Suicide vortex: 4 missing after police interrupt group suicide attempt

July 3, 2011SOUTH KOREA – South Korean police say they’ve rescued one person from a group of five who jumped into a rain-swollen river in an apparent suicide attempt. Police in Gapyeong say two men and three women jumped off one of the town’s bridges early Sunday morning during heavy rains. The town is about 40 miles (60 kilometers) northeast of Seoul. Chief investigator Lee Young-su says a 24-year-old woman was rescued about an hour after the group jumped and told authorities she had drugged herself with sleeping pills before attempting suicide. Lee says the woman remains hospitalized while rescuers search the river for the others. South Korea has one of the world’s highest suicide rates. Reports of group suicide surface occasionally. –Las Vegas Sun
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1 Response to Suicide vortex: 4 missing after police interrupt group suicide attempt

  1. Dennis says:

    Japan for years has had the world’s highest suicide rate sometimes averaging 34,000 plus according to internet reports. Remember the suicide charges of world war II? Acts of desperation.
    It seems to be some kind of code some to live by. Asian people are very smart. But it’s hard to grasp that such people are so psychologically weak and insecure that when a disaster or a setback in life occurs they resort to killing themselves to avoid losing face.
    I know suicides happen in other countries. But is the asian culture, it seems to be more common.
    I think that Satan plants thoughts in a persons mind. At their weakness time he jumps in and plants a thought, go ahead, they’ll be sorry or no one cares, go ahead, its all over for you anyway no one will want to see you in the future. Nobody loves you. Gets the person thinking.
    God doesn’t approve of suicide. Satan’s loves it because another one of God’s creation has stuffed himself/herself out, cheating themselves out of God’s plan for their life.
    Just a thought…..


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