17 Responses to Russia says it will use nuclear weapons if war broke out with NATO

  1. stewart says:

    Seems like all the pieces are falling into place. This while Obama plans to cut our nuclear arsenal by 80%


    • carl says:

      oh i think when this is over you will have at least 80% less nuclear weapons then when it started I shouldn’t wonder if you will need Obama’s reduction program at!


  2. Kirk says:

    Nukes are almost unusable in today’s world, with the interconnection of products, services, and resources.


  3. michelle says:

    Dear Russia, please don’t use any nuclear weapons. You will destroy innocent families that want no part in war with anyone and you will hurt our mother Earth and her inhabitants.


  4. Larry Turner says:

    Let’s be fair. The USA will never have less warheads than Russia. It was George W. Bush who cut our number to 2,200 warheads from 4,000. In the current times of economic austerity it would be economically unfeasible to support and maintain more. Modern technically superior weapons are the key.


  5. Foresightt says:

    Its all just the power hungry elite playing with their god like power to destroy so much and so many. In the end its just a matter of what destroys us first, peoples destructive and manipulative struggle for power, civilizations utter disregard for the shape of the earth, earths own natural changes or rather if its finally by some higher powers will. We can all feel it in the air and our everyday lives- something big is coming quick, so make peace with who you need to and hold your religion close.


  6. like did anyone really think they wouldnt,well all I can say is all those years of living in fear of nukes with the old ussr has come full circle now hasnt it,I grew up with the cold war and so I am really used to all this mess,but I really feel sorry for the me generation now,they are all in for a rude awakening.well right now I dont know if we are going to get a natural disaster that is going to wipe out millions,or a third world war that will wipe out millions,lets see which one comes first,these are really great times to be living in now isnt it.Thank you so much for this site that tells everything going on,so many are blind and have no clue.


  7. Dennis E. says:

    While being very destructive, it is possible that there are weapons ready now, that make nukes obsolete. The use of tactical nuclear weapons by both Nato and The Warsaw Pact, then and the new sco now, is no different. Has always been in the battle plans.There are nuclear weapons designed now to emit high levels of a type of radiation but causing minor damage to materials such as buildings and other items so forces can enter the area.

    I believe that when you read in scriptures about mens tongue dissolving in their head, this is what it is describing, a nuclear blast or a very high energy laser,energy beam,particle beam weapon.


  8. H says:

    Now two old enemy’s might meet once again on there hands on the nuclear trigger. i am 25 years old and really don’t know about the cold war i was like four or five years old when Communism in the Soviet Union collapse.


  9. INNOCENT says:

    Russia doesn’t need to nuke any one, why not use the Father of All Bombs FAOB?


  10. Иван Гроздный says:

    All of you seem to belive that Russia wants a nuclear war. That isn’t the case. All Russia ever did was respont to external threats. Even the famous Cuba crises was a successful response the USA place Nuclear war heads in Turkey.
    If the USA doesn’t violate its international rights then you are safe. The problem is that this is not the case.


    • Rb says:

      This fruitcake country of Russia former Soviet union was allowed to morph to a Kgb Russian mafia country via this creep, con, fake, phony, communist infiltrator and anti semite president of 1933 that of fdr. Him (fdr) and his 1st cousin wife were the worst things that happened out of this country. He destroyed this country and pretty much sold this country (usa) to the former Soviet union now morphed to Russia. Mostly from lend lease deal of 1944 that this country died and was sold out.


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