Triple string of moderate earthquakes near volcano rock Costa Rica

July 12, 2011COSTA RICA A triple string of moderate 5.0+ earthquakes have struck the region of Costa Rica. The earthquakes range in magnitude from 5.1 to 5.6 and are clear indication that tectonic plates are being jostled by growing seismic tension. The shallowest quake in the swarm, which struck about 42 km from Liberia (26 miles), was 30 km in depth and there have been no reports of damage. The earthquakes occurred near the region of the Rincon de la Veija volcano which is active but last erupted in 1998.  The Extinction Protocol
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8 Responses to Triple string of moderate earthquakes near volcano rock Costa Rica

  1. David says:

    I believe it`s just a matter of time till the USA gets hit with a 5.0 or higher mainly the west somewhere,lots of action today, the ring of fire seems to be getting more active.Our turn soon I believe.


  2. I saw one of these on the USGS map and didn’t look at the list. It got my attention because I have friends in Costa Rica.


  3. Howard Clyde says:

    This is the dormant volcano miravalles awaking. I have family that live next to it and they have been hearing it rumble for the past few days. There have been reports from family that rocks are falling and possible ash cloud. There is also a volcano called tennorio I believe but these earthquakes have been under miravalles.


  4. Dave says:

    Continued seismic activity in this convergent plate boundary region, where the Cocos plate subducts the Caribbean plate (most notably in the region eastward of Haiti, which is showing constant shallow but low intensity quakes), is possibly another indication of magmatic plumes rising from the outer core and forcing lateral Lithospheric movement along the eastern
    edge of the Pacific plate… It is not unreasonable to expect an action/reaction response at the opposite side of the plate (pushing on one side then pulling on the other).
    Recently we have seen relatively major activity along the western edge of the Pacific plate… the question is, are these latest tremors an action or a reaction…?
    Personally, I am expecting another catastrophic seismic event in the north-west Pacific region in the months ahead.

    P.S. any plans for a Kindle or pdf/ebook edition of your book?


  5. Jemma says:

    ”Portsmouth Harbour, in Hampshire, is around 85km from the epicentre of the 3.9 magnitude quake – it is the biggest to strike a 25km region in 300 years” Daily Mail Uk

    Hi Alvin, just saw this on the news, I didn’t feel it though. As always I appreciate your great site and also like the comments from you more avid readers. God Bless you.


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