Indonesia’s Lamongan volcano awakens from sleep after 114 years

March 15, 2012INDONESIA A new volcano in Indonesia, Lamongan volcano in Eastern Java, is showing signs of unrest: weak steaming from its active crater and increasing earthquakes were reported by Indonesian scientists. The increase in earthquakes started on 23 February and seismicity increased again significantly on 8 March when tremor was recorded continuously the next day. CVGHM raised the Alert Level to 2 (on a scale of 1-4) on 9 March. Residents and tourists were prohibited from going within a 1-km-radius of the active crater. Lamongan is a small, relatively unknown stratovolcano east of the large Tengger massif (which contains the famous Bromo volcano). It was very active in the 19th century when it produced several lava flows, but has remained more or less silent during the past 110 years. It’s last eruption was recorded in 1898. –Volcano Discovery
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10 Responses to Indonesia’s Lamongan volcano awakens from sleep after 114 years

  1. nickk0 says:

    Alvin – How many volcanoes are *typically* active in Indonesia, *at one time* ??
    It seems there are an inordinate number of Indonesian volcanoes, that are currently ‘active’ and on alert status.

    – Nick


  2. Korinna says:

    Ive never paid a lot of attention to volcanic activity so it seems like a lot is happening this year. Is it more than usual?


  3. Aris Yanto says:

    I even climbed this Volcano some years Ago, this Volcano is close from Mt Semeru, and Seismic Monitoring location in Mount Sawur,


  4. Time travel says:

    Just GOD will help Indonesian peoples from this volcano disasters……


  5. the world is coming to an end soon remember in this life nothing last forever


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