16 Responses to Earthchanges: Natural disasters cost world record $366 billion in 2011

  1. Tom E. says:

    It is sad to see anyone suffer or die needlessly, and many people and countries could be better prepared. With that said, to put that into perspective, that is how much the United States government went into debt in the last 4 months, give or take.


  2. katesisco says:

    This year, 2012, is the max of the heliospheric compression cycle induced by neutrino input from the Milky Way. We may expect this brief period of noticeable compression to end at the end of this year. It will end in a non locality event and the familiar heliosphere spread will be restored. We may expect, as NASA notes, a long period of turmoiled weather due to the fact that the restored heliosphere will then hold the neutrino-heated and expanded gas planets. This will affect the sun which in turn will effect our weather detrimentally.


  3. SLK says:

    I love the picture on the right. The way the tornado is trying to touch down and the rainbow almost looks as if it is stopping it. From what we know about the meaning of the rainbow in God’s Word, what a beautifully descriptive picture our God is literally demonstrating to us -that greater is He that is IN us than he who is in the world!


  4. nanoduck says:

    Can’t wait to see what 2012 brings.


  5. tellthetruth1 says:

    Pakistan flooded again,for the second year in a row. Christchurch had a few aftershocks as well as that first big quake. I think they’re still suffering, aren’t they? My, but things have certainly changed.


    • Yes, it appears the climatology of the planet is now proned to such extremes of nature and we likely haven’t seen anything yet. We live on a large planet, that prones to fits of seismic rage, there’s a mass of oceans and a atmosphere that is becoming increasing turbulent.


      • john says:

        I wonder if this is related to shift in the poles.I recall in your book you covered the migration of the jet stream.could this be in response to or a correction or alignment with the shift in magnetic north? BTW half way through your book ,a weath of info,had to put it down for a short time, i am and info junkie and even i had to stop and take time to go back and read some of it again. A lot to digest ,but still an excellent book .Thank you


      • Thanks John…it is crammed with a lot of data. I think the wild migrations are symptomatic of a planet whose magnetic field is weakening and the energy exchange between the planet and the Sun is breaking down. I’m working on a new model for the planet that will explain more of the anomalies we’re seeing. More to come.

        all the best,


  6. Eileen says:

    This is a good summary of the key disasters of natural causes. It is so much devastation in one year’s time – What a condensed amount of catastrophe. If this doesn’t show the world as a ticking time bomb to the countdown of it’s demise, I don’t know how far your head can be buried in the sand of the quaking earth….


  7. SeanO says:

    Sounds like a lot of money, but, $300 billion more and it would match this year’s U.S. defense spending package. Not to mention they were also able to include provisions for indefinate detention of U.S. citizens.


  8. dannrivera says:

    . . . if it were natural disasters. Manmade, HAARP induced disasters all part of the Great Deception, 2012 Mayan Calendar End of the World Hoax. WHY?


  9. Philippino Bob says:

    I agree with Alvin.
    We haven’t seen anything yet!
    Unfortunately this is only the beginning. Or, to put it more bluntly,… the beginning of the end.


  10. Streve Stribling says:

    I notice that you were suspended from Zeta site as I was for asking why they refer to Obama as a star child. They are very touchy–as if there is no room for question.
    Keep up the good work.
    Also I asked you to look into the PX thing and got no reply?


  11. Dan says:

    Ok, very good article. Now a challenge for the writers of this article, if you have the resource. How much more money is spent, on salaries of all those that are involved to insure these resources we have built, how much to maintain them, all tlhe buildings the individuals occupy, and the cars they drive. How Much?


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