Miami experiences its hottest day in 24 years

February 20, 2012MIAMIIt didn’t feel much like February this weekend — even for South Floridians. Sunday saw record-breaking high temperatures in Miami: 87, beating the record of 86 set in 1957 and tied in 1988. Fort Lauderdale also reached 87, but didn’t break its long-held record of 89 degrees. These highs are unseasonable; normally, temperatures don’t break 80 this time of year. But the thousands of northern tourists who flooded the area for the Miami International Boat Show and Coconut Grove Arts Festival probably aren’t complaining too much. For those who don’t like the summery weather, relief should be here soon. A cold front is set to move in, bringing highs into the mid-70s on Monday and sending lows to the mid-60s Monday night. Temperatures are expected to climb gradually through the week; they could reach the low 80s by Thursday. “It’s going to warm up again, but this will just be a nice change from today,” said Bob Ebaugh, a specialist with the National Weather Service in Miami-Dade. –Miami Herald
Other parts of U.S. in deep freeze: A winter storm has dumped several inches of snow on a band of southern states, triggering accidents on slippery roads and knocking out power to tens of thousands. The storm brought wet snow on Sunday to parts of Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. In northern Tennessee, about 20 vehicles were involved in crashes along a three-mile stretch of Interstate 75 during what authorities described as ‘white out’ conditions Sunday afternoon. Police said a juvenile was seriously injured. Dozens of wrecks were also reported in North Carolina as well as in Virginia, where the northbound lanes of Interstate 95 were shut down following a crash that critically injured one man. Appalachian Power was reporting that 52,000 customers were without power Sunday night in central and southern Virginia, as well as West Virginia. –Daily Mail
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5 Responses to Miami experiences its hottest day in 24 years

  1. David says:

    Here is an interesting article about the snow melting in the sea in the Arctic,definetly something is out of whack,this summer will be very interesting bringing massive storms I believe,


  2. I wish we had that temperature here,I know it would be a bad sign,but I am tired of being cold,and i am a person that likes hot over cold anyday,and yes we have been warmer than normal but its still cold to me.


  3. Here in New Hampshire, US, we have had the most unbelievably mild winter with no snowfall. I have never seen anything like it in 30 years! Usually we remain buried in snow from December until March and temps range in the 10’s-30’s. Our average snowfall in my area is 80 inches annually– this year we are at 18 inchs with temps on average 40 degrees.
    Spring is certain to be coming very early this year!!


  4. Here in the UK it has been an incredibly mild winter with just a few days of frost and snow in the south coast town of Eastbourne. I am in agreement with those that like the warmer weather and look forward to the summer days ahead, that may be our last, according to Mayan calendar.


  5. richfish30 says:

    cherry blossoms bloom early in the mild winter in DC!


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