Mystery deepens behind Windsor unusual rumbling noise

August 30, 2011Windsor – For weeks, residents of Windsor, Ont., have been complaining about a mysterious rumbling that is shaking them out of sleep. So far no one — including the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and the federal agency Earthquakes Canada — has any idea why. Al Maghnieh is a city councillor for a vibrating Ward 10. CBC Radio’s As It Happens reached him on Friday. –CBC
See: The Windsor Rumble
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24 Responses to Mystery deepens behind Windsor unusual rumbling noise

  1. This is just plain weird. I can’t even think of an explanation for it. And the only Bible verse I can think of is Romans 8:22 – “For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.”

    If someone has a probable explanation, I would love to hear it.

    Be blessed and Maranatha


    • Perdo says:

      Actually, if you blew away the oceans the Earth would look like a half-eaten apple with one of the middles chewed out… we are about to become apple Sauce!


  2. goodbyemilkyway says:

    I believe…people are hearing The Sun.

    I have been monitoring the Sun’s activity..which has increased in very dramatic ways.

    There is a large increase in Coronal Holes..which creates Solar WIND..which will cause vibration..

    Please check the link I am posting……Blessed Be


  3. Cheryl says:

    We live a little ways from Windsor and last night my brother in law told me that there are salt mines in operation below Windsor’s surface and that the public is not aware of that. Could the salt mines be the source?


    • philfrog says:

      Yup, the authorities are aware of the salt mines. It has been determined to not be the cause. I’m in Windsor right now. I have not heared the rumblings myself as I live downtown, but I’m from the county and my mother claims she used to hear the rumblings over a dozen years ago. But, rumblings have only become and issue in the past year. There is alot of industry out here, lots of trucks, lots of vibrations constantly being produced, alot of fields also, alot of open space and water. Perhaps the hollow cavities of the salt mine act like a drum?


  4. Jamie says:

    I live about 2 hours from Windsor, Ontario. I will keep my eyes and ears open.


  5. Norm says:

    I was thinking about the salt mines too. You can only take stuff out of the ground before the top will be too heavy and cave in. Somebody should put some seismic sensitive heard down there to measure for unusual noises


  6. Gabriel says:

    I’ve read an interesting interview where the interviewee says that, as the earth is being charged up by cosmic energies bombarding it at ever-increasing intensity, what happens is that it reacts just like a battery: it charges up…and once it’s charged enough, it starts humming! So perhaps that could be a potential explanation for these rumbling noises? They’re the sounds of a charged-up Earth?

    Interview link:


  7. tom says:

    Hi ;
    It is important to know that Windsor lies on a fault line that is an end point of the New Madrid fault zone that begins the Southeastern US and traverses the length of the Mississipi River on up to the St.Lawrence
    Seaway .There have been nearly 1000 earthquakes of lesser magnitudes in the southern portion in the past year.The entire fault system is under increasing stress and this easily explains the the rumbling and shaking that is going on . It will probably get worse . The stress on this fault is one of separation i.e. the New Madrid fault on up to the St.. Lawrence Seaway is preparing to split. When it reaches a point of critical mass there will be a signifigant seizmic event. . You are not being told the truth about this.

    These types of events are occuring worldwide and in some cases they are being blacked out. One such instance is; Sumatra and Java are sinking (not sea rise) . The island chain has sunk 20 to 30 feet along most of its coastline. Google the local newspapers to find the truth of this. Rivers are being flooded with seawater and locals schools are holding classes in flooded classrooms .


    • Rick says:

      Tom, get real…and please don’t send anyone to zeta Nancy Lieder is a known liar and fraud. I witnessed firsthand how she treats anyone who crosses her or disagrees with her wacko “channeling” and theories. Don’t fall for her nonsense.


      • Joel says:

        Not to get off topic but…

        Great Article on this woman. Shes a real smart cookie. I mean seriously why or how could anyone take anything from a source that has gotten anything wrong.

        The word describes his apostles by vindication. Vindication means to be right, with no acception. if god was wrong then we would all be cooked with a sausage and a side of salted peanuts.

        Good site! Thanks for all the wonderfully uplifting stories of future survival.


    • ManFaded says:

      Not true…….there is no Madrid connected faultline near Detroit/Windsor. There are no known faultlines in the whole of southeastern Michigan. The connecting faultline with Madrid runs through Southern Indiana towards Dayton, Ohio to northeast Ohio near Cleveland and into lake Erie then on to lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence river.


      • Dillon says:

        The fault line doesn’t cross into Michigan, it does however go through Essex County Ontario, within which Windsor lies, I’d guess it could actually be a cause. The rumbling reported does sound like fault stress.


  8. jennifer says:

    I live about 2 hours away from Windsor. I sure hope that noise does’nt make its way to my neighbourhood… it would drive me insane!!!


  9. ManFaded says:

    They store natural gas in the salt mines under Detroit nowadays. I know truck drivers that have pumped loads and loads of natural gas there. Maybe it’s on the move somehow. Now that’s scary!


  10. Mrs. C says:

    Does anyone think HAARP may have anything to do with freakish weather and earthquakes, as well as humming?


  11. Unshaven says:

    The Onondaga fault line runs approximately West-East from Windsor out towards Lake Ontario. It is indirectly connected to the New Madrid Seismic Zone, which is (itself) connected to the St. Lawrence Seismic Zone. It is possible that rumbling heard in Windsor is the result of movement elsewhere. Suggest checking with MNDMF or MNR (Ontario) or USGS. There are seismic monitors located in west Windsor.


  12. JPUnique says:

    I live in a south suburb of Chicago and I have heard the rumbling noise which started about two weeks ago. I did some research and I believe it’s coming from the sun. Through the advice of my son, who has heard it himself, I recorded it on my cell phone. It really creeps me out when I hear it because I feel like something bad is going to happen.

    Be safe.


  13. elaine olson says:

    we are hearing this rumbling in brampton also……..check out rumbling noises on the internet this is all over the world !!!!!!


  14. Colleen says:

    I live in Kentucky and my ears are ringing so badly that they actually hurt. I can feel bed moving ever so slightly at times. There has been some strange rumblings in part of the county as well. It sounds like a train or an airplane, but the hum goes on and on. One day it got so bad, that I was very scared. Sometimes, it sounds like a loud trumpet blowing. Dear God, this earth is becoming a scary place to live.


  15. derek says:

    I personally felt small earthquakes when I lived in Essex County. Nothing that could cause damage but the windows rattled and you knew something was going on. This almost sounds like an earthquake but its obviously extended past an isolated incident. I still have family that lives there and in the area. I hope a major seismic event does not happen there.


  16. Joy Ann says:

    Manfaded the New Madrid Fault Line covers from Mississippi all the way up into Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and even the east coast of the US up to our St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers here in Canada. It may affect Windsor and Detroit because Detroit is in Michigan and Windsor is its twin city here in Ontario. I live in Ottawa so I know that I would be affected here. The brunt of it would be in the US. Look up back in 1812 about the New Madrid Fault Line and it occurred like where I said it began and the way it travelled. During those days the church bells in Boston rang which was an effect of the disaster that occurred.


  17. Blustery Day says:

    I began to hear a low frequency mechanical rumbling sound in Apple Valley Minnesota U.S.A. in the Fall of 2010. Apple Valley is near where the Mississippi River meets the Minnesota (Red) River. The Mississippi River flow south to New Orleans and the Minnesota (Red) River Flows north toward Fargo. This sound vibrates through the floor of my Townhome. I don’t have a basement. It finally became so irritating I called the Police late one night to ask if they had any information. The officer who came to my home said he couldn’t hear the sound or feel the vibration in the floor. He suggested I call the City Offices in the Morning, but I didn’t. It has been constant with temporary lapses for the last two years (Fall 2010). I can hear it in the back of my ear and feel it in the floor. It is very annoying. I initially thought it was a car running somewhere nearby, but it has been almost two years now and it seems to be intensifying. At one point I turned off my furnace and unplugged my refrigerator and the sound was still present. What Is It?


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