11 Responses to Somalia famine: UN warns of 750,000 deaths in coming months

  1. SweetNsoFLyy says:

    May GOD RESTORE and impregnate Somalia with FERTILE lands for food, Send Nourishing rains to feed the seeds of plenty food, and send HELPING HANDS to Aid those families, and children in MOST NEED….. suffering in a world of full of resources & riches. THIS makes no sense… ❤ #SoSoSad


  2. Raven says:

    I just want to cry..hang my head in shame..and pray that next time we do much much better! Four big strong healthy and happy teens sleeping in their beds…will any of us ever know how lucky we were??


  3. BRENDA112 says:



    • It wouldn’t be if humans got involved with what’s happening on this planet in regard to ministering to their fellowmen. It may be easy to point to stone monuments in Georgia as a marker for conspiracies for which complacency is immobilized into taking little action or responsibility but God will hold us all into account for the fact that Western lifestyles were greatly enriched at the utter expense of plundering resources and exploiting under-developed countries cheap labor markets so many can recline in La Docle Vita.


      • Raven says:

        Thank you Alvin…this kind of suffering is never a part of any plan, nothing Divine would endorse this or place energy in to it, however there is no bias in energy, it goes where we send it. This is humanity not caring for the suffering of others, not caring for the imbalance that exists in the world, we that support the rich that get richer as we sit comfortably in our homes and they make our lives easier. I am lucky enough to have not suffered like this nor my family, but in my heart and soul I take responsibility for the fact that we have ALL allowed this to happen. We were mean’t to take much much better care of one another…I do believe that was the plan..and we have indeed failed.
        Blessings Alvin


      • I understand Rita but something being in the Bible is no precondition for people adhering to it. The 10 commandments are also in the Bible and the world walks all over them. Religions wouldn’t need to exist if people lived in harmony with God — thereby man —- and nature. Peace and love would be a natural spiritual unction instead of a heart antagonism. People can’t even stay married to the people they pledge to love for eternity in marriage; so how can they love a stranger whom they know nothing about?


  4. Pagan says:

    On our dying planet, more are dying. Soon it will be 7 million, then 750 million then finally 7 Billion. The small part I have done in this crisis & the preceding ones was to sponsor 2 kids – one in Africa & one in Asia & to donate money wherever I could. I have never bought from companies that use child labour in disadvantaged countries, I have protested for & against so many causes I have lost count, I have chained myself to trees to stop them cutting down beloved forests, chained myself to dozers to stop them building dams & mines, protested against uranium mining in the back of beyond, donated money & time in trying to save things ranging from whales. dolphins, apes, children, forests, Sacred Sites – whatever I felt was worth saving & or protecting I did it. I don’t know if what I have done is enough, all I know is I am a warrior for Mother Nature & Her Earth & always have been. My conscience is clear.

    Things are changing, the tide is turning- the formerly safe & secure will shortly become the displaced & the starving as Mother Nature wreaks ever more havoc & destruction upon you. You will know what it feels like to have absolutely nothing & to be homeless & thought of as below worthless. To be thought of as a blight & a scourge, to watch your children & family die of starvation, disease & the ravages of earth changes – you will be the last remnants of Humanity locked together in the misery of these final bloody days. And those stones? Etched egotistically into stone raped from my Mother? They too will tumble just like everyone & everything else. Too late by far.



    • Raven says:

      I hear you Pagan..your words resonate deep inside me my friend. I too have tried, stood for causes, supported five charities for years, protested, raised my children to be aware and to be grateful… I pray to our Mother to bless us..to save us..but I fear it is too late. I don’t know if my conscience is clear..but I do know my heart is heavy.
      Your words were profound and I am thankful…a reminder to us all.


      • Pagan says:

        Raven my friend – Clear you conscience & keep it clean – you have done all you could. You will need it pure to light your way in the Hereafter. Our Mother hears our prayers.

        Blessings & Love


  5. Gen says:

    I don’t know the answer. But my heart aches for these people.

    So many people in Australia and no doubt the US and Britain would give anything to adopt some of those children who are dying. But because of man and his silly laws they can’t.

    But then again, Australian children are dying because they are taken to a hospital and then end up being transferred on to say, Canberra, then on to Sydney, then to Brisbane, then to Melbourne then back home to die. Either because they have no beds or they don’t have anyone there to deal with that medical problem.

    But millions of dollars can be spent on sport, entertainment etc.

    That is the whole problem. We are living man’s laws and have thrown God’s laws out the window.


  6. Brandon says:

    Amen, Alvin! We’re lucky God hasn’t already wiped us out by now. But He’s clearly warning us through these events to get our act together. This article is heartbreaking.



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