25 dead, 15 missing from flash flood in the Philippines

June 30, 2011MANILA – Twenty-five people were killed and up to 15 others were missing as a flash flood triggered by heavy rains devastated a riverside community in the Philippines, rescuers said Wednesday. The downpour drenched large parts of Davao city on the southern island of Mindanao on Tuesday night, causing the Matina river to rise and flood its banks, officials said. “Davao City experienced the highest level of floodwaters to date, reaching up to 10 feet (three metres),” the government’s National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said in a statement. Military rescuers have so far recovered 25 corpses after most of the floodwaters subsided Wednesday, said Major Jacob Obligado, commander of a local army battalion taking part in the search and rescue effort. Three of the bodies had not been identified and it was unclear if they included some of the 15 residents declared missing from the area or if there were other previously unknown victims, Obligado told AFP. –Terra Daily
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2 Responses to 25 dead, 15 missing from flash flood in the Philippines

  1. USAxpat says:

    Hi Alvin,
    Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job you are doing with this blog, I truly enjoy reading it and have been doing so for a while. I live in Davao City and during the last 10 years I have never seen flooding like this or the rain that is happening now. We get thunder but without lighting.Like wise lighting without thunder. Heavy rain without warning. I even asked a few long time residents about the history of the flooding caused by the rivers and it has never happened. We don’t get storms/tropical storms/typhoons here. But this past week ( June 28 ) it has been raining overnight from 5pm till early in the morning. Also our daily temp here is hotter than normal and its a dry sticky heat. Something is cooking!! Floods in China, US, India etc….. Earthquakes happening daily……………The Earth is truly changing and I do pray for all to be safe and well, My prayers are with you all.
    Off topic slightly all this rain/flood that is happening now are between the dates of June 27 to July 7, lotts of warnings floating around the net…………….What are your thoughts.


    • Even before 2011, I wrote that submarine volcanism was exacerbating the El Nino or Pacific Oscillation and that ocean evaporation rates would continue increasing expotentially. Now we have more rain, snow, and freak hailstorms than we know what to do with and the problem is only going to get worst. Even more striking is rain falling in temperate and desert regions like Nambia which never reported such rain levels or flashflooding in 50 years and the worstened drought conditions in others which once had ample rainfall. Glad you found us…

      Grace in Christ,


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