Pronounced magma bulge seen at Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano

July 12, 2011HAWAII – The bulging Pu`u `Ō `ō crater on the east rift zone of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is putting on a show, and there is no telling what could be next. A USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory video recorded at the site shows a time-lapse sequence taken from a thermal camera on the rim of Pu`u `Ō `ō crater. The movie spans from May 26 to today and shows the rising level of the lava lake in the crater. Things appear to be going slow in the first part of the movie, which shows the eruption during the month of June. You can see the level of the lava lake rises primarily due to overflows building the steep levee walls higher. Scientists say sources within Pu`u `O`o crater are feeding that lava lake. But it’s in the last portion of the movie where things get really interesting. From about July 1 to today, geologists say much of the rise of the lava lake has been due to uplift of the crater floor, carrying the lava lake upward. This uplift has been especially pronounced over the past few days, shown by the final few moments of the movie. What happens next is anyone’s guess… but it is important to note that ground access to this hazardous area is restricted by Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park and the Kahauale`a Natural Area Reserve managers; weather permitting, views into the crater can be obtained by air tours. –Big Island News
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5 Responses to Pronounced magma bulge seen at Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano

  1. One of my friends was talking about this volcano, last Friday. I hope she was talking about a recent trip. It doesn’t look like a good place to be, right now. An active lava flow is one thing. When the surrounding structure is pushed upward, that could be another event.


  2. concerned mommy says:

    I’m not sure if I posted this info here, I may have a couple of months ago, but the dome on Pu`u `Ō `ō dropped two days before the 9.0 earthquake in Japan. Possibly co-incidence but I think that they’re linked. Maybe the volcanos erupting takes pressure off of the faults/earthquakes. Quick drops in magma domes may cause big earthquakes. Of course nothing scientific to back this up, just a little gut feeling. . .


  3. Dennis says:

    As reported earlier, magma is on the move and pressure is building within the earth and of course we should see a remarkable consistent increase in volcanic activity from what already occurs. There seem always a certain number of volcanoes erupting on surface volcanoes. No telling what is going on under the ocean.


  4. Gen says:

    Concerned Mommy that is interesting because Alvin did a post with a video of fissures erupting at Pu’ u ‘O ‘o not too long before the Japan quake. There was also a swarm of quakes in the Hawaii region on the morning of the Japan quake. After Japan the only quakes showing on USGS for about 4 hours were Japan and Hawaii.


  5. Gen says:

    Concerned Mommy, that post was on March 7. “Is Hawaii on the precipe of major geological change”


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