10 Responses to Flash-point: China issues warning to India on disputes in the South China Sea

  1. Garth whelan says:

    China is becoming a real bully in the South China Sea. They don’t have any right to these islands. Just to show how evil China is, they have started putting Palawan on their own maps, so they can claim that at a later date, or at least to try to take away the Philippines right as the islands are less than 200 nautical miles from the Palawan border (some being MUCH less than that). There are vast oil reserves in these islands and that is the only reason that China is intrerested in them. Geographically, the Philippines has the right to these islands, with Viet nam second, as the Western most islands are nearer to Viet nam.


    • nickk0 says:

      I agree – China IS becoming a bully.

      You don’t see our neighbors (Canada and Mexico) having nuc weapons to defend themselves against the US, unlike China’s neighbors.

      – Nick


  2. Irene C says:

    China is a bully because they feel they are the superior race.

    I also find something else interesting. For all the squawking everyone does about the militarism of the United States, we don’t hear the same uproar concerning China. Or is that just my imagination.



    • pagan66 says:

      Irene – All I ever read about across the web are people critizing China’s militaristic capabilities, protocols & ambitions, especially over the last 12 months or so. What is really worrying is the information we are NOT receiving. I think it’s just that the US is so visible whilst the Chinese tend to do things much more clandestinely as is their way.



  3. RainMan says:

    This is a really bad impasse.
    The oncoming boarder disputes and then the obvious expolitation of the area for oil will devastate this incredibly beautiful and virtualy unspoilt area.
    Caticlan, Boracay (although touristy, are well protected) and Palawan, which is truly an amazing Island (with a coastland you would only see on airbrushed postcards), are absolute treasures of nature, along with thousands (appx. 7,000+) of other islands many uninhabited in the archiepelago.
    I really feel devasted for the future. What the hell are they thinking.


  4. pagan66 says:

    Australia’s foreign minister is not Stephen Smith, it is Kevin Rudd, same old Kevin who Ju-Liar did a Brutus vs Caesar on. Smith is Defence minister. I wonder if the Australians will be taking uranium samples with them when they meet on Tuesday – sarcasm. I knew there was a reason this lying, scheming, backflipping government of ours has begun selling our toxic & dangerous resources to India.


  5. RainMan says:

    And governments will always be so.
    I believe the internet gives us so much information which flys in the face of the disinformation we are bombarded with through government controlled media. We are always being conned for the dollar and power/greed.
    Let’s see how they handle the collapse-oh wait, the crcket is on and the cooking show has started (sarc).


    • pagan66 says:

      That’s until the newly passed US SOPA bill shows it’s true face RainMan & other countries, including ours decide to implement it also. I’m glad it’s cricket season, nothing like a coldie watching the Aussies win a Test (hopefully) 🙂


  6. Hanuman says:

    China is threat to all the asian nations. It’s oppressive practices and bullying nature will only lead to a clash among the nations. The newly found economic growth had unleashed their desire for control over Asia and certainly they strongly feel India as a threat. I am just wondering where this oppressive will lead Asia in near future. Hope will live past 2012…happily ever after.


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