10 Responses to Revolution 2.0: violence mars streets of Egypt – 35 dead, thousands injured

  1. nickk0 says:

    I ask – Why is the military cracking down so severely, if they are supposed to relinquish control sometime after the elections take place, anyways ??

    This, does not bode well. 😦

    – Nick


  2. G.McCray says:

    The Muslim Brotherhood can’t wait to take control! Their first item on their agenda is to annihilate Israel!

    The Psalm 83 War is being set up….


  3. Irene C says:

    This is certainly an interesting scenario. I’m not sure what is really going on, but it doesn’t look good.



  4. tess says:

    my mother is in the hilton hotel just of the square.. she is saying that the people are trying to protest peacfully, and that the army keeps intruding and attacking them. she also says the local tv is reporting whats happening, yet the outside world is not hearing the truth…
    this is scary for the people of eygpt…


  5. Gen says:

    Some sort of neuro-toxic tear gas is being used on protestors in Egypt.



  6. Tim says:

    US ships 21-tonne tear gas cargo to Tahrir, Egypt
    Port workers in Egypt have refused to receive a shipment of tear gas ordered by the country’s Interior Ministry from the United States


  7. Tim says:

    Egypt: Egypt Runoff Exposes Tensions Between Islamists:
    A runoff Monday for Egypt’s first-round parliamentary elections exposed tensions between competing Islamist parties that have so far dominated the vote. In the southern province of Assiut, supporters of hardline Islamist party Gamaa Islamiya attacked and chased away campaign workers from the Muslim Brotherhood outside a polling station where the two groups were facing off in a vote. Supporters of one Brotherhood candidate said they received death threats and one of their clerics was beaten up by campaign workers of Gamaa Islamiya – an ex-militant group-turned-political party. The Brotherhood, the most established and organized party running, is in the lead so far, according to official results released on Sunday. Gamaa Islamiya is part of the second-place Al-Nour alliance with the ultraconservative Salafists, hard-liners who seek to impose strict Islamic law on Egypt. The elections are the first since Hosni Mubarak’s ouster in an uprising in February and are the freest and fairest in living memory.



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