Chile’s Puyehue Caulle volcano thought to be winding down unleashes 3 km ash cloud

August 27, 2011Chile – The alert level for the volcano continues Caulle Puyehue-remains in red, minor eruption, according to a report issued yesterday by 116 National Service of Geology and Mining of Chile. The eruption process continues with low intensity and is a stable trend. Seismic activity registered Thursday in two events per hour. There were at least 4 episodes of low intensity explosions, which led to column up to 3 kilometers high, changing its color to gray due to the ash ejected by these events. This explains the greater amount of volcanic ash in the area affected by the dispersion, southeast of the broadcast site. Residents Riñinahue sector (Chile) reported noises from the volcano, probably associated with this type of activity. Sernageomin stated that “seismic activity indicates that eruptive activity continues Caulle Cord with low intensity, low emissions of particulate matter with blockages that create apparent increases in the column on time. The chances of an explosive event still remain, but is unlikely to reach the magnitude of the first eruptive phase.” The dispersion model suggests that the eruption column for today would be projected to the southeast of the point of release may affect La Angostura, Bariloche, El Bolson, Esquel, and much of the province of Chubut, Comodoro Rivadavia up.  Tomorrow could maintain a similar direction, but more likely to contribute also to the south line. Towards the evening reduces the possibility of projection La Angostura and Bariloche, increasing toward the valley area along the Atlantic coast of Chubut, Black River and southwest of Buenos Aires. –  +translated
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4 Responses to Chile’s Puyehue Caulle volcano thought to be winding down unleashes 3 km ash cloud

  1. nat says:

    Hi Alvin 🙂 this volcano seems to have quietend down according to reports in recent months, not to seem pessimistic, though i feel that this may not unfortunatly be so, do you have any thoughts on this volcano please? blessings Nat


    • The South American volcanic eruptions tend to be eject thicker particulate matter and some of the eruptions tend to last longer than say those in the Northern hemisphere. We will just have to wait this one out and see what it does. Puyehue is a large volcanic complex. The consensus reached after the 2010 February Chile earthquake was that volcanoes in the country could erupt for some years after the quake.


  2. nat says:

    Thank you Alvin 🙂 ive been following your page for quite awhile now & i appreciate that you still take the time to respond to everyone & provide us all with your valuable & informitive posts 🙂


    • Nat, thanks for writing me to let us know how you feel. We are nothing without all of you and your support and readership is something I highly value. From myself and all those who read, share the site, and contribute. We thank you…

      peace and bountiful blessings,


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