24 Responses to Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, subs in the Gulf: the Israeli military encirclement of Iran – prelude?

  1. nickk0 says:

    I am afraid, that the current days of ‘peace’, are numbered. 😦


    • Artoro says:

      The Israeli’s have the right to be a little nervous, the Iranian’s are right in their backyard. We at least have an ocean for protection. But, if the Israeli’s jump, we will jump with them. I hope they don’t use ground troops tough. Our guys are very worn out. Can you say “D” word?


  2. Kirk says:

    There has never been a potential war John Bolton did not like. Some men just have egos that will not let them rest in peace for a moment.


  3. It’s getting harder and harder to determine what’s a leak and what’s not. Can’t believe much.


  4. Greg says:

    So now obama has finally betrayed Israel. He has brought God’s judgment upon himself and the country that put him into power.


    • Thera says:


      On please – apparently you don’t know much about Israel, (the Zionist) except for the propaganda they’ve been brainwashing you with for centuries.

      Obama follows orders given by England. Here’s why Israel is so important to America: without Israel the book of Revelations cant happen. If you are correct about Obama – maybe he’s trying to stop it from happening if that’s the case then you should be elated.

      Israel is trying to incite God to start Armageddon – one of many ways of them doing that is by running the economy in many countries into the ground and starting wars everywhere.

      Armageddon cant happen until the whole world is in turmoil. So yes, throw Israel under the bus – they have you believing that they are “God’s chosen” Why would a loving caring God chose such a war like people….the one and only “True God would not. So to which God are they the chosen of – there are many Gods you know.


      • Carole says:

        “If you are correct about Obama – maybe he’s trying to stop it from happening if that’s the case then you should be elated.”

        Hmmmm. Obama vs. God. Gee, I wonder who would win?

        “…there are many Gods you know.”

        No, I know of only one.


      • Michael says:


        I think you need to do your research and use discernment. There is only ONE God. His name is Jesus Christ. if you are of the belief that there are many “gods” you are ripe for the great deception that is on the horizon.. PLEASE do your research so you arent lost…


      • warofroses says:

        Haven’t you ever read Israel’s history?


    • pagan66 says:

      Michael – There is only one Source & one Creator & all Gods are one God but with many faces & many names. Just because one does not acknowledge Jesus Christ or His Father as that God, does not in any way make them deceived or lost. Maybe some theological & spiritual research on your part would broaden your views.



    • Please, Greg, the only people who betray Israel are Israelites them self.
      Everybody with a loving and caring mind is trying to avoid this new war.
      “The Chosen People” are not a physical nation or race, but people who have been granted a special desire to unite in common love for one another beyond all boundaries.

      There are so many in Israel who do not want a war against Iran, there are so many in Iran who do not want a war against Israel.


  5. Mick says:

    I was reading news articles earlier and they claimed Israel wouldn’t attempt an attack until next year. Has anyone else read this?


  6. Dan says:

    Loose Lips Sink Ships…. now why did they get the title ‘Damn Yanks’…..remind me. It is clear, Israel has fewer and fewer allies. Thank God for men like Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who will stand beside Israel in and through to the finish. Do not fear, the Greatest of all Allies, Adonai, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.


  7. Dennis E. says:

    Regardless, the fact that this information has been published is an indication of how much Israel is disliked by this Administration, if true.

    On the other hand Russian satellites and spies probably already knew and and the Iranians probably already know now.

    Just a thought…………


  8. Carla Burgers says:

    In unsettling times like this I rather look at the facts opposed to who is telling what because i just don’t understand why people want to be standing out as “interesting” while really they are 2-faced. ( Like Obama !) Keep safe and stock up.


  9. mrsotto says:

    Well, nothing surprises me from the obama camp that they would throw Israel under the bus. The fruit of his actions and plans confirm he’s just a lost, sinful soul who really needs The Lord. Pray for discernment in the next election. Use the Biblical standards to vote for the next president and not emotions. emotions give you trouble sometimes and that’s exactly what we got. Be prudent, pray and discern. Amen! \o/


    • JoeMozden says:

      My friend, If we used Biblical standards when voting, all the ballots would be left blank.


      • mrsotto says:

        Hi Joe,
        While that may be true we can still use the Biblical standards to vote for someone. If you don’t vote, you give your voice away and that’s a shame. Israel is God’s Land for His people and I anxiously await to see what prophecy unfolds next. The oman and his cronies let sensitive flow and Israel may or may not attack…soon or is it later? Keep the enemy guessing and everyone turn to God for strength to preservere. Load up on food and guns and ammo, it’s going to be a very bumpy ride…….


  10. rod says:

    The US Generals need to stand up to the oath of the constitution.


  11. Debbie says:

    Thank you JoeMozden! Enough of the Obama bashing! My goodness. The real issue here is the fact that war is apparently on the horizon. Obama does NOT hate Israel. He does realize however, that when this war starts between Iran and our ALLY, Israel,…..the whole WORLD will suffer. WWIII will commence. It is not just a matter of the U.S. backing and supporting the Holy Land. Do you think that China or Russia will stay put and be silent about this?


    • Artoro says:

      The USA, England, China and Russia already have their war machines situated in the Persian Gulf (doing maneuvers they all say) as the pieces of this next big war comes together.


  12. john says:

    Lets cut through the BS.
    Israel is the USA”s proxy to fight Iran.
    The ONLY issue is Iran going off the reservation regarding
    the use of the petrodollar for oil sales.
    Everything else is “smoke and mirrors”..
    Realpolitik 101.


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