Ontario city mystified by mysterious hum

August 16, 2011WINDSOR — For months, residents of south and west Windsor have been wondering and worrying about vibrations of unknown origin. And now, those mysterious rumblings under the city have found a new believer — the city’s Ward 10 Coun. Al Maghnieh, who says it’s time to start taking the phenomenon seriously. “It’s very present and real,” he said. Maghnieh added that those who think the phenomenon is a joke or that its proponents are “crazy” need to grasp the implications in terms of health and the environment. “I mean, it’s actually scary to think that this is going on and we still can’t pinpoint what it is,” he said. This is potentially very dangerous.” Maghnieh said he first started receiving calls from concerned citizens back in March. But it wasn’t until the early hours of Friday morning — when he’d arranged to visit the homes of rumble witnesses — that he experienced the sensation himself. “It’s a very sharp, consistent rumble sound,” Maghnieh said. “Sometimes it’s like a hum.” The city councillor said that at one point, he put a half-full water bottle on the ground and could see the vibrations causing ripples on the water’s surface. At another point, he could hear the aluminum siding of a house rattle due to the vibrations. “It was very obvious. It was very evident,” Maghnieh said. “It sent shivers up my spine.” Maghnieh said he’s so far received about two dozen calls and a half-dozen emails from different people in his ward with complaints about the rumble. When he followed up on some of the recent reports, two homeowners agreed to let him on their properties and investigate. The time period between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. was chosen because that’s when the vibrations are reportedly the most distinct. “I don’t know if it’s stronger then or not. Maybe it’s just because it’s quieter outside,” Maghnieh said. Although the Ministry of the Environment has studied the matter and has ruled out industrial sources, Maghnieh said there needs to be further and fuller investigation. “You can’t have hundreds of people just imagining these things,” Maghnieh said. “We need resources. We need co-operation. We need somebody assigned to this.” Now Maghnieh is preparing a map of his ward to track the location of the rumblings, with radii indicating where the rumblings have been the strongest. –The Gazette
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52 Responses to Ontario city mystified by mysterious hum

  1. Michele B says:

    Mr. Conway what in your opinion is the cause of these sound phenomena that are being reported?


    • If you grid the places now reporting this phenomena; you’ll find the phenomenon appears to be spreading across the planet. The case with Canada tells us two things: it’s a physical phenomena and its taking place under the ground. We know there is even a hum now being reported on the Island on the Hawaii and scientists have attributed that hum noise to the volcano. If this is geologic in nature, which shows every indication it might be, it could be rooted in the fact that mantle or crystalline rock slab is now resonating or the ground could be rumbling as slabs slide over each other. This could all be rooted in what’s leading to the extraordinary rise in volcanism, more intense earthquakes, and the increase in magma plume activity at the planet’s hotspots. Magnetic reversal may be speeding up and this could have geological characteristics that we know nothing about since this process was never scientifically documented in past history –and this may include the massive and sudden displacement of large slabs of earth and mantle or tectonic plate slips.


      • Dakota says:

        Hi Alvin,

        How does this fit in with the humming noises that have being happening in Taos, New Mexico since the early 1990’s? I mean some residents started reporting those sounds nearly 20 years ago.

        On another note I do prefer your explanation over mine. As sinister as it may sound I would much rather this be the work of Mother Nature than some ‘generated energy source’ being used to supply energy to an underground bunker for the elite to ride out in comfort and safety during the upcoming


      • It’s possibly could be connected. We know that there is a magma pool under Socorro New Mexico and though it is in the central part of the state; we know it is capable of create tremors that can be felt as far away as El Paso, Tx and Las Vegas, NV- most of this activity occurred in swarms in 1906. During the past 35 years, about 50% of the seismic energy generated by earthquakes in New Mexico has occurred in a region centered near Socorro, though it only encompasses approximately 2% of the state’s total land area. It’s hard to know what being awakened or reawakened in the earth by these earthchanges or just how many dormant faults populous cities are situated on.



      • john says:

        i read an article some time back that the earth for the longest time resonated at 7 HZ, and that it has been increasing and was at 11HZ .Maybe it has increased again and these are the results?


      • Resonation has definitely increased and the most visible evidence of that is the aftershock frequency for earthquakes which has been increasing. I cover this is my book.


      • john says:

        Thank you for the reply on my resonation post. Have seen several theories on the effects on the planet; some quit scary. Thanks for pointing out that you cover this in your book . After this post i am going to order it. I have read some of the reviewes and look forward to reading it. Be Well


      • You’re welcome, John. The discovery of the volcanic vents in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is one evidence that volcanism is widespread under the oceans just as I said. I think you will find the information in the book fascinating and a great reference guide to use to follow the changes as they unfold and are registered on the blog.

        peace and blessings,


  2. saxxonblack says:

    When oil is taken from the substrata of the earth and these oil wells are filled with water it changes the compression rates between various soil and rock. In basic science oil is more dense than water. Oil being the existing pneumatic shock absorbers for the earths tectonic movements. Hence when a Full moon shifts the entire body of earths water for Tide movements you also get shifts in underground water (apparently alot more water than we think). Hence Sinkholes, strange vibrations, more tremors. Chaos theory initiated by the necessity to remove things from the earth.


  3. olivia says:

    This is freaky. It sounds similar to the one Alvin mentioned in Kiev.It seems Mother Earth is cooking something unusual,….to say the least. My prayers goes to her who has nurtured us with so much beauty, i don’t want her to hurt.


  4. Misty says:

    I have read that those who lives near the H.A A.R.P. area (Alaska) have said that when they turn it on they hear and feel the vibration though their bodies, and can also see the water or other liquids ripple in various container’s as well. It Causes some of them to have horrible headaches and upset stomachs.For some it can be extremely debilitating and for others not so much and the frequency changes too, from low to high.


  5. Dakota says:

    Citizens in Taos, New Mexico have been hearing humming noises as far back as the early 1990’s. Some report that it sounds like an underground engine and think it may power Los Almos and or a secret military instillation’s around or near the town.

    It’s reported that some can hear it and others cannot or maybe they just choose to ignore it exist.

    It would be more than INTERESTING to find out if in any of these areas where these sounds and any other unusual unexplainable sounds and noises are located near any known underground bunkers or other military compounds.

    It would certainly make sense for a sound such as a humming sound to be heard if indeed it is a powerful “power generator” supplying energy to an under ground facility.

    The energy to supply life saving energy has to come into play otherwise one could not survive in an underground bunker or anything else.

    This maybe a “BINGO” and an I understand moment. One must think outside the box……. some possible answers are waiting to be uncovered out there.

    Endless love……..


    • Dave Mowers says:

      Members of the local Indian reservations claim natural access to underground tunnels have been blocked by iron bars embedded into the entrances. Those who have tried to enter anyway claim to have been detained by U.S. military and told they are trespassing on government property! shh…


  6. ArieZ says:

    I think it’s a combination of all the above…I believe in certain areas the fracking for natural gas has destabilized the shale so there’s rumbling from that..In other areas I believe the water replacing oil as the shock absorber and shifting underground is causing strange noises/vibrations. Also I think the military is boring tunnels and making as many underground bases as fast as possible which is making it difficult to hide Operations as well as before.We are on the verge of something MAJOR in the world and the Governments are not preparing the public for it…Whats scary to me is they seem to be more inclined to build a underground base than a space station which kinda implies they don’t believe a space station would survive whats coming and they don’t think they can outrun it. So my conclusion is they are preparing for a Major Solar Event (a trial by fire) as predicted by so many religions /civilizations. If it was a Asteroid they were preparing for, I believe they’d build in space in case it turned the Earths crust back to molten rock .. There is a lot of youtube videos out there of different rumbling sounds and they all vary by pitch,duration and location so I believe there’s more than 1 answer for what the different noises are..Lets hope we get at least a days warning to cherish our loved ones before whatever happens happens……


    • archaios says:

      i agree with you earth Mother is sending messages that only a few understand.


    • Dakota says:

      Rita Book,

      Romans 11:30-32 (see also Romans 5:15)

      For just as you once were disobedient to God, but now have been shown mercy because of their disobedience, so these also now have been disobedient, that because of the mercy shown to you they also may now be shown mercy. For God has shut up all in disobedience so that He may show mercy to all.

      Galatians 3:22

      But the Scripture has shut up everyone under sin, so that the promise by faith in Jesus Christ might be given to those who believe.

      Romans 11:10-15

      “Let their eyes be darkened to see not, and bend their backs forever.” I say then, they did not stumble so as to fall, did they? May it never be! But by their transgression salvation has come to the Gentiles, to make them jealous. Now if their transgression is riches for the world and their failure is riches for the Gentiles, how much more will their fulfillment be! But I am speaking to you who are Gentiles. Inasmuch then as I am an apostle of Gentiles, I magnify my ministry, if somehow I might move to jealousy my fellow countrymen and save some of them. For if their rejection is the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?

      One member of The Society of Evangelical Arminians states: “The reason 11:32 is a real problem for Calvinists because it has two ALL’S (the second refers to God desiring to have mercy on all; the first refers to God putting all in disobedience), in which the Calvinist cannot and does not want to admit that the second ALL refers to all people, so they bring up Universalism in order to deflect it. But the problem is that the first ALL clearly must refer to all, because it is talking about how God allowed all to sin. If you argue that the second ALL does not refer to all people, then you have to do the same with the first ALL as well (but that is a ridiculous position to hold, because all have sinned, not just some). The easy way to take the passage is that it is saying that while God allowed all to sin, He has mercy on all, meaning that He provides salvation through Christ to all, and those who respond with faith are saved, and those who do not respond with faith are not saved. In this way, both ALL’S really mean ALL and the text makes sense.

      In other words don’t be fooled by puffed up pride into thinking the word “ALL” in the following scripture doesn’t include me. The book is a gigantic puzzle. All the pearls are hidden in the field and by no means in plain sight. Anything that does not = pure love and mercy is a false image of God just like Daniel prophesied.

      And I’m under the impression that the Creator means all who believe in Him and that certainly is more than one hundred and forty-four thousand.

      Therefore, saying adios amigos to anyone who reads your post is a bit premature on your part.


    • Who exactly the 144,000 is, remains unknown as this point but they will not see death.


    • Elijah also believed that the land was overrun by worshippers of Baal during the reign of Ahab and that he was the only one who was uncorrupted but what came the answer from God to Elijah the prophet in 1 Kings 19:18, “I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.” In every Age, in every time, there are the pure of heart and true worshippers of God, oft scattered and hidden from the eyes of men. They are children of extraoridnary grace. Being purchased from men and being firstfruits to God and the Lamb means they will be translated to heaven without seeing death and they cannot be killed in this crisis. In the New Earth, they are a special class of the redeemed that stood firmly upon God’s word and perserved their purity in a world given to apostasy, unbelief, and corruption. They have washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb and are sealed in purity. They will be special abassadors for Christ to the worlds which have never fallen as evidence of His loving grace for the human race, for they “follow the Lamb withsoever he goeth.” Revelation 14:7. It is the extraordinary grace that has been afforded them that makes them special and this is what we should see instead of seeing them as being perfect. In the world, people who make the most mistakes are penalized in life but in God’s eyes, it is just the opposite- when they are redeemed, they are given the opportunity for higher honors. Said Christ, those who will love God most will be those whom He has forgiven most. (Luke 7:43) . “The last shall be first, and the first shall be last.” Matthew 20:16. Look at the life of Moses, the murderer, and Paul, the blasphemer and persecutor, and you realize heaven bestows the highest grace on those who realize they least deserve it.


  7. MichaelBTx says:

    Kinda weird nobody has anything on youtube about it.
    At least not by’ Ontario hum noise, this month’


  8. Victa says:

    Down in New Zealand, in Canterbury there have been reports of rumbling noises coming from underground, we have had thousands of earthquakes and there has certainly been lots of movements…..a couple of weeks ago I heard and reported the rumblings again…


  9. goodbyemilkyway says:

    what about this???……….could it be the return of the ‘sun’ the star, the brown dwarf that is approaching..this is the closest to all the sound clips I have heard..of the strange Hummmm…


    • sophia carlson says:

      I think you might be on to it, This sounds like the Earth may be resonating to an incoming object. If you take it a step further and regard the Earth as a sentient lifeform maybe they are communicating with each other and maybe the humming episodes are increasing the closer the Brown Dwarf gets closer to the Earth. Just maybe we understand didlee squat about our planet and how she exists and metamorphises because the Human existance is over in the blink of an eye compared to the planet. Who knows? I’m sure we are about to learn.


    • Dakota says:


      Thanks for uploading – this is as intriguing as it is awesome. I’ve always thought as well as believe every time we come up with a theory on how and or why things work, (make the connection – see His greatness) the Creator looks at us with awe and amazement. Simply because we “laypersons” are beginning to use and decipher the code of knowledge through the technology presented to us.

      It’s almost like we’re scouts on a mission and paving a course home to His Paradise.

      In other words we are linking together trying to make sense of it all…….. in a good way………. not destructive.

      I know it’s going to be a tough ride but I for one can, (almost) not wait to get home. Upon saying that I do humbly ask Father – Mother to forgive me for my impatience and on that note I again humbly ask Them to help me settle down and continue to do the work that I ask Them to allow me to come here and do.

      Glory be as well as Endless love…………


  10. whatthe... says:

    Has anyone looked at a coleration between where these events are reported around the world and mining/exploration and/or known fault lines? Might also show up if they follow any pattern latitudes and longitudes act….Just a thought before we start talking about the more “extreme” options.


  11. Passing says:

    Dude, stop trolling with this brown dwarf nonsense. Open a window, take a deep breath, and relax. There’s nothing there.

    As far as the whole oil being shock absorbers, is this true? I mean, isn’t oil usually in various pockets throughout the crust and not flowing between different sediments? Wouldn’t we be hearing noises throughout the southwest in states such as Texas and Oklahoma?



    • john says:

      I dont feel its trolling Passing, i think its an honest opinion from a person searching for an answer like most of us. Brown dwarf, wormwood, nibiru, the destroyer and a host of other names out there for the same object. At some point we are told we will see the signs. Until then we search and give opinions, and ask questions to others to help.One thing i know for sure is, how little we realy know.


    • goodbyemilkyway says:

      Bless you,Passing.

      And you can call me Madame..


    • Jamie says:

      I think it is fair to bring all theories and speculations to the table. I think it disrespectful to speak to anyone with such a condescending “voice” on such a matter when none of us ( not even Stephen Hawking ) knows the hour or manner in which we will met our destiny.

      I like to hear everyone’s theory, or conjecture, on what they think might be happening to us at this time. I like even more those conjectures based on research and deep introspection. To find all answers I think it important to search within ( as we are all equipped at birth with a true north compass ) first and then to seek out truth that resonates with the divine spiritual nature of all things.
      Please let us not use language that is rude or demeaning when addressing another’s theory or understanding. All things are possible at this point.

      Peace be with us…………


  12. michael din says:

    were can i listen to the sound and is like the sound that was heard in kiev.


  13. Dennis E. says:

    Very many interesting comments. It is my understanding that sound waves can be as deadly, if modulated in the right frequency, as a bullet fired from a gun.
    Also, if these humming noises are reasonating naturally, who is to say that man can’t project sound waves through the earth if one considers the Harrp program?
    I ponder on this thought and it may sound crazy but what is going on on the opposite side of the planet from these cities already mentioned in regard to earth changes?
    Is it possible as we approach September/October that we could see a world-wide catastrophic event somewhere?

    I am not a fan of the Planet X or that comet theory.
    Just a thought


  14. mike says:

    I clicked the video of the sound a star makes with anticipation of what I’d hear. When it shifted to the louder lower level frequency noise, I shit my pants. MY noise I hear is almost identical and the first thing I thought was “where’s the clunk clunk”. Then I heard it and I honestly couldn’t believe it. Cool! I hope…


  15. marcopolo says:

    the bible says 144,000 and then it says i seen a multitutde of people that no man could number so its actually more than 144,000


  16. marie says:

    “read an article some time back that the earth for the longest time resonated at 7 HZ, and that it has been increasing and was at 11HZ .Maybe it has increased again and these are the results?”

    Just a thougth struck me ; figure 7 is Gods holy number,
    the figure 11 is linked to Lucifer.
    Best regards from Sweden and God bless you all


  17. Gen says:

    I read somewhere that the 144,000 will be 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel.

    I Kings 10:14 says that King Solomon of the Kingdom of Israel earned Six Hundred Three Score and Six talents of gold a year.

    That got me researching and I have read heaps.

    Going from memory when King Solomon died the Kingdom of Israel was split into two – the Kingdom of Israel to the north and the Kingdom of Judah to the south. Two of the 12 tribes (Judah and Dan) went to the south and the other10 stayed in the northern Kingdom of Israel ruled by King Solomon’s son Rebohaum?…. forgotten how to spell it, He was wicked and God punished him by taking the “lost” ten tribes away. They were actually taken captive by Assyria. Ancient Assyria encompassed what we know nowadays as Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, eastern part of Turkey, western part of Iraq, north western part of Saudi Arabia and I have probably missed some.

    So they could be anywhere. I also read that when they return to Israel, “they will come from the north and the ice will flow down at their coming”. This possibly means that they won’t be too far off as the ice is melting already at the North Pole. It could mean something else though.

    King Solomon keeps coming up and there seem a lot of coincidences. He has a connection with the Queen of Sheba (she ruled what is now Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen and appears to be a descendant of Moses). It is said that King Solomon and Queen of Sheba had a son, Menelik I who became the King of Axum and who later ruled or had a connection with Ethiopia.

    King Solomon married a daughter of Pharaoh and fell away from God.

    The Mosaic Covenant was made with Moses and the blessings on his descendants if they obeyed and worshiped God and the curses if they fell away and worshiped idols are set out very plainly in Deuteronomy 28. It differed from the Abrahamic Covenant. This might explain what is happening in Ethiopia and Somalia at this very time if the Queen of Sheba was in fact descended from Moses.

    I am trying to put all this together with references and the links where I read this information.


  18. Gen says:

    Reference the above:


    will have to do them separately.


  19. mel says:

    re: Ontario and underground “hotspots” –

    I was intrigued by this article, and did a little research on the geography of the area. I do know that Windsor is located near Lake St. Clair – essentially part of the great lakes system (centered between Huron and Erie). Knowing the Great Lakes were created by the Midcontinent Rift, I thought is was curious that Windsor Ontario appears to be located at or very near the Midcontinent Rift. There was also a fishkill in St. Clair earlier this year, but the official ruling was “natural causes”.

    With all the increased volcanic activity – is this a sign that the Midcontinent Rift may be in the process of reactivating?


    • I think we probably need to see a lot more activity before we can hypothesize something of that magnitude but it is an interesting region to watch no doubt. The North American Continent as you know was under great turbulence at one time and according to the geological evidence surmised from the study of the Midcontinent Rift appears to have been on the verge of splitting.


  20. Gen says:

    Found this video with Ontario humming noise.


    • Your video is interesting. One point….your map has the city of windsor and the town of port colborne marked incorrectly. Windsor is down at the bottom of canada, opposite Detroit and port colborne is north east. Thanks for posting sheila


  21. Keeper says:

    The sound..its drilling…plain & simple…I have listened to about 6 of these videos with these sounds in them…you can almost hear the turning of the drill head in the video from Kiev (chirping sounds confused as bird noise) I would say people are drilling underground…

    1st the birds then the fish then earthquakes & then the weather changes around the globe..
    & these are not signs of something? no? its normal right..happens all the time right?

    Has anyone noticed the sun being THIS bright before? …or all the solar activity and massive solar flares that have being happening. Nasa is going to convene a news briefing at its Headquarter building in Washington on Thursday afternoon and tell us its ok but then again it might not be…
    But the goverments thought it might just be safer to dig a few tunnels
    Just in case
    It’s just my opinion


  22. I think there are many underground communities being built by government worldwide and the noise is a combination of drilling and the earth protesting as she is unable to maintain stability with all of the underground construction going on. I live in windsor and what I have heard is a rumbling like a large truck is driving by or sitting idling. Of course, there is no truck around. We’re in for a shocker, I think.


  23. G.McCray says:

    Perhaps the powers that be are busily building the underground bunkers they will need when after the Sixth Seal is opened:

    “Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and every free man hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains.” Revelation 6:15


  24. I find this all interesting and all senarios believeable I do agree we ae in for a shocker dunno if we will even see it coming or in this case hear it coming…IT being the question??? Thanks for all of you guys insight on a VERY ODD event indeed.

    God Bless us Everyone!!!


  25. Dave Mowers says:

    pssss….hey, hey you…yeah all you people out there guess what has been going on for forty years that you didn’t know?



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