New study finds ingested nanoparticles more dangerous than previously thought

February 17, 2012NEW YORKBillions of engineered nanoparticles in foods and pharmaceuticals are ingested by humans daily and new Cornell research warns they may be more harmful to health than previously thought. A research collaboration led by Michael Shuler, the Samuel B. Eckert Professor of Chemical Engineering and the James and Marsha McCormick Chair of Biomedical Engineering, studied how large doses of polystyrene nanoparticles — a common, FDA-approved material found in substances from food additives to vitamins — affected how well chickens absorbed iron, an essential nutrient, into their cells. The results were reported online Feb. 12 in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. According to the study, high-intensity, short-term exposure to the particles initially blocked iron absorption, whereas longer-term exposure caused intestinal cell structures to change, allowing for a compensating uptick in iron absorption. The researchers tested both acute and chronic nanoparticle exposure using human gut cells in petri dishes as well as live chickens and reported matching results. They chose chickens because these animals absorb iron into their bodies similarly to humans, and they are also similarly sensitive to micronutrient deficiencies, explained Gretchen Mahler, Ph.D. ’08, the paper’s first author and former Cornell graduate student and postdoctoral associate. The researchers used commercially available, 50-nanometer polystyrene carboxylated particles that are generally considered safe for human consumption. They found that following acute exposure, a few minutes to a few hours after consumption, both the absorption of iron in the in vitro cells and the chickens decreased. But following exposure of 2 milligrams per kilogram for two weeks — a slower, more chronic intake — the structure of the intestinal villi began to change and increase in surface area. This was an effective physiological remodeling that led to increased iron absorption. “This was a physiological response that was unexpected,” Mahler said. Shuler noted that in some sense this intestinal villi remodeling was positive because it shows the body adapts to challenges. But it serves to underscore how such particles, which have been widely studied and considered safe, cause barely detectable changes that could lead to, for example, over-absorption of other, harmful compounds. Human exposure to nanoparticles is only increasing, Shuler continued. “Nanoparticles are entering our environment in many different ways,” Shuler said. “We have some assurance that at a gross level they are not harmful, but there may be more subtle effects that we need to worry about.” –Physics
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12 Responses to New study finds ingested nanoparticles more dangerous than previously thought

  1. cyura says:

    …which is why people need to turn to natural medicine…like Salt Rooms for respiratory health – they’re spreading throughout the world and now even in the not-so-holistic-at-all USA.


  2. lifecovenant says:


    “a liquid hydrocarbon that is manufactured from petroleum by the chemical industry.”

    I think most people are aware that polystyrene foam is an environmental disaster. It does not biodegrade and releases cancer-causing **benzene** into the environment for a thousand years or more.

    I would think anything manufactured from oil by the chemical industry, no matter what size, into Billions of engineered nanoparticles is not good for anyone’s body.

    MONSANTO is a manufacturer and distributor of Polystyrene

    Why put Polystyrene in things we ingest?


  3. Larry Fairall says:

    Why in the world do we need polystyrene nanoparticles in our food and drugs? What did we use before they were available? What purpose do they serve ? Just another way for huge corporations to make more money. What else is in our food and drugs? It was bad enough knowing Monsanto has already poisoned all our crops, and inturn our animals and our farmed fish from eating their poisoned grain. Now we are putting plastic in our food along with many other contaminants as preservaties.
    Man never ceases to amaze me, he just keeps on comming up with ways to destory himself.

    May the Lord help us


    • Magenta says:

      Who has the power to go up against the pharmacuedical companies or the government? There are amazing healings taking place with stem cells made from the amniotic sac after the birth of a child. Dr. Wang has cured blindness with stem cells. Do you think we will ever have access to complete healing with stem cells? No, because the government’s drug dealers are making too much money off of our suffering. These pills the government’s drug dealers are pushing should be illegal, they are so dangerous. Now they are poisoning our food! I think people need to understand the psychopath. The psychopath wants control over people, so they can steal, kill and destroy. They don’t care about anyone but themselves. Yes, it is more than likely that many CEO’s of large corporations and government officials are psychopaths. So many of them are in positions of power now. They are professional liars and can easily fool you.


  4. gman4721 says:

    This sounds like more newsmedia brainwashing getting people to thinking it is ok for the FDA to take over control of the supplements industry. More goverment intrusion into free will and choice.


    • Garth Colin Whelan says:

      Remember, the FDA is in Monsanto’s pocket; so he can dictate what Americans’ can and cannot eat. He specializes in poisonous foods to destroy the body, and approves products made from human embryos to defile the people. I’ve recently been reading posts from Natural News (dotcom), and the FDA have been arresting producers who make naturally processed foods, and are even dictating what food kids need in their school lunches – and normally they demand kids bring food with poisonous chemicals in it.


  5. DB says:

    In the meantime, did anyone bother to do a study on iron toxicity due to increased absorption?


  6. Darlene LaMar says:

    First crops start to fail, repetitivly, then there are mass animal deaths. Once apon a time the thought Salmonella in tomatoes or peanut butter would have been preposterous along with Listeria in cantalopes and Ecoli in baby spinach. Now everything we eat or drink, that our animals eat or drink is tainted and our leaders stay blind to the ill effects that are caused because they are more interested in getting more money to line their pockets with.


  7. William says:

    Nature is what is established by elements created by the natural cause. The minds to alter such a natural state is not natural and is false in every degree. The imagination is not to alter nature, the imagination is to grow the imagination by causes and effects to be experienced and not ingested. Those manipulating the food supply and creating drugs of combined chemicals are criminal to all that nature has to offer.

    Nature by the elements of the universe, imagination by the grace of god to allow growth of idea creation. Science is to understand these, not alter these aspects of life.


  8. robin sime says:

    Someone once stated that humanity has the means to destroy its self and ultimately will succeed in doing so! It might have been me?


  9. JerseyCynic says:

    C h e m t r ails———————

    There are some theories out there that these nanoparticles are from the elements that are in the chemtrails that are crisscrossing our skies on a regular basis. Supposedly, these elements are doing all kinds of strange things to us — internally and externally.


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