San Diego residents rattled by 3 loud booms, following tremor

March 30, 2012SAN DIEGO, CAThe USGS confirmed a small earthquake struck San Diego County Thursday night. The quake struck with a magnitude of 3.3 and at a depth of 7 miles at 11:09 p.m. The epicenter of the earthquake was four miles south-southeast of the Palomar Observatory, 17 miles northeast of Escondido and 39 miles north-northeast of San Diego, according to a computer-generated USGS report. News stations in the area said they received over a dozen calls from concerned viewers who described the earthquake as very loud and said it was accompanied by three eerie booms. There were also reports of violent shaking. No injuries or damage was reported the tremor. No one in our generation remembers so many small tremors across the world triggering so many sonic booms. One has to wonder what is happening in the earth beneath our feet. –The Extinction Protocol
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23 Responses to San Diego residents rattled by 3 loud booms, following tremor

  1. I used to live very near there, and I have often wishes I was back there rather than in the Rockies.
    Maybe I’m better off in the Rockies? Probably not, as chaos is approaching almost everywhere.
    It’s so sad to see beautiful communities near the sea being threatened in this way.


  2. Martin says:

    these evil bastards wll stop at nothing, i smell a doomsday weapon, or maybe i am completely paranoi, but i found it verry strange that those boom sounds are speading in other country


  3. karina says:

    I live in san diego and i didnt hear or feel anything maybe because it was a small one btw i love your page thanks to you i was able to open up my boyfriends eyes and now we’re getting ready for anything and everything


  4. birdie says:

    I live in San Diego and I heard it last night. At first I thought it was my neighbor brining in trash cans, but the sound was too low and rumbly. It came from the north, which would be the direction of the earthquake. However, I did not FEEL anything – there was no tremor, it was just the rumbling noises. I had the ABC News on (which had just started) and moments after it happened they reported it live on air and said people were calling in reporting booming noises.


  5. Dianne Ford says:

    Keep on giving us these reports. Interesting that these booms and shaking is happening all over the country and the world now. what do you think is causing these things to happen? Do you think it is that HAARP thing up in Alaska?


    • No, I do not think it is HAARP and if it electromagnetic or scalar weapons technology was involved in bombarded America it would be coming from China, Russia or Iran – all are making notable advances in such weapons technology.


    • Joyce B. says:

      Thank you for the link. In my opinion, we simply hear more news about these because of mainstream media and instant news.


  6. Mel says:

    I live in San Diego, too. Our home is built on granite, so we often do not get the pronounced shaking that some other areas experience (at least that is my guess – our old home about a mile away was built on fill, and much more movement/shaking). My husband can always hear them seconds before they happen and announces that there is an earthquake (he describes it as a low-frequency rumble) – I can’t hear anything and always giggle, until I feel it happen. Quite interesting. I expect that explains why some people hear “booms” and “hums”, while others do not hear anything. At any rate, a 3.3 is very small for this area, and we typically have many in this range. I do, however, keep track though (usgs), as I noticed an unusual frequency of 3-ish magnitude quakes leading up to the Easter quake (7.2) – about 7 – 10 a day, and about 7 or 8 the same morning.


  7. Texas Listening Post, Tony says:

    I wish I could add something to explain these happenings but I have only questions. I think of this with an analogy of slowly breaking a large piece of wood. There are splitting and cracking sounds until the wood breaks. Are these sounds due to the slow fracturing of the earth’s mantle?
    Could these events stem from how the earth reacts when a magnetic pole shift is in the making? It would seem that changes in core temperature, pressure and field motion would affect the mantle. Keep up the good work.



    • I

      Changes are occurring with the MCB (Mantle Core Boundary) but these processes create conditions which would affect the way a sound wave propagates in a solid medium, in this case – S & P seismic waves from an earthquake moving through mantle. So this would not be causing the sound but it would affect how the sound is being transmitted. The sound in the air is different part of the equation because this is compression waves where sound waves are colliding with others at supersonic velocity, creating a ‘sonic boom’ effect. The problem here is seismic waves don’t travel through the air per say, no more than thunder noises propagate through the ground- these forces are looking for the path of least resistance. If there was a small fault slip and it creates an electromagnetic effect where the air was perturbed near the epicenter and that sent sound waves radiating outward at supersonic speeds, there might be a boom-like effect or the ground was torn in a ‘bull whip’ lash scenario, that would generate something. Seismometers, however, are designed to pick up sound vibrations in the ground, not the air. Something else, I might add that is not applicable here is that it’s theoretically possible to create an earthquake effect in the air using a type of ordnance which creates a compressive sonic blast effect. Palestinians claimed the Israelis conducted ‘sonic boom’ psych-warfare in air-raids in 2005 by having their jets crash the sound barriers over Palestinian neighborhoods at very low altitudes. The sonic booms shattered windows and cracked walls.

      One victim of the raids said: “I have never heard such a loud explosion. I thought it was right over the top of my building,” said the owner, Tareq Dayyeh. “Sometimes you hear the rockets the Israelis fire but this was different. I felt like I was in the middle of a bomb. When I ran out the door, I thought I might find the rest of the street was gone.”


      The same effect can be achieved by beam weapons which can emit huge amounts of energy is a flash burst.


  8. Jack says:

    I heard it and felt it! It was a loud boom, and a crack-sound that startled me. This isn’t my first quake experience by any means, but perhaps because it was late in the evening and the house was quiet, it felt like my heart skipped a beat.

    I’ve felt stronger quakes, but I’ve never heard one that was louder.


  9. michelle says:

    I live in Escondido, I woke up and ran to tell my 20yrold, but I didn’t hear anything and even went to usgs, nothing, til this article, hmmm…


  10. K says:

    I’m not in San Diego but earlier today on the coast of North Carolina I heard three loud booms but there has been a lot of military action lately, this week I’ve seen up and down the coast, military helicopters and jets flying low so I assume the booms were sonic booms. No earthquake activity so I am blaming the military at this point for the booms though I’ve heard nothing from anyone with a complete explanation.


  11. Kim says:

    I am in illinois, and haven’t seen or heard anything of earthquake nature..yet. But I must say, I too have been seeing a 2 fold increase in military movement with highway transport and helicopter/land practices…do they think something is about to happen?


  12. Lance says:

    Huge amounts of energy are enveloping the earth as the sun closes in on its solar maximum, which has been extend out to occur sometime in 2013. This energy goes into the earth via the poles which heats the core of the earth causing increased volcanic activity, earthquakes, and other phenomenon like booms. Other sources of energy being deposited in specific locations by human beings is a possible cause, but when compared to the incredible energy coming from the sun, and other sources in the universe, its minor.


  13. Richie says:

    Perhaps it’s the depth of the quakes that’s causing these loud booms. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of them happening have been very, very shallow. Oddly shallow, and being closer to the surface they could produce more dramatic effects as people are noting now.


  14. Lori Grace says:

    The same thing happened last fall where I live in Louisville, Kentucky. The officials said it was just practice coming from Ft. Knox…..which is over an hour away. The booms and rumbles felt like there were explosions going on in the sewer lines.


  15. I sure felt it -shook the bed, rattled the windows & made the walls creak. My husband had the TV on so I didn’t hear the booms. The Easter 7.2 quake was so loud it literally sounded like a helicopter landed on the roof of our house. It made the same: “whoosh, whoosh, whoosh,” sound of the blades.


  16. Jon says:

    Maybe the sounds are the elites putting the finishing touches in their vast underground metropolis in preparation for catastrophic events coming on the surface of the world.


  17. birdie says:

    We had two more quakes in the same epicenter last night: a 3.0 and a 2.6. I felt the 3.0 at 1:30am. I did not hear any rumblings this time. I hope these are not foreshocks to a bigger quake!


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