10,000 earthquakes in swarm reported on German-Czech border- magma on the move say geologists

August 27, 2011W. Bohemia, CZ – The Geophysical Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic says it has recorded almost 10,000 earthquakes during the last three days in West Bohemia, a region located close to the Czech Republic’s western border with Germany. The earthquake swarm started late on Tuesday and continued through Friday. While many have gone unnoticed by the local population some of the larger tremors, including eight quakes exceeding 3 magnitude have been felt in the towns of Chemnitz, Karlovy Vary, Birch, and Luby. The most recent earthquake measured 3.6 magnitude on the Richter Scale and hit at 0645hrs GMT on Friday at a shallow depth of three miles. The quake epicentre was located 81 miles (129 km) NE of Nürnberg 82 miles (131 km) SW of Dresden, 90 miles (144 km) W of Praha, 128 miles (204 km) NW of Budejovice, 131 miles (210 km) NNW of Schärding, and 227 miles (364 km) NW of Wien. Commenting on the latest earthquake swarm, the Geophysical Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic stated: “The activity started in the evening of 23 August and is almost continuous till now (26 August morning). Almost 10 000 events were recorded in total up to now. Already eight events M>3.0 and 200 M>2.0 occurred. The location of hypocenters directly below the NKC station, so it appears a new patch of the fault plane is being activated.” In recent years, scientists have noted an increase in the movement of magma towards the earth’s surface in the Cheb Basin, western Czech Republic. They say rising magma could be one of the causes of the earthquake swarms, which regularly occur in the Vogtland, North-West Bohemia, the Fichtelgebirge and the Upper Palatinate. The last earthquake swarm to occur before this week’s activity was in 2008.IWO
1000 quakes in 4 days: The Germany Czech border area has been hit by an earthquake swarm with mainly very weak earthquakes; the strongest ones measuring 4.0 and 3.6. The earthquakes started their sequence on Tuesday. The earthquakes started their sequence on Tuesday. Cheb/ Vogtland is a seismically-active area where the seismographs did record a lot of activity (a lot of which cannot be felt by humans). The earthquake has been felt in a moderate area radius near a few dozen kilometers from hypocentra. Tremors felt the people in Karlovy Vary, Lower Zandov or Birch. Since Tuesday, more than 1,000 earthquakes were registered (yes, this is not an error as 99% of these quakes could only be measured with instruments and cannot be felt by humans). The epicenters are moving slowly to the northeast. A similar earthquake swarm was recorded three years ago. By Thursday evening, dozens of seismographs recorded aftershocks. Reported damage at the present magnitudes includes cracks in walls, fallen objects and occasionally a collapsed chimney. This occurs mostly in older brick houses.The Earthquake Report
contribution Craig
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13 Responses to 10,000 earthquakes in swarm reported on German-Czech border- magma on the move say geologists

  1. Brandon says:

    Alvin, I’ve read up alot on the Book of Revelation and the other prophecies regarding the End Times. The Bible’s view of the Tribulation Period is anything but pretty. Jesus basically scares the daylights out of us by warning what happens to life on earth if God doesn’t shorten that time period. How severe could these earthchanges get and could it be leading into the Tribulation Period?


  2. Tommy says:

    Wow I live in the USA and we are getting earthquakes to what does this mean for the world


  3. Tommy says:

    I seen that dude . This stuff is happing all over the world . Governments covering it up all know the end is near as they way for peace they have chose not to tell anyone about it


    • Aderma says:

      Totally agree with you. And if even all the “sleeping” caldeiras wake up, for sure, it’s gonna be huge… better not tell anyone, panic would occur everywhere.


  4. Joey Kilroe-Smith & Martin Bode says:

    I am happy to know that people are reading Revelation- it is our End-time message– terrible things will happen but Gods children can hide under His wings. There is no fear when He is near!
    God bless you all.


  5. George says:

    Is there any connection between this field and the Eifel fields in Germany (I think I recall some recent disturbances there)?


  6. novusanima says:

    Can we say knowing what Time it is by the signs in the heavens and earth?? WoW, Amazing, It is SO Close. We are living in the last dys, that is just so amazing, to witness such a time as this.


  7. Jamie says:

    I think is more dismaying than “amazing” to be caught in such a devoluted state of spirit in these last days. Everything we think and do matters profoundly for our souls journey. The Mayans, Hindus, Egyptian book of the dead and other ancient cultures and writings have spoken of what we truly are and where it is we are headed. The greatest problem that I see is that there is little elucidation about the reality of what this really means for our soul….not our corporeal body.

    This is definitely a time of “entropy”…..”end of the line” for many, many souls here on Earth. There is an Hermetic Maxim that states, “As above, so below”, which illuminates our connection to the ‘other side’ and how all is a reflection of our thoughts and deeds throughout the multiverse. Recycle is a prominent theme in these last days and it is by no mistake. There are no coincidences or mistakes.
    I am not in awe of the forces of nature but merely humbled by it. I am dumbfounded by the amount of greed, lewdness and ignorance that is currently defining these “Modern” tiimes.
    Mankind is what sends shivers up and down my spine……not the forces of nature.
    It is not natural to kill a baby or rape it….but millions are engaged in such debauchery. It is not natural to kill a father, a mother, a son, an uncle, a grandfather , a daughter , a sister, an aunt or a grandmother….but we do it everyday. It is not natural to steal from another, to cheat or lie….but we do it without batting an eyelash.

    I am disgusted by our behaviors that have led to the forces of nature, desperate to balance the scales, working overtime to eradicate the parasitic presence of man from her paradise.

    The creator only helps those who helps themselves. Time to be “In this world but not of this world.”


  8. SheepAlert says:

    This Czech quake swarm has also a artificial grid pattern.
    Not only magma is waking up, also some people.
    GOD bless you.


  9. Sherinata says:

    I agree with your thoughts – here’s a little more food for thought.
    For those who understand and see the changes it is most important to stay in the state of love and trust in the Creator, not fear. Those who live in the state of chaos are helping to create the shifts for we are DIRECTLY connected by magnetic forces (based on the energy from our heart and emotions) to our beloved planet. As we are at peace, our world is at peace. There is no doubt that the energies and the God’s plan is to create the shift – the end of this “era” or “world” as we know it. But, can you honestly say that humanity as a whole is living in a world of peace or as one consiousness? There has to be a change – we have 6 billion people on this planet – we are well over capacity with majority living in the mindset that this world revolves around “them” not around “us”. We have also taken for granted the fruits of the earth – the bounty.
    As the solar sun flares grow in strength the erratic behaviors and environmental changes grow stronger. This is why it is most important, now more than ever to understand peace and love – the highes of frequencies/vibrations. This new energy will directly affect us emotionally (like a full moon will fill the emergency rooms) by fritzing out the electrical system in our bodies. Therefore being grounded and staying in a peaceful and teaching your children to do the same is crucial to make it through these changes.
    BTW – love your blog – a great way an informative way to keep current on the physical shifts happening around the world. Come check out my blog at sherinata.wordpress.com for new information on channeled messages regarding the earth changes. Peace & Love!


  10. No War Now says:

    “God” has nothing to do with these global swarms, quakes, weird weather – now a believer in weather wars and think the game has gotten way out of control. Men need to lay down their arms, stop murdering key people in the sciences, and quit f*ing with earth and our atmosphere. I’m sure the Geneva Convention needs revisions to account for weather modification.


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