Earth’s weird weather: Parts of Sahara desert, near Algeria, hit with snow

January 20, 2012BECHAR, Algeria – Snow fell Tuesday in the Sahara Desert in western Algeria. A 24-hour cold spell brought snow and rain to the region. Strong wind blew the snow across roads and buildings in the province of Bechar. Meteorologists predicted a return of good weather Wednesday. People who live in the region said the snow was good for the palm trees because it killed parasites. Bechar is located in the northern Sahara, about 36 miles south of the Moroccan border. –Nine News
contribution Vicky Grover
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12 Responses to Earth’s weird weather: Parts of Sahara desert, near Algeria, hit with snow

  1. radiogirl says:

    Snow also adds nitrogen …poor mans fertilizer.


    • tellthetruth1 says:

      Oh, is that right? How interesting. Never heard that before, I was told lightning did that! Perhaps they both do?


      • Maverick says:

        I confirm. Snowflakes capture a lot of air, which contains 3/4 nitrogen. Part of the nitrogen is then probably “driven” into the soil by the water when the snow melts.
        The problem here is, it works with soil, not sand.


  2. Bone idle says:

    I worked in Algeria for two years during the 1970’s.
    Bechar is at an altitude of 750metres above sea level – a high plain area – Atlas Mountains.
    Snow in the Algerian desert is not unusual.


  3. nanoduck says:

    It hasn’t snowed there, in like what? 1,000 years or what?


  4. Larry Fairall says:

    Another possible reason for bird and fish die offs??????:


  5. luisport says: Huge chunk of Antarctic ice sheet set to break free

    Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier is preparing to shed a 300-square-mile chunk of its ice to the ocean in a process of ice loss that has been accelerating in recent years.


  6. The climate is changing. A week ago snow hit India. That was weird. People didn’t have even light jackets. And In Chicago the first snow this season was Jan 10th. Last year it was only one blizzard. We had snow one week. That’s all.


  7. i love this the sign of doomsday


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