Solar system-wide weather crash? Storm the size of Texas engulfs Saturn’s moon

Weather patterns have morphed on Saturn’s moon Titan. (left) In 2005, the planet’s atmosphere appears relatively stable.  Now the icy moon has storm, shown in shape of white arrow, 1500 km long (right)
August 18, 2011SATURN – Titan is making news again, this time with Cassini images from 2010 showing a storm nearly as big as Texas. Jonathan Mitchell from UCLA and his research team have published their findings which help answer the question: What could cause such large storms to develop on a freezing cold world? In the study by Mitchell and his team, a model of Titan’s global weather was created to understand how atmospheric waves affect weather patterns on Titan. During their research, the team discovered a “stenciling” effect that creates distinct cloud shapes, such as the arrow-shaped cloud shown in the Cassini image above. “These atmospheric waves are somewhat like the natural, resonant vibration of a wine glass,” Mitchell said. “Individual clouds might ‘ring the bell,’ so to speak, and once the ringing starts, the clouds have to respond to that vibration.” Titan is the only other body in the solar system (aside from Earth) known to have an active “liquid cycle.” Much like Titan’s warmer cousin Earth, the small moon has an atmosphere primarily composed of Nitrogen. Interestingly enough Titan’s atmosphere is roughly the same mass as Earth’s and has about 1.5 times the surface pressure. At the extremely low temperatures on Titan, hydrocarbons such as methane appear in liquid form, rather than the gaseous form found on Earth. With an active liquid both on the surface and in the atmosphere of Titan, clouds form and create rain. In the case of Titan, the rain on the plain is mainly methane. Water on Titan is rock-hard, due to temperatures hovering around -200 c. In another parallel to earth, the weather patterns on Titan created by the atmospheric waves can create intense rainstorms, sometimes with more than 20 times Titan’s average seasonal rainfall. These intense storms may cause erosion patterns that help form the rivers seen on Titan’s surface.  Mitchell described Titan’s climate as “all-tropics,” basically comparing the weather to what is usually found near Earth’s equator.  Could these storms be Titan’s equivalent of monsoon season? –Universe Today
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14 Responses to Solar system-wide weather crash? Storm the size of Texas engulfs Saturn’s moon

  1. Amethyst Newbridge says:

    Last time I was on titan there were swarms of titanquakes, a warning of an imminent cryovolcanic eruption… Perhaps one of titans supercryovolcanoes let loose? Hmmmmmmm


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Signs in the Heavens?


  3. Stephen says:

    Soon enough our moon will generate its own storm. It will bring utter darkness to our nights.


    • nitewarlok says:

      just great.i only got 2 weeks vacation and i already booked my flight.i called back but they said no refunds,,go figure,,bleedin airlines.


  4. Michael Solomon says:

    Imagine the whole uni/multiverse brain string superstrings etc are all contained within one of those paper weights that u turn upside down and ‘snow’ falls down… now imagine it’s someone other than urself who is able to just turn it upside down……. there u go not so hard now is it


    • Kim says:

      Not sure what that was, but it seemed like the Arab people weren’t shocked at all at the appearance. Maybe it was some sort of lightweight white fiberglass. The barbwire cut it right off.


  5. Sergei says:

    Big props to you, Alvin. Changes are occurring throughout our Solar system – this is key and we get more evidence of this by the day. It’s not about “warming” only. Whatever balance, state of equilibrium we had before – it’s under a huge stress across the board – all of the planets and their moons are experiencing this. People should try and look into it without panic and hysteria. Google the pieces, EVERY planet in the system is undergoing some sort of climate/magnetic field, etc change. We are in for a wild ride and we should be prepared to rough it. Do not rely on your governments to help you out. Banks and politicians care less than diddly SQUAT about you. – you think they care? don’t make me laugh

    And what’s more, I find it truly amazing that we observe a singularity of changes on our planet – fiat-based derivative riddled ponzi financial system is unraveling, real assets are getting more attention (long overdue), we’ve got climate changes speeding up, people are becoming more aware of media and religious manipulation, etc. I hate the wording “new age”, it has been compromised long ago. But we really could be entering a new period – and there will be no running away from it. Watch it happen.


  6. idiotbox says:

    Can’t we just blame it on the sun like everything else.


  7. RainMan says:

    Would it be fair to say, with all these new techno satelites reaching further out from our dear Earth, with brilliant imaging capabilities/data flow, we are now seeing what could possibly have been happening for centuries?
    Granted, Earth is going through incredible geo nasties of late, but, as we have only inhabited this planet for one second, (relative to our Earth age) the techno wisedry we have created, be it for good or evil, will have a great influence on our downfall if CME’s crash the grid. Back to matches and candles.


  8. Zack says:

    This is interesting to me, reading the comments here about a moon of what? Saturn, a cloud of what? Earth? It is though we all have a piece of the puzzle, as though we are all a piece of the puzzle. Intuitively we put a picture together, like it or not, then (for me at least) to express this feeling or vision of the world in now becomes challenging confused and full of emotion. It is that we all know it’s coming and “it’s” change and change is the only constant and now is our life, and man I get scared sometimes for my son, my wife, my friends, my family of life. Then I go change is good because the only thing we can agree on is that it has all gone a bit crazy and a change from crazy can’t be all bad.

    Anyone living around Sacramento Ca, I have some ideas, and could use some help and would like to be of help, it just feels like time is going faster.


  9. Solar system says:

    Soon enough our moon will generate its own storm. It will bring utter darkness to our nights.


  10. earthstepper says:

    Alvin, I have a quick comment/question. Isn’t the Comet Elenin currently the closest to the planet Saturn and the moons of Saturn right now? If I remember correctly from watching a JPL simulation of the comets path through our solar system…right now it is the closest it will ever be to the planet Saturn. Do you think there is any correlation between the violent storms occurring on Saturn’s moon and the close proximity of Comet Elenin? If you have time to respond I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your work. I appreciate your time.


    • Earthstepper, in my opinion, I don’t think comet Elenin has any bearing on what’s happening in the solar system in regard to these changes no more than it or any other comet had any bearing on cyclonic storms on Jupiter which have been raging for centuries. First of all, the picture of Titan was taken in 2010 by Cassini. This is an energy exchange that’s firing up this atmospheric disturbances and on an icy world like Titan, that’s especially troubling considering what could happen to Earth’s temperate skies. Overall, this suggests something has excited processes within interplanetary space and that’s points more likely to radiative energies and high velocites particles probably emanating from outside the Solar System. Thanks for the question…

      blessings and peace,


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