Moderate string of earthquakes rattle the globe

September 27, 2011A string of moderate earthquakes in the 5.0+ magnitude range have shaken the globe over the past 72 hours, indicating that seismic tension is once again being primed for potentially another tectonic plate stress-release in a major seismic event. People in high-risk seismic regions should remain alert for the potential occurrence of seismic episodes. –The Extinction Protocol
5.3 earthquake NW Territory Canada
5.1 earthquake Banda Sea
5.2 earthquake Santa Cruz Islands
5.1 earthquake Tonga
5.1 earthquake Vanuatu
5.2 earthquake Rat Islands, Alaska
5.0 earthquake Kashmir-Xinjiang border
5.1 earthquake Crete, Greece - swarm
5.4 earthquake Andreanof Islands, Alaska
5.2 earthquake Loyalty Islands 
5.3 earthquake Loyalty Islands
5.1 earthquake Loyalty Islands
5.0 earthquake S. Mid-Atlantic Ridge
5.6 earthquake Bio-Bio, Chile
5.1 earthquake E. Honshu, Japan
5.1 earthquake Bio-Bio, Chile
5.0 earthquake Ryukyu Islands, Japan
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24 Responses to Moderate string of earthquakes rattle the globe

  1. Nikkoale says:

    Interesting. There have been a lot of earthquake-type clouds here in Southern Illinois today.


  2. Wiseguy says:

    And I know Luisport is telling you everything about El Hierro. Keep the good work Luisport, you might have vital information for us in a few days.


  3. No doomsday, no big earthquakes, no hours of darkness. Just free and clean minds. Many Blessings!


  4. kevin says:

    the signs are there,,,,its us,that have to watch out////yes,in my opinion,,,,,he is near,,so near,,


  5. Suanne says:

    There was a 5.1 in Vanuatu today too…


  6. Dan says:

    Recent CME is causing massive fluctuations to occur in the earths magnetic field, thus affecting the entire globe!!!!!

    Grains of sand falling now……


  7. Marshallrn says:

    Well,only a 3.2 in my area but hay Northern Cali has been lucky for a long time now and heck just yesterday I lucked out and got out of Jury Duty!!!! So ……. We wait….. Just bought some more water and canned goods and tonigth going to water my lawn really good. It’s almost 100 in the shade today.


  8. YiShai HaNotzri says:

    Matthew 24:7-8
    Beginning of birth pains!
    Abomination coming soon.
    These eartquakes and global catastrophies are beginning to increase in intensity and shortening between incidences just like labor pains.
    Sept 11 3BC birth of Yahushua
    Sept 29 2011 AD same sign in heavens!
    Rosh Ha Shana sunset sept 29
    Feast of Trumpets
    “The day and hour no man knows”
    Revelation 12 sign in heavens!
    Our REDEMPTION draweth nigh!

    servant of the most high


  9. Thomas says:

    2.5 Quake,In Arkansas An hour ago!!


  10. Hannah says:

    I visit your site everyday. My husband and I were noticing that things were just not right all around us, the weather, the quakes and so much more. We have been laughed at and yelled at for trying to communicate this to family and friends. I am almost doubting myself and thinking maybe I am a doomsday freak. I just wanted to say thankyou for your site, it helps me to know there are other people who are watching and waiting. Praying it will all happen soon.


    • Hannah Rose says:

      Just to let you know you are not alone!! Continue talking to family and friends. My husband and are experiencing the exact same thing!! You are not a doomsday freak by any means..just someone who can “read the writing on the wall” Stay alert and remember as DUTCHSINCE says “Don’t be Scared, be Prepared!” Cheers!!


  11. Ynot says:

    Ynot’s ife speaking

    Watching the increase in the number and intensity of quakes on the Canary islands – eight over 3 mag in the last 11 hours. Does this mean that an eruption is imminent?

    Also is it possible to communicate directly with the other like minds who are making posts – we’re at the top of the North Island of New Zealand (relatively quake free), but feel a bit isolated – most people we know in NZ or overseas are completey oblivious to what’s going on.

    Perhaps we could form a database through your site for people with specific knowledge that we could share – my experitise is food plants and writing for example. Just a thought!

    love this site

    regards Denise


  12. Paul Kunkel says:

    Anything else can we expect?


  13. kabir says:

    Hi, I m new in this site but before I was thinking this gake site but from last couple of days I have been matching your news with other sites, these all news are TRUE just really worried.. I m from India I always talk to my mum about it she told me long time ago bbefore 5000BC there was a guru(teacher) he said that these doomsday will start with the Sun rays and stuff in my country eclipse is very bad thing for eart every goes to temple and pray for Sun some people believe some day a strange light will come from the sky ..


  14. David says:

    I also visit this excellent site several times a day and various earthquake sites every day,I get the same thing from family and friends they think I`m nuts. I have just about given up on trying my best to warn people,most all of them think nothing is going to happen,I have been asked not to send anything relating to earthquakes and earth changes anymore,I guess maybe I could be wrong myself maybe I am also some type of doomsday freak.So now I just keep it all to myself.Most people will not believe anything is changing unless it effects them personally,I believe thats how most people think or choose to think in there minds.I too am praying it will all happen sooner than later.


  15. David says:

    Some interesting information has come up that Katla may have erupted this summer.


  16. luisport says:

    What did happen in Hamarinn volcano yesterday
    Posted on September 28, 2011 by Jón Frímann
    I really did think that a eruption was about to start in Hamarinn volcano yesterday. As the signal that I was seeing was not far from what I did see on 12 July, 2011 when a eruption did take place for sure in Hamarinn volcano.
    The tremor signal in July was stronger, but it looks almost the same way as the signal yesterday (27 September, 2011) did. So I think I know what did happen yesterday (27 September, 2011) in Hamarinn volcano. There might have been a minor dike intrusion into Hamarinn volcano. There where no earthquakes as it might have been going up resistance free pathway. But it is hard to know that for sure at the moment. Later events might however make what happened yesterday more clear what did happen on 27 September, 2011.


  17. luisport says:

    BreakingNews Breaking News
    3 minor earthquakes recorded over past 8 hours across rural areas of Utah, Nevada; no damage, injuries reported – USGS via @NBCNews
    há 59 minutos


  18. Ronald Osborn says:

    I won’t make my statement in beautiful fancy words as my fellows who, also follow your site. I just wanted to say that. We are all children of the same maker, no matter by what name you call Him/Her or other. We all live on this tiny grain of sand that moves through the endless vastness of space. We learn, or are taught what is right and wrong by people who, really don’t know the answer or truth. Everything (in Religion and History) we are taught is from the frailty of mankind. Truth from people that can bend what is truth to what they them self’s believe or have been taught to believe. I am not discounting what the Bible says. Or any other Religious text says. I sometime can’t help but wonder what large amounts of TRUTH has been kept from us so. Those in power can keep that power.and control over people. As far as what is going on in the world (the grain of sand) we inhabit. I like the many others. Await with open heart (with just a bit of concern for my children) what will ether be the end of all things. Our the Start of (i have no words for it)


  19. Colleen says:

    I, too, have been hushed concerning speaking about world events. I have been told to keep quiet in my own church about events taking place. Some people have told me point blank that they do not want to hear about it! My own family turns a deaf ear to my cries as well. My husband says it is nothing but, I will not use the words her used. How can people see and experience what is going on in our world, and just turn their heads the other way? Now, is not the time to bury one’s head in the sand and pretend it is not happening. If you go out to a store, mall, etc, you see people’s faces and they are strained and unfocused. You would never think that anything was happening in or around our world. I suppose most people think that ignorance is bliss.


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