Why would any sane human being(s) with any kind of conscience want to unleash this potential catastrophe on the human race? Is it because we have to fulfill some kind of prophecy? All we need is LOVE …such a simple concept (John Lennnon). Why oh why do we continue to destroy our beautiful people and earth? “Father forgive them, they know not WHAT they do!”


    • Thera says:


      The human being (s) that are sane do not want to do this. The ones who are doing this and want this to happen have no conscience…. for they are the followers of Lucifer who wants to destroy all that the Supreme Being hold dear …. and that is the children who believe in and follow the Lord.

      My comment is a lowly and very humble one….but you must know by now that we are not dealing with just mere mortals.


      • danny says:

        Since when is lucifer responsiblefor this? the devil punishes the evil, god forgives them. We all want the second coming of jesus, but he comes with judgemnet and fire…….thats war if ive ever heard it…..


    • sandy says:

      yes, merle. you hit it on the head. to fulfill prophesy. there are several prophesies in the bible that are being fulfilled from this. and one from the book of mormon and quran (which was actually taken from the bible and changed).

      the arrival of the man on the white horse. the antichrist who will rule the world for a period of time. the mormons and islamists believe this is their savior because he comes “on a white horse” though that is not literal. it means in supposed “peace.”


    • Supreme Siddha says:

      Yes that is true, but the problem is whoever that is supporting these wars, whoever’s in charge, and whoever that starts it is actually insane. They have distorted beliefs and instead of soul dominating the ego, the ego dominates them. Sadly the soldiers are also manipulated and brainwashed too. The media plays a huge role, especially games, which give men the desire to join the army. I was about to join the army, but I prayed and deeply thought about it and thank God I did not. What’s also sad is that we are unconsciously also supporting these wars because we live in the Beast system worldwide. We unconsciously support the divide between the poor and the wealthy and middle class. We unconsciously support money which causes the imbalance. I personally believe that one world control is already here even if nations seem to be separate that is most likely an illusion. Infiltration has happened for thousands of years. It’s about time that people wake up to this great separation. The strengths and weapons of the Destructive forces are create confusion, chaos, destruction, manipulation of mind, and separation in all walks of life. Those who want to surive must do the opposite. Awaken everyone you can to this separation game. The time has come for us to share food, water, shelter, and also give unconditional love. Everything that is required to survive must be free. We have lost our freedom long long ago, not just recently, but it must come back. We have lost it because we succumbed to the temptations of the beastly way of life. Peace be with you all:)


  12. luisport says:

    European Markets Just Got DESTROYED, All Major Markets Down Over 2%

    European markets tanked today and Italian and Spanish bond yields went crazy, amid renewed panic about Europe.

    A quick look at the carnage:

    DAX: -2.15%
    CAC 40: -2.93%
    FTSE 100: -2.01%
    IBEX 35: -2.96%
    FTSE MIB: -4.98%

    Unsurprisingly, Italy was the focus of this storm.

    Stocks tanked in tandem with sovereign fixed-income. The major headlines:

    Spanish 10-year government bonds momentarily hit 6 percent.

    Italian 10-year bonds to German bunds spreads passed 400 basis points.

    Treasuries and bunds returned to safe haven status, with Treasury yields falling below 2 percent.

    German two-year yields falling below Japanese yields for the first time ever.

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/european-markets-just-got-destroyed-2012-4#ixzz1reYtEeAW


  13. luisport says:

    The Dow is now off 195 points.

    UPDATE: 1:10 PM
    Markets continue to tumble into the afternoon.

    The Dow is down 171 points.

    The S&P 500 is down 19 points.

    The Nasdaq is down 44 points.

    Treasuries are on the up and up with the yield on the 10-year falling to 1.98 percent.

    ORIGINAL: 11:30 AM
    Investors in the U.S. are on edge just hours before Alcoa kicks off earnings season.

    The Dow is down 85 points.

    The S&P 500 is down 9 points.

    The Nasdaq is down 18 points.

    U.S. stocks have closed down in the last 4 days.

    Meanwhile, European markets are unraveling with the Italian stock market down by 5 percent.

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/us-markets–2012-4#ixzz1rf58g6xd


  14. richfish30 says:

    going to Turkey for vacation during the summer…hope to god nothing happens while there!!


    • TexasRedNeck says:

      hahahahahahaha——– HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA————- Did you buy your tickets in advance ? Going to Turkey——— HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA.
      I’m headed for Tehran myself or maybe I’ll change my plans and go to Damascus.
      Turkey————- hahahahahahahahahaha
      I LOVE IT.


      • K says:

        Why are you laughing about a vacation in Turkey? The only problem I see is if they were planning on visiting any areas that runs along side the Syrian border, otherwise everything is as normal. There are places like Cappadocia, Istanbul, Altinkum, Alanya, to name just a few destinations out of many that are safe to visit. Turkey is a very big country and actually have very beautiful sandy beaches with blue clear water.


      • richfish30 says:

        sure did..booked the tickets and ready to go!


      • Columbine says:

        Turkey is a beautiful country in which to have a vacation. I’d be more concerned about earthquakes than violence. Both times I’ve been there I’ve had a great time.


  15. marcelle says:

    Just a bit of fact or fiction… My father died twice and was bought back to life (heart problems). He was not a religious man at all but he had a lot to say about his experience. He said that he had been chosen to be a Golden Lord or something to band together forces in the spirit world. He said that there was a huge explosion or a light or something that was going to hit the US. He thought the San Fransisco bridge or some huge gate or something. They were preparing to stop this from happening. He died a few months later so it is interesting to see these things unfolding. Maybe he was talking about a nuclear event. I wish I recorded what he had said. He died 16 years ago.


  16. Meridian says:

    Keep in mind that while Jerusalem may be a cup of trembling for all nations, Israel will be divinely protected if attacked. Not sure what that means in terms of numbers/death toll for the rest of the world, but Israel is under a covenant. The apple of God’s eye will prevail. The rest of us had better be praying for the blessed hope of a Rapture!


  17. mattrexx says:

    I really feel in my bones that we are on the verge of something catastrophic within the next few months. Im at the stage where i feel i almost need to be making some plans “just in case” the proverbial hits the fan. I feel very uncomfortable talking to my family and friends about this as i dont want them to think im a crackpot, but id much prefer to at least have a plan of what to do should all society begin to fall apart. Does anyone else have this problem? Its kind of a hard topic to bring up at the next door neighbours dinner party. But thank you Alvin none the less for bringing us this site, it has really opened my eyes to what is unfolding all over the world, and if nothing else, it has helped bring faith back into my life after having lost it many years ago.


    • May God be gloried in His Son Christ for that Matt. That’s wonderful to hear. I’m glad you turn to us for regular news update. I appreciate your support and I’m glad to hear from you.

      Grace in Christ,


    • radiogirl says:

      Hi Mattrexx,
      I do indeed understand what you are feeling at this time…go ahead make your emergency plans and here is the name of a website I like for asking survival supply questions.www.modernsurvivalblog.com . Prudent and uncomplicated answers to just about any question.The moderater does a great job and has good posters.Good luck and God Bless to you my friend,Radiogirl


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