Massive section of Los Angeles roadway falls into the ocean

November 22, 2011San Pedro, CaliforniaRoadway slides into the Pacific Ocean, after heavy rains soak southern California. Heavy rain Sunday (November 20) caused a large portion of a California road to collapse, leaving a gaping hole in a cliff-side. A 900 foot (274 meter) section of the road south of Los Angeles crumbled and fell into the Pacific Ocean. The road had already been closed to pedestrians and vehicle traffic after cracks continued to expand over the past few months at a rate of four inches a day. Officials are asking the residents to keep their distance because the road remains unstable. There were no reports of injuries or property damage in the immediate area. –The Weather Network
contribution David
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10 Responses to Massive section of Los Angeles roadway falls into the ocean

  1. gen2revztruth says:

    Wow!!! Good thing the road was closed off when that happened!


  2. Marie says:

    And there goes just one more example of mass wasting demolishing man-made structures along the California coast that my geology professor always likes to point out in class. Eventually more and more chunks of that coast will slip into the ocean.


  3. Darla says:

    Was this part of the road known as the “portugues bend”


  4. marcelle says:

    Post glacial rebound effect?? Glad no one was injured !!


  5. Karen Katz says:

    thanks Tim for extra photos


  6. moondancerjulie says:

    Living in the US I have always wondered why anyone would choose to live in California. It’s just a huge disaster slowly happening, waiting for that one big moment, and everyone KNOWS there will be that one big moment, yet they go on…just bizarre to me that people in general choose to live in such blatant disaster zones. Great pictures


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