India successfully tests long range nuclear-capable ballistic missile

November 20, 2011NEW DEHLI Last week, India successfully test fired one of its longest range missiles capable of carrying a one-ton nuclear warhead deep inside China, officials said. A Defense Research and Development Organization spokesman said the Agni-IV missile was launched at 9:00am (0330 GMT) from a test site in the eastern Indian state of Orissa. “All the parameters have been met and it was a very successful test,” DRDO spokesman Ravi Gupta told AFP. He said the nuclear-capable, two-stage missile which is powered by solid fuel was fired beyond the Bay of Bengal into the Indian Ocean. Agni means fire in Sanskrit. “Agni-IV has a maximum range of 3,500 kilometers (2,170 miles) but this time the launch parameter was 3,000 kilometers,” the official spokesman said. A previous test of the Agni-IV on December 10, 2010 failed after the missile went off its trajectory and plunged into the sea. Defense ministry sources said military scientists were also giving the final shape to the 5,000-kilometre range Agni-V, scheduled to be test-fired for the first time early next year. India has also said it may develop an intercontinental ballistic missile. The Agni series is one of five missiles being developed by the DRDO under an Integrated Guided Missile Development Program launched in 1983. India is among the world’s top 10 military spenders. It plans to splurge $50 billion by 2015 to upgrade its military. It has fought three wars with rival Pakistan since their independence in 1947 and a brief but bloody border conflict with China in 1962. –Space Daily
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4 Responses to India successfully tests long range nuclear-capable ballistic missile

  1. nickk0 says:

    Reading this, brings to mind what The Man said ….. That ‘unless those days were cut short, all life on earth would end.”

    – Nick


  2. Irene C says:

    Actually, this was inevitable. With China beefing up it’s troops along the border, it would make sense that India would show off it’s military prowess. Wars and rumors of wars…



  3. Steven says:

    The us has also tested a missile 5x faster speed of sound….it says so in BBC news…

    All this activity and in a so called recession across the globe… I would rather have a natural doomsday then let these power Hungrey lunatics destroy the world….
    I can’t wait to see christs homecoming….ha
    I think we are on the brink of world war and I’m just a no one from Kent, England….who can do nothing about it…
    Sad world we live in…


  4. Steven we can pray…. and live in the hope of the Ressurection. We are so truly blessed to have a future. Hope in that future for as my pastor recently said without that hope all that is left is fear….. I amy be uncomfortable in my humanness, but my spirit has hope and THAT I WILL CLING TO……. Clare in Tassie


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