Brain-eating amoeba claims third victim

August 18, 2011ATLANTA (AP) — Two children and a young man have died this summer from a brain-eating amoeba that lives in water, health officials say. This month, the rare infection killed a 16-year-old Florida girl, who fell ill after swimming, and a 9-year-old Virginia boy, who died a week after he went to a fishing day camp. The boy had been dunked the first day of camp, his mother told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Those cases are consistent with past cases, which are usually kids — often boys — who get exposed to the bug while swimming or doing water sports in warm ponds or lakes. The third case, in Louisiana, was more unusual. It was a young man whose death in June was traced to the tap water he used in a device called a neti pot. It’s a small teapot-shaped container used to rinse out the nose and sinuses with salt water to relieve allergies, colds and sinus trouble. Health officials later found the amoeba in the home’s water system. The problem was confined to the house; it wasn’t found in city water samples, said Dr. Raoult Ratard, Louisiana’s state epidemiologist. The young man, who was only identified as in his 20’s and from southeast Louisiana, had not been swimming nor been in contact with surface water, Ratard added. He said only sterile, distilled, or boiled water should be used in neti pots. –Yahoo News
ALBANY, NY — Mosquito bites are a summer staple, but the department of health now warning New Yorkers that the Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) virus has officially arrived. “It’s extremely rare, it doesn’t happen very often but when someone gets EEE from a mosquito, it can actually be very devastating,” said Dr. Darin Price, from Capital Care Pediatrics in Guilderland. That devastation was felt this week in Oswego County, after four-year-old Maggie Wilcox died from a brain infection on Sunday—two days before her fifth birthday. Her family isn’t sure when she was bitten, but they know the virus spread quickly. “In one week, this disease attacked and destroyed the brain function of a beautiful, healthy 5-year-old little girl,” said Michael Wilcox, Maggie’s uncle. Maggie Wilcox is the only confirmed case of triple E this summer. Dr. Price says the symptoms are vague and include fever, nausea, extreme headache and fatigue. Diagnosis can often be a struggle and once the virus is contracted there is no treatment. “With mosquito bites, it’s just one of those things that are unavoidable, unless you plan on never going outside,” Dr. Price said. –News 10
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4 Responses to Brain-eating amoeba claims third victim

  1. novusanima says:

    Wow, I found that ‘brain eating amoeba’/mosquito info just really frightening. Would it be Ok for me to do something with one or both articles (giving you full credit as to where the info came from of course).
    Thanks for being on top of things, man, don’t know how you manage to keep on the news like you do!! Know that’s a big job, and thanks for all your hard work.



  2. that was really scary!


  3. Wow, both of these are frightening. I remember growing up, we lived on a farm and had well water. We didn’t have bottled water like we do now. I also used to go swimming and wading in various creeks and lakes. I don’t ever recall things like this happened.

    Now, as for : ““With mosquito bites, it’s just one of those things that are unavoidable, unless you plan on never going outside,” Dr. Price said.” I do have something to say about this one. Obviously, Dr. Price has never tried to go to sleep at night while a mosquito is buzzing around his ear. So. unless the doors and windows are never opened, mosquitoes do come inside.


  4. RainMan says:

    A ha!…the cause of pig mob aggression.


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