7 Responses to Pentagon prepares “aerial refueling” for Israeli planes striking Iran

  1. papa grover says:

    America is making the biggest mistakes again.Peace is very important at this time,but let me remind u all what William Shakespear said:Those who live by the sword will die by a sword.


  2. I would call this a green light wouldnt you?


  3. Taffyduff says:

    This is such a nightmare. I honestly think I am having a bad dream and I wish someone would pinch me awake!


  4. Texas Listening Post, Tony says:

    The American leadership is held hostage by the Jewish Lobby. Israel will drag the US into this conflict which maybe much larger and more costly than anticipated. Russia could be a big player as indicated in the previous article. Who knows what China might do? It is the terrorist groups that are controlled by Iran that will spread death into the US and any country helping with this attack. Israel might destroy the nuclear operations but it will pay a heavy price in being the target of many rocket attacks and artillery rounds.

    Is it the nuclear weapons, the smell of oil or oil not being traded in dollars that is really driving the US?

    A very sad state of affairs, no elected US president has studied foreign policy in the university as a major. Getting elected is what they do best, understanding the world is what they look at half-time in a basket ball game.


  5. Nasty surprises await warmongers in Persian Gulf


  6. I believe Israel will initiate the Samson option if Iran retaliates against Israel. Meaning all out Nuclear war against Iran. This situation is getting dangerously crazy which can and will bring about world war III. Russia and China are allies of Iran and will not sit by and allow this to happen without getting involved themselves look out I hear the war drums beating!


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