15 Responses to Tension: India to increase buildup of troops on border with China

  1. dannrivera says:

    India has alligned herself with the US/NATO against China/Russia. The Coming World Domination Conflict, World War IV, will determine who will lead in the New World Order.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Well, wasn’t it just posted regarding reports of unusual attitude sickness on the Chinese/India border in certain border region by some visitors(11.01.11)? Now we have reports of India beefing up their military forces on the border?

    well, interesting I think.


  3. china has expansionist plans certainly, but even they would be smart to leave india alone, they are one of the few countiries on this earth with enough man power to go toe to toe with them…


    • Tanveer says:

      I am sorry Michael, you are wrong.. I am an Indian and I can tell you that our defense system is no match for China, even our defense ministry accepts this fact.. China has repeatedly taken over many pieces of lands along the border and the Indian Govt have been silent about it due to fear of retaliation. China also openly supports all the anti-Indian extremists fighting for independence from India and the Indian govt could not even complain about it..


  4. Luca says:

    I had the same thought Dennis. It is very interesting!


  5. Digu says:

    Around 60,000 square kilometers of Indian territory is been occupied by China after Indo-Sino war. Now India is gearing up to take steps to ensure it wouldn’t happen again.


  6. Yogeshwari says:

    Yes to Digu’s comment – it’s as simple as that! Please try not to link it with current inclinations to
    suspect otherwise – ie. world war 3. Please give yourself a well earned rest! May peace be in your heart and soul. Aum Shanti.


  7. kenny moore says:

    America is promoting this war from within India to keep China distracted and off our backs. This is all part of an orchestrated plan.


  8. Anjali Rai says:

    I may be a little biased since I’m originally Indian, but I can proudly say that India is a major threat to the NWO. On April 15th, 2009, an election occured nationwide. It was the single largest exercise of democracy in the history of Mankind. 1/10th of the global population partook. In this country, “The nation where Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism were born,
    which is the second largest Muslim nation on Earth; where Christianity
    has existed for 2000 years; where the oldest Jewish synagogues and
    Jewish communities have resided since the Romans burnt their 2nd
    temple; where the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile
    reside; where the Zorostrians from Persia have thrived since being
    thrown out of their ancient homeland; where Armenians and Syrians and
    many others have to come live; where the Paris-based OECD said was the
    largest economy on Earth 1500 of the last 2000 years, including the
    2nd largest only 200 years ago; where 3 Muslim Presidents have been
    elected, where a Sikh is Prime Minister and the head of the ruling
    party a Catholic Italian woman, where the President is also a women,
    succeeding a Muslim President who as a rocket scientist was a hero in
    the nation; where a booming economy is lifting 40 million out of
    poverty each year and is expected to have the majority of its
    population in the middle class, already equal to the entire US
    population, by 2025.”

    The dominating religion is Hinduism, which does not believe in Heaven or Hell, so extremism is minimal, considering the enormity of the population. Judges have the power to summon the creation of organizations, such as the ones created in 2011 to investigate corruption all the way up to the President and Prime Minister (they have both) and have have found BOTH to have actively either actively partaken or turned a blind eye to the corruption within the highest levels of the system. Many, many times in 2011, the top-tier of the government has declared in dismay that the judicial system is overstepping the boundries they are limited to. However, with the support of the Indian people, all religions and cultures alike, the judges have the courage to give the government to… pretty much, “Fu*# off.” while they take care of business in a transparant fashion, for once.

    Also, as Michael Allen Bridges mentioned, we have the sheer numbers.

    India has just as much allegience to Russia as it does to America. So don’t rule Indian out yet 🙂



    • Rohan says:

      Thanks for that article, Anjali

      India definately has links to Russia, especially in terms of military spending on hardware, jets and tanks which Im sure it wont cut with if a conflict between NATO/US and Russia/ China arises


  9. subedei says:

    The Indian elite fail to recognize that the Chinese elite would decapitate them. The Indian elite lives under the delusion that they are, somehow, British. They are not, and the Chinese elite will respond to any Indian demonstrations of belligerence with an extreme exercise of violence, ensuring that their replacements will only demonstrate compliance. Yes, I am implying a nuclear war and the complete annihilation of New Delhi. The Chinese elite has prepared to survive a nuclear war out of necessity, whereas the Indian elite has never prepared for the realities of nuclear war.

    If I were in the Indian elite, I would seek other adventures. Adventuring to bear the fury of Chinese wrath by aligning themselves with the same entities that forced the Opium Wars upon the Chinese nation could only be a fools errand.


  10. James says:

    With 1/2 the world’s poor and a starving malnourished population, the Indian government deems it fitting to seek military aggression towards it’s neighbor! Truly a pathetic and dispicable government and country! Feed your poor, educate your illiterates before planning for war!


  11. Arnold Westram says:

    Hello all,
    Sad situation. Sad that wars are almost all we hear about these days. 2011 will end with rumors of an attack on Iran by Israeli/US forces, probably by spring 2012. I am not very educated about the differences between India and China, but would this eventual conflict have to do with water from the Himalayans, by any chance? Because water is going to be a main issue in the comming years.
    However, I truly wish all the people who live in these regions can go on living peacefully.
    Enough with all these wars, already!
    I do not know much about Indian politics or culture, but I have read a little bit of Krishnamurti’s philosophy, and I must admit he quite fascinated me.
    Take care, every one.
    Greetings from Montréal, Québec, Canada.


  12. yo!yo! says:

    INDIAN ARMY HAS BEEN FULLY CHANGED AFTER 1962 .therefore china can never thought of attacking on india. in past few months there was a faceoff between indian and chinese naval war ships in myanmar sea.and there is any war indian miltary has a upper hand in tow ways
    1)indian army in now well equiped with new weapons and second the most important


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