20 Responses to When the money runs out: cases of HIV, TB, and malaria explode in Greece, ‘health system near collapse’

  1. Good Luck says:

    Absolutely the best aritcle you have writtend/sent.
    This a tiny glimpse at how fast things will happen once the balls of breakdown are rolling.
    I wish everybody in the USA would/could read this, as it’s a small reallity check for what is coming our way.


  2. Cerey E. Runyon says:

    This really is frightening. When I was living in Germany (95-98) there was an art auction. Up for auction what was thought to be a replica of a bronze statue of Poseidon made in the 17th century.
    A dealer took a chance because he felt that it was indeed from 3500 B.C. At auction he paid One Hundred Thousand for the sculpture. One year late he proved that it was indeed from “The Golden age of Greece” and sold it for 130 Million dollars US. 130 Million dollars for an 18 inch statue, go figure. So how does this equate 10 statues one billion dollars? If I were the owner of this statue I think I would feel obliged to donate it to Greece. I wonder how many trillions of dollars are out there in ancient Greek artifacts. Look at what went down with the Andrea Doria.
    On the other hand how many Billions of dollars are in Greek Museums?
    I realize that I know nothing of the economic sufferings of the Greek situation. But Health Care and Food should be on the list of priorities for all countries in the world to help this country out. Especially you art lovers who own ancient Greek treasures. Get it together Humans! Mostly I am addressing that two percent who controls 90 percent of the worlds wealth. I am positive many of you have billions in Greek art treasures, well give them back! Now!
    There could be a Global Medical Relief Program, and there should be. Actually there is,isn’t there?
    I think its called the Red Cross. Well someone has to get in there and start helping THE PEOPLE OF GREECE. As far as the Greek Government is concerned, I do not give a hoot. But THE PEOPLE of Greece and their sufferings, this calls for Global action.
    All of the, all too, wealthy pharmaceutical companies and Doctors and so on need to fly over there with their medical bags, there inventories of medical supplies and their blank checkbooks and help out! I am serious about this.


  3. Jor-El says:

    I agree with you that things are unraveling. And, I differ with your opinion that the money has run out. It hasn’t. The 1% are doing better than they ever have in recent history. No health care problems for them, no need for Doctors Without Borders to save the day. The money was stolen during the early 2000s, through mortgage backed security scams and massive bank bailouts for the 1% after the whole scheme unraveled. The money is there. The king is in the counting house, counting all of it as we speak…


    • I
      World debt to GDP ratio

      There is about $2500 in debt for every dollar spent on the planet. Having money is one thing…it being worth anything or backed up by worth is another. Credit Default Swap contracts ,along, run at anywhere from $1 to 16 quadrillion dollars. As Voltaire said, “Paper money always inevitably returns to its intrinsic value which is 0.”

      Hyperinflation in Germany prior to World War II

      Note hyperinflation of the Weimer Republic in Germany when it took a wheel barrel of money to buy a loaf of bread after the Stock Market crashed.

      It was horrible. Horrible! Like lightning it struck. No one was prepared. The shelves in the grocery stores were empty.You could buy nothing with your paper money.”

      Harvard University law professor Friedrich Kessler on on the Weimar Republic hyperinflation (1993 interview)


      Citibank, along with MetLife, failed the Federal Reserves ‘bank stress test’ last week because a good portion of its portfolio is toxic derivative debt assets like Credit Default Swaps. If any of these contracts were hit with “payments on demand” procedures like what happened in Greece a week or so ago, the global financial system would crash. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2012/03/15/bloomberg_articlesM0VTD40D9L3501-M0X1W.DTL

      What the rich have is the equivalent of a kid with a credit card in college- paper money with no relative value backed up by governments mired in sovereign debt, including China. If even 25% of the so-called world’s wealthiest people pulled their money out of the system; it would crash…

      Note what one of the leading financial experts said: “One of the biggest risks to the world’s financial health is the $1.2 quadrillion derivatives market. It’s complex, it’s unregulated, and it ought to be of concern to world leaders that its notional value is 20 times the size of the world economy. But traders rule the roost — and as much as risk managers and regulators might want to limit that risk, they lack the power or knowledge to do so. A quadrillion is a big number: 1,000 times a trillion. Yet according to one of the world’s leading derivatives experts, Paul Wilmott, who holds a doctorate in applied mathematics from Oxford University (and whose speaking voice sounds eerily like John Lennon’s), $1.2 quadrillion is the so-called notional value of the worldwide derivatives market. To put that in perspective, the world’s annual gross domestic product is between $50 trillion and $60 trillion.” – Daily Finance

      Source: http://www.dailyfinance.com/2010/06/09/risk-quadrillion-derivatives-market-gdp/

      Bank derivate debt exposure which outnumbers cash reserves

      Anybody that has money now…my advice is spend it well because when this bubble does crash…and it will happen sooner than most realize- people will be left holding nothing but worthless paper and the transaction of gold will be made illegal just as it was following the Great Depression.


      • Donna says:

        It’s all been played out to end like this though. How else will the mark come in, people will ‘need’ it….not necessarily want it.

        Not a good time to reject the true God and be on your own.


      • TLindemann says:

        My husband’s grandfather DID take a wheelbarrow of money to the bank to pay for a loaf of bread during the aforementioned republic. This really did happen. My father-in-law can see history repeating itself. My mother-in-law can’t bear to talk about it, choosing denial. Both were small children in Germany during the war.

        On another yet related topic, the plan is the annihilation of 90% of the population by the PTB. Greece is one of many nations to fall and its people to be sacrificed for the coming of the anti- Messiah and his false kingdom. Please note war is no only waged on a physical battlefield with men and munitions. It is waged also through the financial systems, computer systems, etc. Lots of talk these days about compter hacking.

        The scriptures tell us this is to happen. Wars and rumors of wars. Hunger, thirst, pestilence, environmental disasters. It also is mentioned that love will grow cold the more we walk further away from Torah, from where Yeshua (Jesus) and the apostles taught us how to love Elohim and each other, and we get the closer to the revealing of the man of perdition.

        If one takes the time to read the Book, the whole book, we can become prepared (time is of the essence) for the days ahead.


      • Jor-El says:

        Your response is very well thought-out. I didn’t realize there was that much out there in toxic securities.


      • It’s a crazy world we live in. I just hope we can sustain a living for ourselves before the bottom fall out.

        peace and blessings friend,


  4. nickk0 says:

    I have seen this coming.

    It is now more important than ever before, to take care of ones own health, as much as possible.
    The medical facilities and treatments that we take for granted, will not always be there.


  5. michael du toit says:

    To be honest, in South Africa it is the norm. When you have no job, no income, no dignity and pride, things will go the wrong direction. Suppose we will have to get back to basics and build a new generation of tolerance, respect and not so greedy……


  6. what truly suprises me is that many of these person to person transmissable diseases can be minimised with simple common washing (hands) practises. We have allowed ourselves to become to heavilly reliant on ‘the system’ and it is is of the utmost importance – now more than ever to become personally responsible….. The system is faultering – teetering on the edge as it were, daily while we still have an opportunity we should be preparing for when it is no long there…… COME LORD


  7. Irene C says:

    With Obamacare coming soon to the U.S., this will be us one day soon. And what will the 1% do? Absolutely nothing. Why should they? They are looking for ways to decrease the population. Fewer people to control. And this is especially frightening for those who are seniors, or soon to be seniors. Our health naturally deteriorates. I have ailments now that I never had before. My faith in my Lord Jesus is tested, but I will not cower in fear. My destiny is in His hands. I will continue to run the race to the best of my ability. My prayers for all of you and for those who are and will be affected by whatever is coming. And I agree with nickko, take care of your own health while you can. Learn all you can about natural remedies. And stock up on food, freeze dried if possible, and plenty of water and a water filter. Spend your money wisely, as Alvin said. And lots of prayer.



  8. Bone Idle says:

    What’s not mentioned in your article is that drugs, simple drugs like anti-biotics and others are becoming scarce. Major drug companies are reluctant to provide drugs to Greek authorities for fear of not being paid.


  9. tonic says:

    A tunnel with no light at the end. (or what it may feel like to the people of Greece) The pot is well and truly empty, and has been for a long time. Bankers created a virtual one, out of greed, and won.
    The whole thing stinks, and feels like this is only the start, an insight, into what other countries will eventually face.


  10. nickk0 says:

    Stumbled upon this today:

    Yet another ‘side-effect’ of Austerity.
    Maybe they should just ‘part out’ the whole country, and sell off the pieces on Craigslist or something.
    I’m looking forward when this happens to the US. (NOT)
    It will be the greatest garage sale ever !!!


  11. zorar9 says:

    It will happen in one day,the fall….


  12. There is a big difference in the US paper dollar.s and the pre WWII german paper money that was worthless. First the Us doesnt print anything bigger than a $100 bill and the mint has been going 24 X 7 for many years. paper money wears out and a lot is burned daily. So new dollar bills to replace the worn bills is printed. The actuall cash isnt in existance the amount of paper money is limited. The germans printed 10 thousand frank notes. Lets hope the US mint doesnt start printing large demoniation bill,s. One other thing the US dollar is backed by the amount of commidities like grain & oil it will purchase.


  13. asi says:

    this article is a fear-mongering. The elite likes to scare people. “Look, when the money runs out (which WE control) then everything is lost” ….Bullsh!t. Food, shelter, clothes etc. have nothing to do with money. Only when the essentials are not being PRODUCED anymore, then you are getting in trouble.

    This article gives people the feeling: “hey this scares me to hell, we better continue and keep paying slave-taxes and keep taking orders from our tyrant governments, at least then we are not starving”…

    The revolution is necessary. It’s up to us, how difficult it will be. But those evil tyrant governments must go. They try every trick in the book, in trying to stop us. They try it with FEAR…


  14. Tina Marie says:

    Just for the record, the U.S is already experiencing a drug shortage with certain meds such as nitroglycerine tablets for people with heart conditions. One factor being blamed is that the patents have expired and other companies can now make generic versions so the big pharma companies don’t care if they are made or not. Big money and big pharma rule this country already. Did you know they have seized bilions of dollars worth of drugs that were coming from China and tainted? Why would we be manufactuing drugs in China? Money! It’s cheaper to do it there with a lot less regulation. And I fail to see what Obamacare has to do with any of this unless you believe the nonsense about “death panels” and other propaganda put out about it. Every other civilized society has birth to death health insurance and these things do not exist there. The evil in this world we should all be worried about is the sickening gap between those who have everything and those who have nothing. If all the reports I keep reading are correct and almost every country is on the brink of collapse and deeply in debt (including China) then WHO has all the money? That’s what I’d like to know.


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