Incurable virus killing thousands of lambs in UK

February 19, 2012BRITAINA new virus is causing lambs to be born with deformities so severe that they die within seconds. It is thought midges brought the Schmallenberg virus to Britain from continental Europe last autumn. The foetuses of newly-pregnant ewes bitten by the insects often fail to develop properly. At Mayfield Farm near Mildenhall in Suffolk, 75 of the 1,700 lambs born so far this year were affected. “In a ewe that was carrying twins, she would have a job lambing it. You would have to pull it out,” said farmer Clive Sleightholme. “The legs were fused together and tucked underneath, its head was angular, not formed properly. They had undershot jaws and they weren’t fleshed out properly but nearly every one was alive when it was pulled out but only lived seconds up to a minute.” The Schmallenberg virus, which is not thought to cause risk to humans, was first identified in Germany in November (Stuttgart: A0Z24E – news). There have also been cases in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Vet Toby Kemble has already seen deformed lambs at eight out of 10 sheep farms he has been to in north Norfolk this year. It’s concerning for the farmer, from their point of view they are losing lambs and losing productivity but it’s very upsetting seeing the lambs,” he said. So far the majority of confirmed cases have been in Suffolk and Norfolk. But farms in Kent, East Sussex, Essex and Hertfordshire have also been affected. And in West Sussex the virus has been found not just in sheep but also cattle. Most lambs and calves are born in the spring so for many farmers it is a waiting game. “It’s a new virus so we just don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Mr. Kemble. “It may be we have seen the peak already but what we may be seeing is the tip of the iceberg and it’s just going to get worse and worse.” –Yahoo UK
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6 Responses to Incurable virus killing thousands of lambs in UK

  1. Hélios says:

    Hello !
    Never heard about viruses giving deformities.
    It looks like rather radiation diseases ! Fukushima ?


  2. “Now we aren’t completely sure how this virus is spread from one infected animal to another – or even how it moves between countries (infected flies or infected farm animals?) but as you can see above, we are basing this on how closely related viruses behave. However, it was predicted that if the virus was spread by midges… ” (

    “aren’t completely sure”, “it was predicted that”, & “It is thought” should raise RED FLAGS.

    GMO Exposed – Scientists Under Attack FULL Documentary MUST WATCH


  3. wdywgr says:

    How sad…I remember when I was growing up in England, some fifty years or so ago, foot and mouth disease was rampant and much dreaded by the farmers..I remember walking though straw soaked with disinfectant/water when we came in or out of our friend’s farm down the road..there’s was a dairy farm..beautiful Guernsey and Jersey cows like you see in the children’s picture books, big dreamy soft brown eyes and eyelashes that we thought must be at least six inches long…chuckling,,sweet sweet memories…..


  4. May be a mutation caused by internal emitters with Fukushima as a triggering factor. Stop nuke pollution including dumping radionuclides via outfalls. Stop nukes forever.


  5. Lucie Sinclair says:

    Any new disease that surfaces on the planet is worrisome but this paticular instance seems more so, where reproduction is affected should sound alarm bells every where, reproduction of a healthy viable off spring is essential to every living being!


  6. tellthetruth1 says:

    This couldn’t get any closer to home if it tried. I never see the animals on the farm near me any more due to not being able to travel. Husband and I are both disabled so I use the train to visit local town for shopping. I don’t go anywhere else except to read the news here. I’m horrified to read this. All the more reason to beg the Lord’s mercy.


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