Green Peace sound alarms about contamination dangers of crippled Fukushima plant

(c) RT News 2011
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9 Responses to Green Peace sound alarms about contamination dangers of crippled Fukushima plant

  1. Luis D. Rey says:

    Green Peace sucks BIG TIME


  2. NickKo says:

    It is slowly becoming evident, to the Japanese people, and the world, that this event, is Far, FAR worse than Chernobyl. 😦


  3. JB says:

    I’ve sent this article to the major “news” providers several times. There has been 0 follow up. In the future there must be an international response team that has priority over local control…We have no idea of the magnitude of this mess.

    Article from March 22nd.


  4. Bev says:

    I was born near the sellafield nuclear plant. My Grandfather was in the winscale fire at the plant. He and his brother. They both died of rare cancers within a few years of the accident. My father is a trawlerman, he saw first hand the levels of radiation in sea life in the irish sea, they stopped even trying to catch fish there, knowing they wouldn’t be allowed to sell them. Pigeons and seagulls from west cumbria have to be disposed of as low level nuclear waste when they are found dead. Cumbria also suffered from the chernobyl fallout, there are still farms where the sheep are so toxic they can’t be eaten. and all the time the puppet masters tell us…its safe…its safe…….


  5. Rosie says:

    I too have been complaining regularly to the Times – London with, as you say JB, zero response. It’s really made me focus on how tightly controlled the MSM is and how largely irrelevant it is given what’s going on in the world.


  6. Gen says:

    Alvin, off topic.

    4 July 2011

    4.40 pm Australian Tsunami Inevitable – expert

    4.18 pm Fifth Horse Dies with Hendra Disease


  7. Greenpeace would say that. It benefits their largest financial benefactor, Exxon/Mobil. They are corporate Brown Shirts.


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